Inflammatory bowel disease in a Swedish twin cohort: a long-term follow-up of concordance and clinical characteristics.


BACKGROUND & AIMS:In 1988, we reported the first twin study in inflammatory bowel disease. The aim of the current study was to follow up these twins regarding new cases of inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn's disease characteristics using the Vienna classification. METHODS:The official Swedish population register and the cause of death register were used to search for the twins. All living patients were interviewed. RESULTS:Three monozygotic twins earlier classified as healthy had been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis, n = 2; Crohn's disease, n = 1). Retrospectively, all 3 were symptomatic at the original survey. This changed the pair concordance in monozygotic twins from 6.3% to 18.8% in ulcerative colitis and from 44.4% to 50.0% in Crohn's disease. A high degree of concordance regarding age at diagnosis, disease location at diagnosis and during the course, and disease behavior was found in concordant monozygotic twin pairs with Crohn's disease. Seven of 9 pairs were identical in 3 or more of these disease characteristics compared with an expected number of 1.5 (P = 0.000076). CONCLUSIONS:This study confirms that the genetic influence is stronger in Crohn's disease than in ulcerative colitis. A remarkable phenotype similarity within concordant pairs with Crohn's disease was found using the Vienna classification.






Halfvarson J,Bodin L,Tysk C,Lindberg E,Järnerot G





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  • Colorectal cancer after cholecystectomy: absence of risk increase within 11-14 years.

    abstract::The importance of cholecystectomy as a risk factor for colorectal cancer was analyzed in an historical cohort study covering 16,773 cases during 11-14 years completed after operation. The observed number of colorectal cancers (130) was lower than the expected 153.5 [relative risk (RR) = 0.85]. For cancer of the colon,...


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  • Normalization of plasma vitamin B12 concentration by intranasal hydroxocobalamin in vitamin B12-deficient patients.

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  • Prior colorectal neoplasia is associated with increased risk of ileoanal pouch neoplasia in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

    abstract:BACKGROUND & AIMS:Although restorative proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA) substantially reduces the risk of colorectal cancer in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), subsequent pouch neoplasia can develop. There are few data on the incidence of and risk factors for neoplasia, so there i...


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  • Colonoscopic polypectomy in chronic colitis: conservative management after endoscopic resection of dysplastic polyps.

    abstract:BACKGROUND & AIMS:Adenomatous polyps are by definition dysplastic and pathologically indistinguishable from the dysplasia-associated lesion or mass (DALM) described in 1981. Yet, adenomatous polyps in noncolitic colons are usually removed definitively endoscopically, whereas DALMs are regarded as harbingers of colon ca...


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  • CD4(+ )T cells play an important role in acute experimental pancreatitis in mice.

    abstract:BACKGROUND & AIMS:Few data are available on the potential role of T lymphocytes in experimental acute pancreatitis. The aim of this study was to characterize their role in the inflammatory cascade of acute pancreatitis. METHODS:To type this issue, acute pancreatitis was induced by repeated injections of cerulein in nu...


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  • Restricted V(H) gene usage in lamina propria B cells producing anticolon antibody from patients with ulcerative colitis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Autoimmune responses against colonic epithelium may play a role in the development of colonic inflammation associated with ulcerative colitis (UC). In this study, we established and characterized B-cell lines and clones that produced anticolon antibody from inflamed colonic mucosa of UC subjects. M...


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  • A possible involvement of Fas-Fas ligand signaling in the pathogenesis of murine autoimmune gastritis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND & AIMS:A Th1 clone, II-6, established from an autoimmune gastritis BALB/c mouse that underwent thymectomy 3 days after birth, recognized a 15 mer peptide constructing the alpha subunit of H+, K(+)-adenosine triphosphatase as antigen and induced gastritis in nu/nu mice by adoptive transfer. The aim of this st...


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