Apnoeic response to stimulation of peripheral GABA receptors in rats.


:Respiratory effects of intracarotid injection of gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA) were investigated in two groups of rats. In the first group of 12 rats the effects of GABA were checked in the intact state, following bilateral vagotomy and GABA receptor blockade. The second group consisted of five initially vagotomized rats, challenged with GABA prior to and after bilateral carotid chemodenervation (CSN-cut). All rats were urethane and chloralose anaesthetized and spontaneously breathing. Injection of 39 micromol/kg GABA prior to and after vagotomy induced an expiratory apnoea of, respectively 5.5+/-0.84 sec and 3.9+/-0.6 sec duration (mean+/-S.E.M.), P>0.05 in all 12 rats. In breaths that followed the apnoea tidal volume increased above the control level by 23.3% (P<0.01) and 25.6% (P<0.01) pre- and post-vagotomy, respectively. Blockade of GABA receptors with bicuculline and picrotoxin abolished the inhibition of breathing. In five vagotomized rats with intact carotid sinus nerves (CSNs) intracarotid GABA challenge increased tidal volume by 39% compared with baseline breathing (P<0.05). Section of the CSNs precluded the occurrence of apnoea and undergoing respiratory changes evoked by GABA. Intracarotid GABA caused significant decrease in the mean blood pressure independent of the neural state, but the fall was delayed by CSNs neurotomy. Results of this study indicate that GABA given systemically induces apnoea followed by post-apnoeic hyperventilation. Carotid bodies are required for the ventilatory response to GABA; vagal afferents are not involved in this response.


Kaczyńska K,Szereda-Przestaszewska M





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  • Electric synapses in the carotid body-nerve complex.

    abstract::Slices of rat carotid bodies, or cultured glomus cells, were used to study intercellular coupling. This phenomenon occurs because gap junctions allow passage of currents and dyes from one cell to another. There is a two-way resistive coupling between glomus cells (GC/GC coupling), which is accompanied by activity of i...

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  • Dynamics of metabolic compensation and hematological changes in chicken (Gallus gallus) embryos exposed to hypercapnia with varying oxygen.

    abstract::In day 15 chicken embryos, we determined the time course responses of acid-base balance and hematological respiratory variables during 24h exposure to 15, 20, 40 or 90% O(2), in the presence of 5% CO(2). Hypercapnic respiratory acidosis was initially (2h) only slightly (∼20%) compensated by metabolic alkalosis in norm...

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