Functional genetics of early human development.


:Understanding the genetic underpinning of early human development is of great interest not only for basic developmental and stem cell biology but also for regenerative medicine, infertility treatments, and better understanding the causes of congenital disease. Our current knowledge has mainly been generated with the use of laboratory animals, especially the mouse. While human and mouse early development present morphological resemblance, we know that the timing of the events as well as the cellular and genetic mechanisms that control fundamental processes are distinct between the species. The rapid technological development of single-cell sequencing and genome editing together with novel stem cell models of the early human embryo has made it feasible and relevant to perform functional genetic studies directly in human cells and embryos. In this review we will discuss these latest advances where combined transcriptional analysis and genome engineering has begun to shed new insights into the key processes of zygotic genome activation, lineage specification, X-chromosome inactivation and postimplantation development including primordial germ cell specification in the human embryo.


Curr Opin Genet Dev


Ortega NM,Winblad N,Plaza Reyes A,Lanner F




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  • Gene regulatory network controlling embryonic specification in the sea urchin.

    abstract::The current state of the gene regulatory network for endomesoderm specification in sea urchin embryos is reviewed. The network was experimentally defined, and is presented as a predictive map of cis-regulatory inputs and functional regulatory gene interconnections (updated versions of the network and most of the under...

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  • Sex determination in insects: a binary decision based on alternative splicing.

    abstract::The gene regulatory networks that control sex determination vary between species. Despite these differences, comparative studies in insects have found that alternative splicing is reiteratively used in evolution to control expression of the key sex-determining genes. Sex determination is best understood in Drosophila ...

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  • Routes to induced pluripotent stem cells.

    abstract::The generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) with Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, c-Myc has been described as 'direct' reprogramming in contrast to reprogramming via nuclear transfer. Interestingly, recent studies have suggested that the conversion process itself includes transient up-regulation and down-regulation of h...

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  • The third dimension of gene regulation: organization of dynamic chromatin loopscape by SATB1.

    abstract::Compartmentalized distribution of functional components is a hallmark of the eukaryotic nucleus. Technological advances in recent years have provided unprecedented insights into the role of chromatin organization and interactions of various structural-functional components toward gene regulation. SATB1, the global chr...

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  • Mutant onco-proteins as drug targets: successes, failures, and future prospects.

    abstract::Mutant onco-proteins play a direct, causal role in cancer and are therefore considered attractive drug targets. Clinical experience has supported this view, with some exceptions. However, clinical benefit has often been restricted by rapid emergence of drug-resistant clones through several distinct mechanisms. This pr...

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  • Computational gene discovery and human disease.

    abstract::Bioinformatics is now an essential tool in many aspects of human molecular genetics research. Methods for the prediction of gene structure are essential components in genomic sequencing projects and provide the key to deriving protein sequence and locating intron/exon junctions. Sequence comparison and database search...

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  • Gene conversion generates evolutionary novelty that fuels genetic conflicts.

    abstract::Genetic conflicts arise when the evolutionary interests of two genetic elements are not aligned. Conflicts between genomes (e.g. pathogen versus host) or within the same genome (e.g. internal parasitic DNA sequences versus the rest of the host genome) can both foster 'molecular arms races', in which genes on both side...

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  • Image analysis for understanding embryo development: a bridge from microscopy to biological insights.

    abstract::The digital reconstruction of the embryogenesis of model organisms from 3D+time data is revolutionizing practices in quantitative and integrative Developmental Biology. A manual and fully supervised image analysis of the massive complex data acquired with new microscopy technologies is no longer an option and automate...

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  • Utilization of genomic signatures to direct use of primary chemotherapy.

    abstract::The success of treatment of cancer patients depends on matching the most effective therapeutic regimen with the characteristics of the individual patient, balancing benefit against risk of adverse events. The primary challenge in achieving this goal is the heterogeneity of the disease, recognizing that breast, lung, c...

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  • The antiquity of group I introns.

    abstract::The recent discovery of self-splicing introns in cyanobacteria has given renewed interest to the question of whether introns may have been present in the ancestor of all living things. The properties of introns in genes of bacteria and bacteriophages are discussed in the context of their possible origin and biological...

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  • How genetic modifiers influence the phenotype of spinal muscular atrophy and suggest future therapeutic approaches.

    abstract::Both complex disorders and monogenetic diseases are often modulated in their phenotype by further genetic, epigenetic or extrinsic factors. This gives rise to extensive phenotypic variability and potentially protection from disease manifestations, known as incomplete penetrance. Approaches including whole transcriptom...

