Are fashion models a group at risk for eating disorders and substance abuse?


BACKGROUND:Few studies to date have investigated whether in fact the prevalence of eating disorders (ED) and/or use of illicit drugs is higher among models than among other groups of females. METHOD:A group of 63 professional fashion models of various nationalities were studied by means of self-reported questionnaires. They were compared with a control group of 126 female subjects recruited from the general population. RESULTS:Fashion models weigh significantly less than controls, but only a small percentage of them uses unhealthy methods to control their weight. The current frequency of full-syndrome ED did not differ between the groups, but partial-syndrome ED were significantly more common among fashion models than among controls. Current substance use or alcohol abuse was reported by 35% of fashion models and 12% of controls. CONCLUSION:Our findings suggest that fashion models are more at risk for partial ED and use of illicit drugs than females in the general population.


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Santonastaso P,Mondini S,Favaro A




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  • A study of somatopsychic vulnerability in encopretic children.

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  • Psychoneuroendocrinology of stress and emotions: issues for future research.

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  • Borderlines: problems of self and object separation.

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  • Explicit incestuous motifs and emotional crises in psychosomatic patients.

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  • Relationship between disturbed eating behavior and other psychosomatic symptoms in adolescents.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There has been relatively little research on subthreshold eating disorders and factors which might promote their transition to eating disorders. METHODS:A sample consisting of 1,944 Swiss adolescents of both sexes, 14-19 years of age, was investigated for eating behavior (EAT-26), psychological (SCL-90-R) a...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Patients with medically unexplained or functional somatic symptoms (FSS) are prevalent in primary care. In this pragmatic cluster-randomised controlled trial we aimed to test the effect of a training programme (The Extended Reattribution and Management model) for general practitioners (GPs) in the treatment ...

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  • Body awareness and personality.

    abstract::The relation between personality characteristics and body awareness, defined as the attention paid to different body zones and measured by means of the Fisher Body Focus Questionnaire, is examined in two ways in groups of medical and dental students: (1) Our results replicate fairly well the relation, reported by Fish...

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  • An exploratory study into the effect of group psychotherapy on cardiovascular and immunoreactivity to acute stress in breast cancer patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:: Previous studies of cancer patients investigated the effect of psychological treatment on basal endocrine and immune values. Using a randomized experiment, we explored the effect of a 13-week experiential-existential group psychotherapy (EEGP) program on the reactivity to a speech task in breast cancer pat...

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  • Financial ties between DSM-IV panel members and the pharmaceutical industry.

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  • Depression after surgery for breast cancer. Comparison of mastectomy and lumpectomy.

    abstract::The impact of the loss of the breast in women undergoing surgical treatment for breast cancer is subordinated to the confrontation with the diagnosis of a malignancy in causing depression. The equal distribution of depression in mastectomy and in lumpectomy patients supports the hypothesis that it is the confrontation...

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  • Compliance.

    abstract::Compliance is an ancient topic subjected to intense recent scrutiny as a result of scientific and social changes which focus on lifestyle adjustment to chronic illness and emphasize increasing patient involvement in self-care. Difficulties in definition, measurement and research design as well as the complexity of the...

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  • Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy versus Escitalopram in Chronic Major Depression.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A specific psychotherapy for chronic depression, the Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy (CBASP), was compared to escitalopram (ESC). METHODS:Sixty patients with chronic major depression were randomized to 'CBASP' (22 sessions) or 'ESC plus clinical management' (ESC/CM) at two treatment si...

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  • Does It Matter Who Provides Psychological Interventions for Medically Unexplained Symptoms? A Meta-Analysis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Patients with medically unexplained symptoms (MUS) are difficult to treat and cause high health-care costs. Psychological interventions might be a beneficial option for treating patients with MUS, but evidence is inconsistent. This meta-analysis compares the effectiveness of psychological interventions for M...

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