Orientation of Human Microprocessor on Primary MicroRNAs.


:Single-stranded microRNAs (miRNAs) regulate gene expression by triggering mRNA degradation and/or inhibiting mRNA translation. miRNAs play important roles in various critical cellular processes and are associated with numerous human diseases, including cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. miRNA sequences are embedded in the primary miRNA transcripts (pri-miRNAs) that are initially processed by the Microprocessor complex in the nucleus. Microprocessor can orient itself on pri-miRNAs in two ways: one orientation results in subsequent miRNA production, and the other leads to cleavage of the miRNA sequence. Therefore, orienting Microprocessor on pri-miRNAs is a fundamental mechanism for determining the accuracy and efficiency of pri-miRNA processing and, in turn, miRNA production. Multiple mechanisms controlling Microprocessor orientation on pri-miRNAs, involving both cis-acting RNA elements and trans-acting factors, have recently been revealed. In this review, we discuss these exciting mechanisms and consider potential unknown mechanisms that might regulate Microprocessor orientation on pri-miRNAs.






Nguyen HM,Nguyen TD,Nguyen TL,Nguyen TA




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2019-01-29 00:00:00












  • Identification and metabolic transformations of carotenoids in ocular tissues of the Japanese quail Coturnix japonica.

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  • The NBDY Microprotein Regulates Cellular RNA Decapping.

    abstract::Proteogenomic identification of translated small open reading frames in humans has revealed thousands of microproteins, or polypeptides of fewer than 100 amino acids, that were previously invisible to geneticists. Hundreds of microproteins have been shown to be essential for cell growth and proliferation, and many reg...


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  • Dissection of events in the resistance to β-lactam antibiotics mediated by the protein BlaR1 from Staphylococcus aureus.

    abstract::A heterologous expression system was used to evaluate activation of BlaR1, a sensor/signal transducer protein of Staphylococcus aureus with a central role in resistance to β-lactam antibiotics. In the absence of other S. aureus proteins that might respond to antibiotics and participate in signal transduction events, w...


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  • Distribution of disulfide bonds in the two-disulfide intermediates in the regeneration of bovine pancreatic ribonuclease A: further insights into the folding process.

    abstract::The distribution of one-disulfide bonds in the two-disulfide intermediates in the oxidative refolding of bovine pancreatic ribonuclease A has been characterized. These two-disulfide intermediates were formed from the fully reduced denatured protein by oxidation with dithiothreitol, then blocked with AEMTS, purified by...


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    abstract::DNA topoisomerase I (Top1) is an essential nuclear enzyme and a validated target for anticancer agent screening. In a previous study, we found that indolizinoquinoline-5,12-dione derivatives show significant biological activity against several human cancer cell lines. To understand their mechanism of inhibition of can...


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  • Computational Prediction and Design for Creating Iteratively Larger Heterospecific Coiled Coil Sets.

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  • Probing structural differences between PrP(C) and PrP(Sc) by surface nitration and acetylation: evidence of conformational change in the C-terminus.

    abstract::We used two chemical modifiers, tetranitromethane (TNM) and acetic anhydride (Ac(2)O), which specifically target accessible tyrosine and lysine residues, respectively, to modify recombinant Syrian hamster PrP(90-231) [rSHaPrP(90-231)] and SHaPrP 27-30, the proteinase K-resistant core of PrP(Sc) isolated from brain of ...


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    abstract::Kinetic and structural data are presented on the interaction with Torpedo californica acetylcholinesterase (TcAChE) of (+)-huperzine A, a synthetic enantiomer of the anti-Alzheimer drug, (-)-huperzine A, and of its natural homologue (-)-huperzine B. (+)-Huperzine A and (-)-huperzine B bind to the enzyme with dissociat...


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  • Effects of a surfactant-associated protein and calcium ions on the structure and surface activity of lung surfactant lipids.

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    abstract::Cytochrome P450 3A4 (CYP3A4) inhibitors ritonavir and cobicistat, currently administered to HIV patients as pharmacoenhancers, were designed on the basis of the chemical structure/activity relationships rather than the CYP3A4 crystal structure. To better understand the structural basis for CYP3A4 inhibition and the li...


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  • Structural analysis of N-linked oligosaccharides of equine chorionic gonadotropin and lutropin beta-subunits.

    abstract::Equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG) and lutropin (eLH) are composed of alpha- and beta-subunits with an identical amino acid sequence but show different biological activities. To elucidate the molecular difference between these gonadotropins, the structure of the N-linked oligosaccharides of each beta-subunit was dete...


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  • The Protein-tyrosine-phosphatase SHP2 is phosphorylated on serine residues 576 and 591 by protein kinase C isoforms alpha, beta 1, beta 2, and eta.

    abstract::To study whether protein kinase C (PKC) isoforms can interact with protein-tyrosine-phosphatases (PTPs) which are connected to the insulin signaling pathway, we co-overexpressed PKC isoforms together with insulin receptor, docking proteins, and the PTPs SHP1 and SHP2 in human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cells. After ph...


