Erysipelothrix bacteremia without endocarditis: rare event or under-reported occurrence?


:A patient presented with inflamed hands and Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae bacteremia. Because a high incidence of endocarditis has been reported with this organism, a transesophageal echocardiogram was obtained, which was normal. Treatment with oral moxifloxacin resolved all manifestations of illness. The association between E. rhusiopathiae bacteremia and endocarditis may be spurious.


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  • Application of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification method for the detection of pathogenic Leptospira.

    abstract::Leptospirosis is an emerging infectious disease, which is considered to be the most widespread zoonotic disease in the world. There are more than 230 known serovars in the genus Leptospira. A loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assay for the rapid detection of pathogenic Leptospira spp. was developed and eva...

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  • Clonal occurrences of multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacilli: report from the Meropenem Yearly Susceptibility Test Information Collection Surveillance Program in the United States (2004).

    abstract::The Meropenem Yearly Susceptibility Test Information Collection Program is a global, longitudinal resistance surveillance network of more than 100 medical centers worldwide monitoring the susceptibility of bacterial pathogens to carbapenems and other broad-spectrum agents. Between 1999 and 2004, a total of 10-16 US me...

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  • A new diagnostic problem: isolation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 strains with aberrant biochemical properties.

    abstract::Over a five-year period (1995-1999) the Microbial Diseases Laboratory received 34 strains of E. coli O157:H7 each with a single aberrant biochemical property. In addition, 27 O157 strains with negative or delayed motility were noted during the same time period. These observations suggest that there may be an increased...

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  • Zygomycosis originating from an odontogenic infection in a pediatric oncology patient.

    abstract::The Zygomyces are an increasingly frequent cause of invasive mold infection in immunocompromised patients. Here we describe the first well-documented case of Rhizopus infection of odontogenic origin, which presented as a rapidly progressive soft tissue infection in a neutropenic child. The infection resolved with limi...

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  • The prevalence of staphylococcal resistance to penicillinase-resistant penicillins. A retrospective and prospective national surveillance trial of isolates from 40 medical centers.

    abstract::In a retrospective survey of resistance to penicillinase-resistant penicillins (PRPs) in 152,076 clinical staphylococcal strains isolated in 40 United States Hospitals in 1985 and 1986, rates of resistance to oxacillin were found to be 11 and 13%, respectively, among Staphylococcus aureus isolates. The rates were appr...

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  • Ceftriaxone pharmacokinetics by new simple and sensitive ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography method.

    abstract::Ceftriaxone is a cephalosporin antibiotic with a potent antimicrobial activity and excellent penetration in most body fluids such as pleural, peritoneal, spinal and brain. These facts contribute to the application of ceftriaxone in the treatment of bacterial peritonitis, an abdominal disorder in veterinary medicine, w...

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  • An advanced uracil DNA glycosylase-supplemented loop-mediated isothermal amplification (UDG-LAMP) technique used in the sensitive and specific detection of Cryptosporidium parvum, Cryptosporidium hominis, and Cryptosporidium meleagridis in AIDS patients.

    abstract::The rapid and accurate detection of Cryptosporidium spp. is critically important for the prevention and timely treatment of cryptosporidiosis in AIDS patients (APs). This study was conducted to examine a UDG-LAMP technique for the first time to diagnose cryptosporidiosis in APs. After collecting demographic and clinic...

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    authors: Fallahi S,Moosavi SF,Karimi A,Chegeni AS,Saki M,Namdari P,Rashno MM,Varzi AM,Tarrahi MJ,Almasian M

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  • Molecular analysis of archived blood slides reveals an atypical human Trypanosoma infection.

    abstract::In 2003, a 10-month-old Ghanaian boy recovered from a Trypanosoma brucei infection, although the patient was not treated with antitrypanosomal drugs. Only T. brucei gambiense and T. brucei rhodesiense are able to infect humans, causing human African trypanosomiasis. The disease is considered 100% fatal if left untreat...

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  • Evaluation of the in vitro activity of cefepime compared to other broad-spectrum cephalosporins against clinical isolates from eighteen Brazilian hospitals by using the Etest.

    abstract::The in vitro activity of cefepime was compared to that of ceftazidime, ceftriaxone, and cefotaxime in a multicenter study involving 10 clinical microbiology laboratories and clinical isolates from 18 Brazilian hospitals from 7 cities (4 states). A total of 982 isolates consecutively collected between December 1995 and...

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  • In vitro activity of antituberculous agents against Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from Bogota, DC (Colombia) evaluated by the ETest.

    abstract::Tuberculosis tests for antimicrobial susceptibility takes weeks. However, delayed therapy, can compromise the patient, as well as lead to an increase in disease incidence. Among infectious diseases, tuberculosis continues to be a leading cause of death in the world. The E-test is a new concept for Minimal Inhibitory C...

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  • Discrepancies between in vitro activity of and in vivo response to antimicrobial agents.

    abstract::The correlation between in vitro antimicrobial activity and the in vivo response to antimicrobial therapy is affected by multiple host factors, the site and nature of the infection, and the pharmacokinetics of the antimicrobial and its penetration into areas of infection. In certain instances, discrepancies are also c...

