[Depositions by nurses from the 1960s: aids for the understanding of current nursing].


:This study is part of a more extensive project that proposes to recover significant aspects related to the evolution of nursing care from 1950s to 1990s. This report is made through the technique of oral declaration by active and retired registered nurses, in the context of an University-hospital from the interior of São Paulo State. The present study emphasizes the outcomes related to 1960s. The results show the effort undertaken by nurses in the struggle for profession's recognition and prestige; intense and deep changes related to nurse's new roles as leaders of the nursing staff and members of the medical team.


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  • [Brazilian research in oncology nursing: An integrative review].

    abstract::We carried out an integrative literature review to characterize research produced by Brazilian oncology nursing. The bibliographic survey covered national nursing publications, from 1980 to 2004, from which we identified 84 articles, which composed the study sample. The results indicate the lack of clarifications to d...

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  • Non-pharmacological interventions for sleep and quality of life: a randomized pilot study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to estimate the effects of non-pharmacological interventions to improve the quality of sleep and quality of life of patients with heart failure. METHOD:pilot study of a randomized controlled trial with 32 individuals assigned to four groups. Sleep was assessed using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Inventory, wh...

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  • [Analysis of the utilization of the operating room using a computer].

    abstract::With this study, we intended to verify the possibility of settling a time control of the activities developed at the operating room of an University Hospital, which has more than 500 beds, through the introduction of a computer program. The results indicate that this kind of systematic time control, which is used by n...

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  • Hypothermia control in elderly surgical patients in the intraoperative period: evaluation of two nursing interventions.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To evaluate the efficacy of two different nursing interventions regarding control of body heat loss, using blankets during the intraoperative period of elderly patients. METHODS:This was an experimental, comparative, applied, longitudinal prospective study with a quantitative approach. Eighty-one elderly pa...

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  • University students' perceived norms of peers and drug use: a multicentric study in five Latin American countries.

    abstract::This cross-sectional study compared perceived peer drug use and actual drug use in a sample of Latin American university students. Students from nine universities in five countries (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Honduras and Peru) completed a questionnaire that addressed the use of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. ...

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  • Incidence of bloodstream infection among patients on hemodialysis by central venous catheter.

    abstract::This study evaluated the incidence and risk factors of bloodstream infection (BSI) among patients with a double-lumen central venous catheter (CVC) for hemodialysis (HD) and identified the microorganisms isolated from the bloodstream. A follow-up included all patients (n=156) who underwent hemodialysis by double-lumen...

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  • Effectiveness of 10% povidone-iodine drying time before peripheral intravascular catheter insertion: preliminary results from an explorative quasi-experimental study.

    abstract:AIM:to investigate the effectiveness of 10% povidone-iodine after a 30-second or 2-minute drying time on microbial count reduction at the point of a Peripheral Intravascular Catheter (PIC) insertion. A quasi-experimental design was adopted. In total, 53 patients were enrolled, 25 were exposed to a 2-m drying time and 2...

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  • The effects of acupressure on labor pains during child birth: randomized clinical trial.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to analyze the effects of acupressure on the sanyinjiao point for pregnant women in labor at public maternity wards. METHOD:single-blind controlled clinical trial, randomly done employing a pragmatic profile. We selected 156 pregnant women in their ≥ 37 week/s, who had cervical dilations of ≥ 4 cm and with t...

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  • Coping with COVID-19 in an international border region: health and economy.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to analyze how the social isolation measures and closed borders affected the health and economy in an international border region. METHOD:descriptive cross-sectional study conducted in the western region of Paraná, Brazil, using an electronic form created using Google® forms. A sample of 2,510 people was add...

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  • [OREM's self-care deficit theory applied to hypertensive patients].

    abstract::A study carried out with the objective of evaluating Orem's nursing self-care theory (TDAC) in women with hypertension. Four hypertensive women in an outpatient clinic were interviewed using a form with open and multiple-choice questions on conditioning factors and self-care requirements. The data were analyzed accord...

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  • [Negative and positive eugenics: meanings and contradictions].

    abstract::Eugenics constitutes an important subject of debate, associated with current biogenetics improvements. Considering that the central point in eugenics has always been the preoccupation with future generations' health and constitution, and that the use of scientific means and knowledge for the birth of a physically and ...

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  • Movements of permanent health education triggered by the training of facilitators.

    abstract::This study mapped the movements of Permanent Health Education in the region of Araraquara, São Paulo, Brazil, begun by the Permanent Health Education Facilitators program, promoted by the Ministry of Health and the National School of Public Health. This qualitative study was grounded on the theoretical framework of in...

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  • Permanence, cost and mortality related to surgical admissions by the Unified Health System.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to analyze the time trend of surgical admissions by the Unified Health System according to hospital stay, costs and mortality by subgroups of surgical procedures in Brazil. METHOD:ecological study of time series. The variables surgical hospitalization, permanence, cost and mortality were obtained from the De...

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  • Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases among visually impaired people: educational text validation.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to validate an educational text in the context of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) for visually impaired persons, making it accessible to this population. METHOD:a validation study, in a virtual environment. Data collection occurred from May to September 2012 by emailing the subjects, and was composed by ...

