[Influence of plasma lipids, APOE genotype and type of LDL receptor gene mutations on myocardial infarction in subjects with familial hypercholesterolemia].


BACKGROUND:Our goal was to analyze the relationship of lipids and lipoproteins, APOE genotype and mutations of the LDL receptor gene with the prevalence of myocardial infarction (MI) in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) from a Southern European FH population. PATIENTS AND METHOD:We studied 108 heterozygous FH subjects aged > 35 years (41 males). It was a cross-sectional study comparing individuals with FH and MI with individuals with FH without MI. In 88 FH subjects, a mutation of the LDL receptor gene was detected. These FH subjects were divided in carriers of null mutation or no null mutations. We compared lipids and lipoproteins and prevalences of LDL receptor type mutation and APOE genotype. RESULTS:Parameters associated with MI were: age, presence of xanthomas and arcus cornealis, plasma concentrations of total cholesterol (TC), LDLc, TC/HDLc ratio > 5.3 and *4 genotype of the APOE gene. Odds ratio for MI were as follows: presence of xanthomas and arcus cornealis, 1.36 (CI 95%, 1.08-1.71; P = 0.01), age > 54 years (50 th of FH group), 1.56 (CI 95%, 1.19-2.04; P = 0.001) and plasma TC values > 332 mg/dl (50 th of FH group), 1.34 (CI 95%, 1.05-1.71; P = 0.019). In the logistic regression model, only age and TC were significantly associated with MI. CONCLUSIONS:In FH subjects aged over 35 years from a Southern European population, MI is associated with age, plasma TC and LDLc values, TC/HDLc ratio and the *4 genotype. In addition, MI is related with age and TC plasma levels on an independent basis.


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Real JT,Ascaso JF,Chaves FJ,González C,Puig O,Armengod ME,Carmena R





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  • [Cystatin C: a protein for heart failure].

    abstract::Cystatin C (CysC) is an antiprotease useful for measuring kidney function. Beyond such property, it carries significant prognostic information in several fields of cardiovascular diseases. We review data that support CysC as a prognostic factor in cardiovascular diseases among healthy elderly, hypertensive and heart f...

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  • [The introduction of liquid oxygen as a portable source in continuous home oxygen therapy].

    abstract::The most widespread types of oxygen delivery at home in our area are bottles where the gas is stored under pressure and concentrators. Both devices can only be used at rest. We have assessed a new system for the delivery of liquid oxygen to be used at home, provided with a portable unit which permits that the patients...

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