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    authors: Washington JA 2nd

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  • In vitro antimicrobial activity of GAR-936 tested against antibiotic-resistant gram-positive blood stream infection isolates and strains producing extended-spectrum beta-lactamases.

    abstract::GAR-936, a new, semisynthetic glycylcycline, has shown good antibacterial activity against a wide range of clinically important Gram-positive and -negative aerobic bacteria including Streptococcus pneumoniae, Hemophilus influenzae, Moraxella catarrhalis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, most Enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus a...

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  • Coproduction of KPC-2 and QnrB19 in Klebsiella pneumoniae ST340 isolate in Brazil.

    abstract::Few reports described the presence of bla(KPC) and qnr genes in the same isolate. This study reports the combination of bla(KPC-2) and qnrB19 genes in Klebsiella pneumoniae ST340 isolate in Brazil. These findings draw attention to this combination in ST340 isolate, which is part of the CC258, disseminated in Latin Ame...

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    authors: Martins WM,Almeida AC,Nicoletti AG,Cayô R,Gales AC,Alves LC,Brayner FB,Vilela MA,Morais MM

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  • Impact of immune status on the clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes of nocardiosis.

    abstract::Nocardiosis occurs in both immunocompromised and immunocompetent patients. We aimed to assess how its characteristics differ depending on patients' immune status. Of a total of 54 patients with culture-proven nocardiosis diagnosed over 13 years, 18 (33%) were immunocompetent. Half of immunocompetent patients had chron...

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    authors: Kim YK,Sung H,Jung J,Yu SN,Lee JY,Kim SH,Choi SH,Kim YS,Woo JH,Lee SO,Chong YP

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  • Clostridium difficile rates in asymptomatic and symptomatic hospitalized patients using nucleic acid testing.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The Clostridium difficile rate in symptomatic patients represents both those with C. difficile infection (CDI) and those with colonization. To predict the extent of CDI overdiagnosis, we compared the asymptomatic colonization rate to the symptomatic positivity rate in hospitalized patients using nucleic acid...

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  • A culture medium for screening 16S rRNA methylase-producing pan-aminoglycoside resistant Gram-negative bacteria.

    abstract::The amikacin plus gentamicin-containing SuperAminoglycoside medium was developed for screening multiple-aminoglycoside resistance in Gram-negative bacteria (Enterobacteriaceae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Acinetobacter baumannii). It was evaluated using aminoglycoside-susceptible (n=12) and aminoglycoside-resistant (n...

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  • Expansion of the E138A mutation in newly diagnosed HIV-infected patients in Gran Canaria.

    abstract::Molecular epidemiology allows us to know local HIV transmission and to design strategies of prevention. We studied 25 HIV newly diagnosed patients with the E138A mutation since the year 2010. Most transmission networks involved young and promiscuous men who have sex with men. Recent infection was only documented in pa...

    journal_title:Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease

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    authors: Chamizo F,Gilarranz R,Tosco T,Carrillo D,Holguín Á,Santana É,Pérez-Arellano JL,Hernández M,Francés A,Cárdenes MÁ,Zarzalejos JM,Pena-López MJ

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  • Use of matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry to identify MLST clade 4 Clostridium difficile isolates.

    abstract::Clostridium difficile is the leading cause of health care-associated infections. Previous studies suggest that C. difficile MLST clade 4 strains with higher drug resistance rates constitute the major clone spreading in China. Thus development of a rapid and accurate typing method for these strains is needed to monitor...

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  • Antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli outpatient urinary isolates from women: emerging multidrug resistance phenotypes.

    abstract::This study evaluated the antimicrobial resistance profile of outpatient urinary Escherichia coli isolated from women obtained throughout Hong Kong during 2004-2005. Of 1067 single patient isolates analyzed, 60.1% were resistant to ampicillin, 34% were resistant to co-trimoxazole, and 22.1% were resistant to ciprofloxa...

    journal_title:Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease

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    authors: Ho PL,Wong RC,Yip KS,Loke SL,Leung MS,Mak GC,Chow FK,Tsang KW,Que TL,COMBAT study group.

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  • QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube as help for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in a French pediatric hospital.

    abstract::The diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB) is difficult in children. The pediatricians are waiting for new and rapid tests that are easy to realize and that are performed better than tuberculin skin test (TST). We presented here the evaluation of QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-Tube (QFT-G IT) in the Children Hospital of Nancy. Fifty-...

    journal_title:Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease

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    authors: Grare M,Derelle J,Dailloux M,Laurain C

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  • National surveillance of nosocomial blood stream infection due to species of Candida other than Candida albicans: frequency of occurrence and antifungal susceptibility in the SCOPE Program. SCOPE Participant Group. Surveillance and Control of Pathogens of

    abstract::A national surveillance program of nosocomial blood stream infections (BSI) in the USA between April 1995 and June 1996 revealed that Candida was the fourth leading cause of nosocomial BSI, accounting for 8% of all infections. Forty-eight percent of 379 episodes of candidemia were due to species other than Candida alb...

    journal_title:Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease

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    authors: Pfaller MA,Jones RN,Messer SA,Edmond MB,Wenzel RP

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  • Effect of treatment of shell vial cell cultures with dimethyl sulfoxide and dexamethasone and age of MRC-5 monolayers for detection of cytomegalovirus.

    abstract::Pretreatment of MRC-5 cell monolayers in commercially prepared shell vials with 1% dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and 10(-5) mol/L dexamethasone (DEX) was evaluated. Preliminary experiments indicated enhanced infectivity of AD-169 for pretreated MRC-5 cells in shell vials of ages 9 and 16 days. Compared with untreated shel...

