Characterization of neuronal and endothelial forms of angiotensin converting enzyme in pig brain.


:The molecular forms of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE; EC in preparations of pig brain cortical microvessels and striatal synaptosomal membranes have been identified by immunoelectrophoretic blot analysis. The cortical microvessels contained only the endothelial form of the enzyme, Mr 180,000, which comigrated with pig kidney ACE on sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. In contrast, the synaptosomal membranes contained only a smaller form of ACE, Mr 170,000, which represents the neuronal form of the enzyme. No significant differences in inhibitor sensitivity or substrate specificity were detected between the two forms of ACE. In particular, neurokinin A was resistant to hydrolysis by either microvessel or synaptosomal membrane ACE, and the pattern of hydrolysis of substance P by the two preparations was identical.


J Neurochem


Williams TA,Hooper NM,Turner AJ





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1991-07-01 00:00:00












  • Characterization and partial purification of AIM: a plasma protein that induces rat cerebral type 2 astroglia from bipotential glial progenitors.

    abstract::Studies on glial cultures have demonstrated that fetal bovine serum contains a factor that induces bipotential glial precursors known as oligodendrocyte-type 2 astrocyte (O-2A) progenitors to become type 2 astroglia rather than oligodendroglia. The goal of this research project was to characterize and purify this fact...

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  • 1-Piperideine as an in vivo precursor of the gamma-aminobutyric acid homologue 5-aminopentanoic acid.

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  • SNARE complex proteins, including the cognate pair VAMP-2 and syntaxin-4, are expressed in cultured oligodendrocytes.

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  • Alanine uptake and release by sympathetic ganglia of chicken embryos.

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  • Increased nuclear factor-erythroid 2 p45-related factor 2 activity protects SH-SY5Y cells against oxidative damage.

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  • Differences in the kinetics of axonal transport for individual lipid classes in rat sciatic nerve.

    abstract::Lipid precursors ([2-3H]glycerol for phospholipids and [3H]acetate for cholesterol) were injected into the L-5 dorsal root ganglion of adult rats. At various times, animals were killed, the ganglion and consecutive 5-mm segments of sciatic nerve were dissected, and lipids were extracted and analyzed by TLC. Individual...

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  • Docosahexaenoic acid-dependent iron accumulation in oligodendroglia cells protects from hydrogen peroxide-induced damage.

    abstract::Iron, a transition metal and essential nutrient, is a typical pro-oxidant forming free radicals, lipid peroxides and causing cell damage when added at high (> or = 50 microM) concentrations to oligodendroglia-like OLN-93 cells that have been enriched for 3 days with 10 microM docosahexaenoic acid (DHA, 22 : 6 n-3). At...

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  • Conformational change, aggregation and fibril formation induced by detergent treatments of cellular prion protein.

    abstract::The conversion of protease-sensitive prion protein (PrP-sen) to a high beta-sheet, protease-resistant and often fibrillar form (PrP-res) is a central event in transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE) or prion diseases. This conversion can be induced by PrP-res itself in cell-free conversion reactions. The deter...

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  • Metabolic products of [2-(13) C]ethanol in the rat brain after chronic ethanol exposure.

    abstract::Most ingested ethanol is metabolized in the liver to acetaldehyde and then to acetate, which can be oxidized by the brain. This project assessed whether chronic exposure to alcohol can increase cerebral oxidation of acetate. Through metabolism, acetate may contribute to long-term adaptation to drinking. Two groups of ...

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  • Kappa opioids promote the proliferation of astrocytes via Gbetagamma and beta-arrestin 2-dependent MAPK-mediated pathways.

    abstract::GTP binding regulatory protein (G protein)-coupled receptors can activate MAPK pathways via G protein-dependent and -independent mechanisms. However, the physiological outcomes correlated with the cellular signaling events are not as well characterized. In this study, we examine the involvement of G protein and beta-a...

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  • Evidence for a hyperexcitability state of staggerer mutant mice macrophages.

    abstract::We recently reported an abnormal production of interleukin-1 (IL-1) in peripheral macrophages of several neurological mutant mice that exhibit patterns of neuronal degeneration, especially in the cerebellum. After in vitro activation by lipopolysaccharide acid (LPS), these macrophages hyperexpress IL-1 beta mRNA and h...

