Differences in characteristics of colorectal neoplasm between young and elderly Thais.


AIM:To analyze the differences of clinical characteristics of colorectal neoplasm including polyps between the elderly and young Thai patients. METHODS:Colonoscopy database from December 2000 to October 2004 was retrospectively analyzed. There were 1822 eligible patients who underwent colonoscopy (with a mean age of 56.6 years). Patients were classified into two groups: the older age group (aged > or = 60 years; n = 989) and the younger age group (aged < 60 years; n = 833). Data were recorded on age, colonoscopic indications, tumor location, colonoscopic findings and their related histological findings. RESULTS:Colorectal malignancy related lesions were more often found in the older age group (21%) than in the younger age group (12%). Left-sided lesions were detected more commonly than right-sided in both age groups in approximately two-thirds of all cases. Hematochezia showed greater association with left-sided lesions in the elderly. No relationship was found between age and neoplasm staging and severity. CONCLUSION:The chance of detecting colorectal neoplasm by colonoscopy was higher in the elderly than in the young Thais. However, both groups had the lesions predominantly located in the left side.


World J Gastroenterol


Rerknimitr R,Ratanapanich W,Kongkam P,Kullavanijaya P




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    abstract:AIM:To investigate the gastrin secreting cells (G cells) and the somatostatin secreting cells (D cells) of antral mucosa in rats at the ultrastructural level. METHODS:Revised immunoelectron microscopic technique was used to detect the G cells and D cells in rat antral mucosa through gastrin and somatostatin antibodies...

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