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    authors: Fedorko DP,Ilstrup DM,Smith TF

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  • Clinical value of whole-blood interferon-gamma assay in patients with suspected pulmonary tuberculosis and AFB smear- and polymerase chain reaction-negative bronchial aspirates.

    abstract::Combining a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test with bronchoscopy is frequently performed to allow a rapid diagnosis of smear-negative pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB). However, limited data are available concerning clinical judgment in patients with suspected PTB and AFB smear- and PCR-negative bronchial aspirates (BA)....

    journal_title:Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease

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    authors: Lee J,Lee SY,Yoo SS,Cha SI,Won DI,Park JY,Lee WK,Kim CH

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  • In vitro activity of the novel ketolide HMR 3647 and comparative oral antibiotics against Canadian respiratory tract isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, and Moraxella catarrhalis.

    abstract::The in vitro activities of HMR 3647, erythromycin A, clarithromycin, azithromycin, roxithromycin, penicillin G, ampicillin, cefuroxime, trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole, tetracycline, ciprofloxacin, and levofloxacin were determined for 1179 Streptococcus pneumoniae, 1438 Haemophilus influenzae, and 428 Moraxella catarrha...

    journal_title:Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease

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    authors: Hoban DJ,Zhanel GG,Karlowsky JA

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  • Pyrosequencing of a recA gene variable region for Burkholderia cepacia complex genomovar identification.

    abstract::We developed an assay to identify Burkholderia cepacia complex genomovars by Pyrosequencing of a variable recA gene segment. Fifteen reference strains and 30 clinical isolates of B. cepacia complex were sequenced. Full 77-base pair target sequences were obtained from 44 of the 45 isolates, and BLAST queries of the seq...

    journal_title:Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease

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    authors: Slinger R,Yan L,Myers R,Ramotar K,St Denis M,Aaron SD

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  • Corynebacterium macginleyi isolation from conjunctival swab in Italy.

    abstract::Corynebacterium macginleyi was isolated from conjunctival swabs of a farmer suffering from purulent conjunctivitis. This species has only recently been reported in Switzerland and Germany to be exclusively isolated from ocular surfaces. This represents the first isolation of C. macginleyi in Italy indicating that its ...

    journal_title:Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease

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    authors: Giammanco GM,Di Marco V,Priolo I,Intrivici A,Grimont F,Grimont PA

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  • Tn2008 is a major vehicle carrying bla(OXA-23) in Acinetobacter baumannii from China.

    abstract::bla(OXA-23) and bla(OXA-66) were detected in 49 Acinetobacter baumannii isolates. These isolates were assigned to 7 subtypes by enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus polymerase chain reaction and 7 representative isolates were of ST92 or ST75. In most cases, the ISAba1-bla(OXA-23)-ATPaseΔ structure was ident...

    journal_title:Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Wang X,Zong Z,Lü X

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  • In vitro antimicrobial activity of moxifloxacin compared to other quinolones against recent clinical bacterial isolates from hospitalized and community-based cancer patients.

    abstract::The in vitro spectrum of moxifloxacin (a C-8-methoxyquinolone) was compared to that of ciprofloxacin and levofloxacin against 924 recent clinical isolates from cancer patients. Moxifloxacin was more active than the comparator agents against Gram-positive pathogens, with potent activity against Aerococcus spp., Listeri...

    journal_title:Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease

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    authors: Rolston KV,Frisbee-Hume S,LeBlanc B,Streeter H,Ho DH

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  • Comparative activity of ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, levofloxacin, and erythromycin against Legionella species by broth microdilution and intracellular susceptibility testing in HL-60 cells.

    abstract::Animal lung macrophages or human peripheral blood mononuclear cells have been used for testing intracellular activity of anti-Legionella antibiotics; such studies are labor intensive such that comparative antibiotic studies for the many Legionella species are few. We evaluated a human monocyte cell line (HL-60) as an ...

    journal_title:Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease

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    authors: Stout JE,Arnold B,Yu VL

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  • Reduced intravascular catheter-related infection by routine use of antibiotic-bonded catheters in a surgical intensive care unit.

    abstract::We report a comparative analysis of intravascular catheter-related infection before and after routine use of antibiotic-bonded catheters in an intensive care unit. Cefazolin-bonded catheters were placed in patients requiring catheterization for at least 3 days, or with remote infection, standard catheters at other tim...

    journal_title:Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease

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