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  • Interleukin-2 transcripts in human and rodent brains: possible expression by astrocytes.

    abstract::Cytokines have been suggested to be involved in the cross talk between the immune and the nervous systems, under normal and pathological conditions. For example, the cytokine interleukin-2 was suggested to be involved in response to CNS trauma and spontaneous regeneration. Here, we examined whether mammalian CNS has a...

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  • Cerebrin prohormone processing, distribution and action in Aplysia californica.

    abstract::The isolation, characterization, and bioactivity in the feeding circuitry of a novel neuropeptide in the Aplysia californica central nervous system are reported. The 17-residue amidated peptide, NGGTADALYNLPDLEKIamide, has been termed cerebrin due to its primary location in the cerebral ganglion. Liquid chromatographi...

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  • Amyloid-β peptide(1-40) elimination from cerebrospinal fluid involves low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 1 at the blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier.

    abstract::Amyloid-β peptide (Aβ) concentration in CSF is potentially a diagnostic and therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease (AD). The purpose of this study was to clarify the elimination mechanism of human Aβ(1-40) [hAβ (1-40)] from CSF. After intracerebroventricular (ICV) administration, [(125) I]hAβ(1-40) was eliminated ...

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  • Amtyr1: characterization of a gene from honeybee (Apis mellifera) brain encoding a functional tyramine receptor.

    abstract::Biogenic amine receptors are involved in the regulation and modulation of various physiological and behavioral processes in both vertebrates and invertebrates. We have cloned a member of this gene family from the CNS of the honeybee, Apis mellifera. The deduced amino acid sequence is homologous to tyramine receptors c...

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  • A mobile APP for sharing contacts on your cell: An Editorial Highlight for 'The physiological role of the amyloid precursor protein as an adhesion molecule in the developing nervous system' on page 11.

    abstract::The Review highlighted in this Editorial followed a CAEN Return Home Grant. ...

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  • Muscarinic modulation of striatal dopamine, glutamate, and GABA release, as measured with in vivo microdialysis.

    abstract::Intrastriatal microdialysis was used to administer muscarinic drugs in freely moving rats for 40 min at a flow rate of 2 microl/min. Administration of the nonselective agonist pilocarpine at 10 mM increased striatal dopamine release and decreased extracellular GABA and glutamate overflow. Perfusion with the muscarinic...

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  • Changes in lipogenic capacity and activities of ketolytic and lipogenic enzymes in brain regions of developing rats.

    abstract::Oxidation of ketone bodies (KBs) generates acetyl coenzyme A (AcCoA), which can be further incorporated into fatty acid. We have determined the rates of lipogenesis from ketone bodies in developing rats and their relation to the activities of enzymes involved in the production of cytoplasmic AcCoA via different pathwa...

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  • Isofurans, but not F2-isoprostanes, are increased in the substantia nigra of patients with Parkinson's disease and with dementia with Lewy body disease.

    abstract::F2-isoprostanes (F2-IsoPs) are well-established sensitive and specific markers of oxidative stress in vivo. Isofurans (IsoFs) are also products of lipid peroxidation, but in contrast to F2-IsoPs, their formation is favored when oxygen tension is increased in vitro or in vivo. Mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson's d...

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  • Homocysteine potentiates beta-amyloid neurotoxicity: role of oxidative stress.

    abstract::The cause of neuronal degeneration in Alzheimer's disease (AD) has not been completely clarified, but has been variously attributed to increases in cytosolic calcium and increased generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). The beta-amyloid fragment (Abeta) of the amyloid precursor protein induces calcium influx, ROS...

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  • Tyrosine hydroxylase activation and inactivation by protein phosphorylation conditions.

    abstract::Tyrosine hydroxylase, the rate-limiting enzyme in catecholamine biosynthesis, catalyzes the conversion of tyrosine to DOPA, Cyclic AMP-dependent protein phosphorylation conditions alter tyrosine hydroxylase activity in rat striatal homogenates. In agreement with other laboratories, we find that short-term pre-incubati...

