Responses to basic taste qualities in rats selectively bred for high versus low saccharin intake.


:Rats selectively bred for relatively high (HiS) and relatively low (LoS) saccharin intake were offered sweet (sucrose), bitter (quinine, sucrose octaacetate), salty (sodium chloride), starchy (Polycose((R))), and sour (citric acid) solutions at several concentrations; sucrose/quinine, and sucrose/citric acid mixtures were also tested. Compared to HiS rats, LoS rats displayed weaker preferences for and lower consumption of sweet, salty, and starchy solutions. HiS and LoS rats did not differ in responses to simple bitter or sour solutions or to adulteration of sucrose with citric acid. However, quinine adulteration reduced sucrose preference more among LoS rats. Thus, selection on a saccharin intake phenotype has yielded line differences on all hedonically positive tastants and, probably as a consequence of that difference, greater finickiness specifically towards bittersweet solutions in the low saccharin-consuming line. Additional work can clarify the psychobiological mechanisms for the phenotypic difference and, potentially, the reasons for its relationship to measures of emotionality.


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  • Effects of opiate antagonists on feeding and spontaneous locomotion in deer.

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  • Facilitation of self-stimulation of ventral tegmentum by microinjection of opioid receptor subtype agonists.

    abstract::Intracranial self-stimulation (ICSS) evoked from the ventral tegmental area-substantia nigra (VTA-SN) and lateral hypothalamus-medial forebrain bundle (LH-MFB) was assessed following microinjections of mu (Tyr-D-Ala2-N-Me-Phe4-Gly5ol: DAGO), delta-(D-Ala2, D-Met5)-enkephalin: DADME) or kappa (Dynorphin-B or Rimorphin)...

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  • Electrically induced behavior and neural specificity in ground squirrels and dormice.

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  • Glucocorticoid feedback increases the sensitivity of the limbic system to stress.

    abstract::In the hypothalamus, corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) has a well-described role initiating the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis response to stress. Cortisol, released from the adrenal gland, exerts negative feedback on this axis. The role of extrahypothalamic CRH in stress responses is less well known. T...

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  • Metabolic and vascular pattern in medial pterygoid muscle is altered by chronic stress in an animal model of hypodontia.

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  • Antide (Nal-Lys GnRH antagonist) suppression of pituitary-testicular function and sexual behavior in group-living rhesus monkeys.

    abstract::The ability of a Nal-Lys gonadotropin releasing-hormone antagonist (Antide) to suppress pituitary-testicular function and male sexual behavior was studied in seven group-living adult male rhesus monkeys. Each male received a single 15 mg/kg b.wt. subcutaneous injection of Antide dissolved in equal volumes of propylene...

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  • Effects of methysergide and loratadine on food intake, mood, and performance of humans living in a residential laboratory.

    abstract::The effects of loratadine, a peripherally acting histamine (H1) antagonist, and methysergide, a serotonin (5-HT) antagonist, were evaluated in seven normal-weight, male research volunteers, participating in a placebo-controlled, double-blind, 17-day residential study. Participants received oral loratadine (10 or 20 mg...

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  • Effect of flutamide (an antiandrogen) and diethylstilbestrol on the reproductive behavior of Japanese quail.

    abstract::Three experiments were conducted in order to investigate the role of brain androgen and estrogen receptors in sex hormone activated male reproductive behavior in Japanese quail. In Experiment 1, castrated male quail were injected with oil, testosterone propionate (TP), flutamide (FLUT), an androgen antagonist, or TP+F...

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  • Effects of sustained avoidance/escape on demand for food.

    abstract::Rats were concurrently exposed to a sustained avoidance/escape (SAE) procedure and a procedure for assessing demand for food. In the sustained SAE procedure, signalled shock avoidance/escape trials were presented at varying intervals averaging five minutes. The shock could be avoided by pulling on a ceiling chain earl...

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  • Androsterone sulfate increases dentate gyrus population spike amplitude following tetanic stimulation.

    abstract::We studied the effects of the androgenic hormone, androsterone sulfate, a 17-ketosteroid, on long term potentiation in the dentate gyrus (DG) of urethane anesthesized rats. Intravenous injection of 10 mg of the hormone dissolved in Nutralipid produced a significant increase of the population spike (PS), but not of the...

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  • Acute and chronic administration of immunomodulators induces anorexia in Zucker rats.

    abstract::To investigate the possible involvement of leptin signaling in lipopolysaccharide (LPS) anorexia, we compared the anorectic effect of LPS in genetically obese (fa/fa) Zucker rats and in their lean (Fa/?) counterparts. The effects of interleukin-1beta (IL-1beta) and muramyl dipeptide (MDP) were also tested. LPS [100 mi...

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  • IAPS includes photographs that elicit low-arousal physiological responses in healthy volunteers.

    abstract::This article describes pleasant IAPS pictures that elicit low-arousal rather than the high-arousal physiological responses previously reported in the literature. Thirty-two International Affective Picture System (IAPS) photographs were grouped into 4 sets of 8 photographs: highly pleasant-arousing (sexual content and ...

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  • Macronutrient relationships with meal patterns and mood in the spontaneous feeding behavior of humans.

    abstract::The role of protein, carbohydrate and fat ingestion on self-rated mood and subsequent food intake was investigated using self-reports of spontaneous food intake. Eight male and 30 female undergraduate students were instructed to list everything they ate, when they ate it, and their mood at the time of ingestion. They ...

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  • Effects of adaptation and cross-adaptation to common ions on sourness intensity.

    abstract::The effects of self and cross-adaptation of acetic acid and HCl solutions on the perception of sourness, were investigated using a filter paper method. In contrast to acetic acid and to pH-buffered acetic acid solutions, self-adaptation could not be obtained with HCl. In fact the sourness of the HCl test-stimulus afte...

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  • 5-methoxy-N,N-di(iso)propyltryptamine hydrochloride (Foxy)-induced cognitive deficits in rat after exposure in adolescence.

    abstract::Foxy or Methoxy Foxy (5-methoxy-N,N-di(iso)propyltryptamine hydrochloride; 5-MeO-DIPT) is rapidly gaining popularity among recreational users as a hallucinogenic "designer drug." Unfortunately, much remain unknown about the consequences of its use on neuropsychological development or behavior. During one of two adoles...

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  • Circulating levels of endocannabinoids respond acutely to voluntary exercise, are altered in mice selectively bred for high voluntary wheel running, and differ between the sexes.

    abstract::The endocannabinoid system serves many physiological roles, including in the regulation of energy balance, food reward, and voluntary locomotion. Signaling at the cannabinoid type 1 receptor has been specifically implicated in motivation for rodent voluntary exercise on wheels. We studied four replicate lines of high ...

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  • Is social attachment an addictive disorder?

    abstract::There is a considerable literature on the neurobiology of reward, based largely on studies of addiction or substance abuse. This review considers the possibility that the neural circuits that mediate reward evolved for ethologically relevant cues, such as social attachment. Specifically, mesocorticolimbic dopamine app...

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