Body and sexuality: puerperas' experiences.


:The aim of this study was to determine how women deal with sexuality and bodily changes during the puerperium. A qualitative methodology was used and a semi-structured interview with a leading question script was chosen as the research tool. Six puerperas from the west area of São Paulo (Brazil) took part in this study. The interviews were accomplished at their homes. In analysis, the responses were grouped into three main categories: "Changes", Sexuality" and "Social Support". The study results revealed that during this period there are important changes. Sexuality has been shown to evolve many difficulties, fears and worries. The relationships with the person's partner and support network have revealed themselves as being of great importance. It can be concluded that the puerperal period evolves in terms of many transformations in the emotional and psychosocial areas. Thus it is necessary for health professionals who deal with women's care to value this period.


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Salim NR,Araújo NM,Gualda DM




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