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  • An in vivo kinetic model with L-[35S]methionine for the determination of local cerebral rates for methionine incorporation into protein in the rat.

    abstract::A method has been developed for the simultaneous in vivo measurement of local rates for methionine incorporation into cerebral protein in the rat. It is based on the use of L-[35S]methionine as a tracer for reflecting the bidirectional exchange of methionine between plasma and brain and its incorporation into cerebral...

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  • Arachidonic acid activates cation channels in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells.

    abstract::Microscopic fluorescence analysis of fura-2-loaded bovine adrenal chromaffin cells demonstrates that approximately 70% of the cells responded to arachidonic acid in increasing the intracellular Ca2+ concentration. Because this increase was markedly less in the absence of external Ca2+, we examined the effect of arachi...

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  • Muscarinic receptor-mediated phosphorylation of cyclic AMP response element binding protein in human neuroblastoma cells.

    abstract::This study describes the effect of signalling through muscarinic acetylcholine receptors on two transcription factors implicated in long-term synaptic plasticity and memory formation, EGR1 and the cyclic AMP response element binding protein (CREB). In SK-N-SH neuroblastoma cells, treatment with the cholinergic agonist...

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  • Peptidase regulation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone levels during in vitro incubations of the rat hypothalamus.

    abstract::The fate of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) was examined by a GnRH radioimmunoassay during in vitro incubations of the rat medial basal hypothalamus (MBH). There was a progressive disappearance of exogenous GnRH during MBH incubations. The GnRH degradation could be explained by the release of peptidases from the...

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  • The cysteine-rich region and the whey acidic protein domain are essential for anosmin-1 biological functions.

    abstract::The protein anosmin-1, coded by the KAL1 gene responsible for the X-linked form of Kallmann syndrome (KS), exerts its biological effects mainly through the interaction with and signal modulation of fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 (FGFR1). We have previously shown the interaction of the third fibronectin-like type ...

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  • Effects of branched-chain L-amino acids, L-phenylalanine, and L-methionine on the transport of L-glutamine in rat brain cortex in vitro. Influence of cations.

    abstract::Uptake of L-glutamine (2 mM) by rat brain cortex slices against a concentration gradient is markedly inhibited (40%) by branched-chain L-amino acids (1 mM), L-phenylalanine (1 mM), or L-methionine (1 mM); that of L-asparagine (2 mM) is much less affected by these amino acids. Other amino acids investigated have little...

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    authors: Benjamin AM,Verjee ZH,Quastel JH

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  • Impairment of glucose and glutamate transport and induction of mitochondrial oxidative stress and dysfunction in synaptosomes by amyloid beta-peptide: role of the lipid peroxidation product 4-hydroxynonenal.

    abstract::Deposits of amyloid beta-peptide (A beta), reduced glucose uptake into brain cells, oxidative damage to cellular proteins and lipids, and excitotoxic mechanisms have all been suggested to play roles in the neurodegenerative process in Alzheimer's disease. Synapse loss is closely correlated with cognitive impairments i...

    journal_title:Journal of neurochemistry

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    authors: Keller JN,Pang Z,Geddes JW,Begley JG,Germeyer A,Waeg G,Mattson MP

    更新日期:1997-07-01 00:00:00

  • Differential uptake of horseradish peroxidase isoenzymes by cultured neuroblastoma cells.

    abstract::The endocytotic uptake and intracellular decay of horseradish peroxidase isoenzymes C and A by cultured mouse neuroblastoma cells were analyzed quantitatively by a direct spectrophotometric assay. At concentrations below 1 mg/ml, the rate of uptake of the isoenzyme C was more than three times as much as the isoenzyme ...

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    authors: Chan KY,Haschke RH

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  • Regulation of the heparan sulfate proteoglycan, perlecan, by injury and interleukin-1alpha.

    abstract::Perlecan is a specific proteoglycan that binds to amyloid precursor protein and beta-amyloid peptide, is present within amyloid deposits, and has been implicated in plaque formation. Because plaque formation is associated with local inflammation, we hypothesized that the mechanisms involved in brain inflammatory respo...

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    authors: García de Yébenes E,Ho A,Damani T,Fillit H,Blum M

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