Loneliness and self-rated health among church-attending African Americans.


OBJECTIVES:To explore relations between loneliness and self-rated health among African-American adults of diverse ages. METHODS:Associations between loneliness and self-rated health were investigated using covariate-adjusted linear regression models. Perceived social support was examined as a moderator. The potential indirect effects of stress and/or depressive symptoms were examined using nonparametric bootstrapping procedures. RESULTS:Greater loneliness was associated with poorer self-rated health (p = .008), and social support did not moderate. Stress and depressive symptoms yielded significant indirect effects in single and multiple mediator models (p values ≤ .05). CONCLUSIONS:Loneliness may contribute to poorer health among African Americans. Results suggest that greater stress and depressive symptoms might underlie these associations, but longitudinal studies are needed to assess causal relations.


Am J Health Behav


Fisher FD,Reitzel LR,Nguyen N,Savoy EJ,Advani PS,Cuevas AG,Vidrine JI,Wetter DW,McNeill LH




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