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  • The dimensioning of nursing staff according to nursing coordinators: concept, aim and use.

    abstract::This study aimed to conceptualize the dimensioning of nursing staff, as it is understood by professionals who realize this task, and also to reveal their aim and use of estimation of nursing human resources. It is a descriptive and exploratory study with a qualitative approach analyzed through Content analysis. The de...

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  • The social network of alcohol users undergoing treatment in a mental health service.

    abstract::The treatment of alcohol and drug users requires an extended reflection on the influence of the family and other social network groups of these individuals. Thus, this study, results of a qualitative study, aimed at investigating the presence of drug users in the social network of individuals undergoing treatment and ...

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  • [Nursing staff turnover: a study at a school-hospital].

    abstract::The goal of this exploratory-descriptive study was to measure and compare nursing staff turnover levels at the University Hospital of São Paulo University. The population consisted of 255 nursing workers - 78 nurses, 20 technicians and 156 auxiliaries - who resigned from the hospital between 1997 and 2000. Turnover le...

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  • [Clinical nurses working in psychiatric institutions in Ribeirao Preto: characterization, education, and performance].

    abstract::This is a quanti-qualitative study that had the purpose to characterize nurses who work in psychiatric institutions at the city of Ribeirão Preto, focussing on their education, identifying nursing actions that those professionals perform daily and finding out about practice and knowledge that they consider specific to...

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  • Clinical information systems for the management of tuberculosis in primary health care.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to analyze the clinical information systems used in the management of tuberculosis in Primary Health Care. METHOD:descriptive, quantitative cross-sectional study with 100 health professionals with data collected through a questionnaire to assess local institutional capacity for the model of attention to chro...

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  • Presenteeism and musculoskeletal symptoms among nursing professionals.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to identify the prevalence of musculoskeletal symptoms in two stages (before and after six months of the first stage) and its association with presenteeism among nursing professionals. METHOD:longitudinal study with quantitative data conducted in a Brazilian teaching hospital with 211 nursing professionals. ...

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  • Reproducibility of the Brazilian version of the Edmonton Frail Scale for elderly living in the community.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to verify the inter and intra-rater reproducibility of the Brazilian adapted version of the Edmonton Frail Scale (EFS) in an elderly group of residents. METHOD:in order to test the inter-rater reproducibility, two assessments were independently conducted by two researchers on the same day but at different ti...

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  • Quality of life in the workplace for nursing staff at public healthcare institutions.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to determine the quality of life in the workplace for nursing staff at public institutions in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. METHOD:quantitative, correlational, cross-sectional, and comparative. We used a probabilistic sample of 345 nurses with data collected in 2013 using an instrument created by the authors t...

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  • Professional roles of a health team: a view of its components.

    abstract::Based on the Theory of Roles, this study aimed to examine health team professionals' views on the role played by their colleagues. We interviewed 39 health professionals: 01 nutritionist, 02 psychologists, 02 nurses, 03 physiotherapists, 04 pharmacists, 10 dentists and 17 physicians. The results showed that the partic...

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  • [Teaching of nursing in mental and psychiatric health: the point-of-view of teachers and students in a social phenomenology perspective].

    abstract::This study aimed to understand the teaching-learning process from the point-of-view of teachers and students who experienced the nursing practice in mental and psychiatric health. Data were collected through interviews with students and teachers who had experienced the phenomenon and analyzed according to a social phe...

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  • Validation of Bakas Caregiving Outcome Scale for brazilian portuguese.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to analyze the psychometric properties of the adapted version of Bakas Caregiving Outcome Scale for Brazilian Portuguese. METHOD:this is a cross-sectional methodological study conducted with 151 informal caregivers of people with cerebral vascular accident sequelae enrolled in Family Health Units. To assess ...

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  • [The instruction for undergraduate graduation at the Ribeirao Preto Nursing School of Sao Paulo--its prospects].

    abstract::Authors focused the undergraduate education at the College of Nursing, University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto Campus, through its historical and conceptual mark since its establishment in the 1950's. In the 1980's, a study of curriculum modification originated from a wide process of discussion, culminated in a prop...

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  • [Management of technology in intensive care].

    abstract::The lives of hospitalized patients depend on diagnostic-therapeutic procedures and on the care provided by the health team. It also depends on the quality and availability of factors such as: physical structure and material and human and financial resources. The need to optimize these resources and re-establish patien...

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  • Sexuality of women attended in family health program: a social poetic production.

    abstract::The concept of promotion of health is one of the main axes of current health policies in Brazil. The adoption of this concept implies a change in the care model involving valuing a greater autonomy of subjects to work improving their conditions of life. From this perspective, several elements of health practices have ...

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  • Using an experimental model for the study of therapeutic touch.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:to verify whether the Paw Edema Model can be used in investigations about the effects of Therapeutic Touch on inflammation by measuring the variables pain, edema and neutrophil migration. METHOD:this is a pilot and experimental study, involving ten male mice of the same genetic strain and divided into experi...

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  • [Home care: the experience of a private hospital in the state of São Paulo].

    abstract::Home care is defined as a group of hospital procedures that can be developed at home, encompassing health actions developed by a multiprofessional team. This study aims at disseminating the experience of a home care service offered by São Francisco Hospital, located in the city of Ribeirão Preto, presenting the result...

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