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  • Importance of tetrahedral intermediate formation in the catalytic mechanism of the serine proteases chymotrypsin and subtilisin.

    abstract::Two new inhibitors in which the terminal α-carboxyl groups of Z-Ala-Ala-Phe-COOH and Z-Ala-Pro-Phe-COOH have been replaced with a proton to give Z-Ala-Ala-Phe-H and Z-Ala-Pro-Phe-H, respectively, have been synthesized. Using these inhibitors, we estimate that for α-chymotrypsin and subtilisin Carlsberg the terminal ca...


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  • Effects of 3 beta-[2-(diethylamino)ethoxy]androst-5-en-17-one on the synthesis of cholesterol and ubiquinone in rat intestinal epithelial cell cultures.

    abstract::The relationship between cholesterol and ubiquinone synthesis in rat intestinal epithelial cell cultures was examined by using 3 beta-[2-(diethylamino)ethoxy]androst-5-en-17-one hydrochloride (U18666A). Addition of U18666A to cells caused a greater than 90% inhibition of incorporation of [3H]acetate into cholesterol a...


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  • Changes in protein conformation and stability accompany complex formation between human C1 inhibitor and C1-s.

    abstract::The fluorescence spectrum of C1 inhibitor (C1-Inh) in aqueous buffer has a maximum at 324 nm which shifts to 358 nm in 6.0 M guanidinium chloride (GdmC1), indicating that fluorescent tryptophans are buried in the native protein. When titrated with GdmC1, the fluorescence intensity, polarization, and emission maximum o...


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    abstract::A method is described for using very high specific activity [3H]poly(deoxythymidylate) [[3H]poly(dT)] to detect, size, and quantiate subnanogram amounts of nonradioactive polyadenylated RNA. Short (approximately 100 nucleotides long) [3H]poly(dT) is hybridized to the poly(adenylate) [poly(A)] tracts in polyadenylated ...


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    abstract::The tiny picoalga, Ostreococcus tauri, originating from the Thau Lagoon is a member of the marine phytoplankton. Because of its highly reduced genome and small cell size, while retaining the fundamental requirements of a eukaryotic photosynthetic cell, it became a popular model organism for studying photosynthesis or ...


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  • Hydrolysis of plant cuticle by plant pathogens. Properties of cutinase I, cutinase II, and a nonspecific esterase isolated from Fusarium solani pisi.

    abstract::The properties of the homogeneous cutinase I, cutinase II, and the nonspecific esterase isolated from the extracellular fluid of cutin-grown Fusarium solani F. pisi (R.E. Purdy and P.E. Kolattukudy (1975), Biochemistry, preceding paper in this issue) were investigated. Using tritiated apple cutin as substrate, the two...


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  • Folding of the SAM aptamer is determined by the formation of a K-turn-dependent pseudoknot.

    abstract::The S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) riboswitch is one of the most recurrent riboswitches found in bacteria and has three known different natural aptamers. The Bacillus subtilis yitJ SAM riboswitch aptamer is organized around a four-way junction which is characterized by the presence of a pseudoknot and a K-turn motif. By r...


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    authors: Heppell B,Lafontaine DA

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  • A concerted structural transition in the plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 mechanism of inhibition.

    abstract::The inhibition mechanism of serpins requires a change in structure to entrap the target proteinase as a stable acyl-enzyme complex. Although it has generally been assumed that reactive center loop insertion and associated conformational change proceeds in a concerted manner, this has not been demonstrated directly. Th...


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    authors: Blouse GE,Perron MJ,Thompson JH,Day DE,Link CA,Shore JD

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  • A gene cluster for biosynthesis of the sesquiterpenoid antibiotic pentalenolactone in Streptomyces avermitilis.

    abstract::Streptomyces avermitilis, an industrial organism responsible for the production of the anthelminthic avermectins, harbors a 13.4 kb gene cluster containing 13 unidirectionally transcribed open reading frames corresponding to the apparent biosynthetic operon for the sesquiterpene antibiotic pentalenolactone. The advanc...


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    authors: Tetzlaff CN,You Z,Cane DE,Takamatsu S,Omura S,Ikeda H

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  • Interactions of pig liver methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase with methylenetetrahydropteroylpolyglutamate substrates and with dihydropteroylpolyglutamate inhibitors.

    abstract::Dihydrofolate and dihydropteroylpolyglutamates inhibit pig liver methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. In all cases the inhibition is linearly competitive with respect to methylenetetrahydrofolate. The Ki values decrease with each additional glutamyl residue from one to six, from a value of 6.5 microM for dihydrofolate...


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