Determinants of intra versus intermolecular self-association within the regulatory domains of Rlk and Itk.


:A protein fragment from the Tec family member Rlk (also known as Txk) containing a single proline-rich ligand adjacent to a Src homology 3 (SH3) domain has been investigated by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Analysis of the concentration dependence of the chemical shifts, NMR linewidths and self-diffusion coefficients reveal that the Rlk fragment dimerizes in solution. Mutation of two critical prolines in the proline-rich ligand abolishes dimerization. Furthermore, analysis of the extrapolated chemical shifts at infinite dilution reveal that intramolecular binding of the proline-rich ligand to the SH3 domain is disfavored. This is in contrast to the corresponding fragment of Itk, for which the proline-rich ligand/SH3 interaction occurs exclusively in an intramolecular fashion and no intermolecular binding is observed. Comparison of the Itk and Rlk sequences reveals that Rlk contains five fewer residues than Itk in the linker region between the proline-rich ligand and the SH3 domain. To assess whether linker length is a molecular determinant of intra- versus intermolecular self-association, we varied the length of the linker in both Rlk and Itk and analyzed the resulting variants by NMR. Intramolecular binding in Itk is reduced by shortening the linker and conversely a longer linker between the proline-rich ligand and the SH3 domain in Rlk enhances intramolecular self-association. Association constants for the binding of peptides corresponding to the proline-rich ligand with their respective SH3 domains were also measured by NMR. The protein/peptide data combined with the association constants for binding of each proline-rich peptide to the corresponding SH3 domain provide an explanation for the opposing modes of self-association within the otherwise closely related Rlk and Itk proteins.


J Mol Biol


Laederach A,Cradic KW,Fulton DB,Andreotti AH





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2003-06-20 00:00:00














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