The Brazilian Pediatric Myelodysplastic Cooperative Group strategies: are they relevant to improve educational approach and correct diagnosis?


:Brazil is a wide country with huge contrasts. Its peculiarities can highlight environmental factors that could influence the frequencies of different cancers. The standard treatment and results achieved from several different areas of the country may not be found in others. The establishment of a national cooperative group has the potential to improve outcomes. The The Brazilian Cooperative Group on Pediatric Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (BCG-MDS-PED) was first organized in January 1997 as a working group of hematologists, pediatric oncologists, pediatric-hematologists, molecular biologists and other professionals in order to study pediatric (age <18 years) MDS. Six distinct subcommittees constituted with members from several universities: cytology, histopathology, clinical, cytogenetics, molecular biology and epidemiology. The goals of the BCG-MDS-PED were: (i) to offer support for diagnosis and orientation for treatment; (ii) educational support for the colleagues all over the country and (iii) research on pathogenesis and new approaches for pediatric MDS patients. There are socio-economical differences among the five regions of the country. The BCG-MDS-PED believes that it is absolutely necessary to study the clinical, cellular, molecular and epidemiological aspects of MDS, taking in account these peculiar differences among populations and regions. Since 1997, 114 pediatric cases were referred to the BCG-MDS-PED from 21 centres. Seven Brazilian states have sent cases to the group, 31 patients were referred from universities, 73 patients from pediatric oncology units (foundations ) and 10 patients came from private clinics. Some of these patients have been followed up and/or treated by the physician who referred them to the BCG-MDS-PED for confirmation of the initial diagnosis. The majority of these physicians have required orientation on diagnostic and treatment issues, as well as to complete cytogenetic and molecular studies. From these 114 patients, 64 patients were confirmed as MDS. We believe that, the more numerous the MDS-studied cases, the more experienced will be the referee group on clinical and laboratory features on childhood MDS in Brazil.


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Lopes LF,Lorand-Metze I,Niero-Melo L,Tone LG,Velloso E,Campanaro CM,Latorre Mdo R





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  • Properties of lymphocyte 5'nucleotidase in normal subjects and patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

    abstract::Heterogeneity for 5'nucleotidase has been demonstrated in chronic lymphocytic leukemia [12]. The enzyme is not detectable in the lymphocytes from the majority of patients with this disorder, but normal and even supranormal levels are found in some cases [17]. In the present studies, the properties of this ecto-nucleot...

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  • Multiple centrosomal microtubule organising centres and increased microtubule stability are early features of VP-16-induced apoptosis in CCRF-CEM cells.

    abstract::Microtubular reorganisation contributing to apoptotic morphology occurs in normal and neoplastic cells undergoing apoptosis induced by cytotoxic drugs [1-3]. The aim of this study was to correlate the changes in the microtubules (MTs) with behavior of the centrosome in apoptotic cells, and to see whether post-translat...

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  • Human interleukin 4 regulates the phenotype of lymphocytes generated during mixed lymphocyte culture and inhibits the IL-2-induced development of LAK function in normal and leukaemic cells.

    abstract::This study examined the immunoregulatory role of recombinant interleukin 4 (IL-4), also known as B-cell stimulating factor 1, on the generation of cytotoxic effector cells from normal and leukaemic human blood mononuclear cells. When tested on cells from normal individuals, the addition of IL-4 to mixed lymphocyte cul...

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  • Impaired cell-mediated immunity to cytomegalovirus (CMV) in leukemic children with prolonged CMV viruria.

    abstract::To determine the role of cell-mediated immunity (CMI) to cytomegalovirus (CMV) in leukemic children after CMV infection, CMI to CMV antigen was studied using CMV-specific lymphocyte blastogenic responses (LBR) and interferon (IFN) production. Four children, who continuously secreted CMV in urine more than 2 years afte...

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  • Major prognostic factors of patients with adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma: a cooperative study. Lymphoma Study Group (1984-1987).

    abstract::A total of 854 patients with anti-HTLV-I antibody positive ATL, newly diagnosed from 1983 to 1987, were analyzed for prognostic factors. There were 466 males and 388 females with a mean age of 57.1. Of these 269 (31.5%) were alive with a median follow-up time of 14 months from diagnosis, while 585 (65.5%) were dead wi...

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  • Activation of c-Jun N-terminal kinase is essential for oxidative stress-induced Jurkat cell apoptosis by monochloramine.

    abstract::Leukemic cell apoptosis may be enhanced by appropriate oxidative stress. We report here the mechanism of Jurkat cell apoptosis by monochloramine (NH(2)Cl), a neutrophil-derived oxidant. NH(2)Cl induced caspase-dependent apoptosis, which was preceded by cytochrome c and Smac/Diablo release from mitochondria. Within 10m...

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  • Comparison of ethidium bromide-stained agarose gel electrophoresis and automated fragment analysis for evaluation of IgH gene products.

    abstract::In acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients, automated fluorescence fragment analysis (ALF) has been reported to improve the monoclonality detection rate of immunoglobulin heavy chain genes (IgH) polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis. This study performed complementary determining region (CDR) I and III PCR on s...

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