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  • Facts about FACT and transcript elongation through chromatin.

    abstract::The regulation of transcription elongation within the context of chromatin is a topic of great interest. Even though chromatin presents a barrier to transcription by the PolII machinery in vitro, this process is rather efficient in vivo. Importantly, the chromatin structure of the actively transcribed genes is altered...

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  • Genetics of type 1 diabetes.

    abstract::Type 1 diabetes is the most common autoimmune disorder in childhood, characterized by the development of autoimmunity through unknown environmental insults in genetically susceptible individuals. There are now over 50 regions of the genome that harbor type 1 diabetes susceptibility genes, with much of the genetic risk...

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  • Genes that drive invasion and migration in Drosophila.

    abstract::Successful cell migration depends on the careful regulation of the timing of movement, the guidance of motile cells, and cytoskeletal and adhesive changes within the cells. This review focuses on genes that act cell-autonomously to promote these aspects of cell migration in Drosophila. We discuss recent advances in un...

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  • Cohesin and chromatin organisation.

    abstract::Cohesin defines the topology of chromosomes in mitosis and meiosis by holding sister chromatids together; more recently a role for cohesin in chromatin organisation and gene expression in interphase has emerged. ...

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  • Reawakening the sleeping beauty in the adult brain: neurogenesis from parenchymal glia.

    abstract::Life-long neurogenesis is highly restricted to specialized niches in the adult mammalian brain and therefore the brain's capacity for spontaneous regeneration is extremely limited. However, recent work has demonstrated that under certain circumstances parenchymal astrocytes and NG2 glia can generate neuronal progeny. ...

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  • Sequential transfer of left-right information during vertebrate embryo development.

    abstract::The establishment of left-right asymmetries in the vertebrate embryo is carried out by complex genetic interactions that impart left- or right-sided information to the developing organs and structures. The origin of LR information is still unclear, but recent advances have provided new insights as to how it is relayed...

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  • Histone acetylases and deacetylases in cell proliferation.

    abstract::There are several enzymes, acetylases and deacetylases, that can regulate transcription by modifying the acetylation state of histones or other promoter-bound transcription factors. Some of these enzymes are present in multisubunit complexes. Recent efforts to understand the biological role of these enzymes reveals th...

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  • Physical control of tissue morphogenesis across scales.

    abstract::During embryogenesis, tissues and organs are progressively shaped into their functional morphologies. While the information about tissue and organ shape is encoded genetically, the sculpting of embryonic structures in the 3D space is ultimately a physical process. The control of physical quantities involved in tissue ...

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  • Constructive antagonism in limb development.

    abstract::Several advances have been made in our understanding of the control of the growth and patterning of embryonic limbs. Development of the vertebrate limb is dependent on reciprocal interactions between the ectoderm and mesoderm that regulate the structure and function of the apical ectodermal ridge. One key component of...

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  • Watching eyes take shape.

    abstract::Vertebrate eye formation is a multistep process requiring coordinated inductive interactions between neural and non-neural ectoderm and underlying mesendoderm. The induction and shaping of the eyes involves an elaborate cellular choreography characterized by precise changes in cell shape coupled with complex cellular ...

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  • Recent progress in single-cell cancer genomics.

    abstract::The advent of single-cell sequencing has been revolutionary to the field of cancer genomics. Perfectly suited to capture cancer's heterogeneous nature, single-cell analyses provide information bulk sequencing could never hope to uncover. Many mechanisms of cancer have yet to be fully understood, and single-cell approa...

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  • Retinoid receptors in transcriptional regulation.

    abstract::Our understanding of the mechanism of action of retinoids has been greatly expanded by a series of recent findings. First, the three-dimensional structure of the ligand-binding domain of two retinoid receptors has been solved and suggests that ligand binding induces marked allosteric changes. Second, several co-factor...

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  • The recent origins of spliceosomal introns revisited.

    abstract::Does the intron/exon structure of eukaryotic genes belie their ancient assembly by exon-shuffling or have introns been inserted into preformed genes during eukaryotic evolution? These are the central questions in the ongoing 'introns-early' versus 'introns-late' controversy. The phylogenetic distribution of spliceosom...

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  • Regulation of p21ras by GTPase activating proteins and guanine nucleotide exchange proteins.

    abstract::Ras proteins play a critical role in controlling normal cellular growth and, when activated by mutation, in causing malignant transformation. Regulation of p21ras is achieved by GTPase activating proteins, which control the rate of hydrolysis of GTP to GDP, and also by GDP dissociation stimulators, which catalyze the ...

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  • Nuclear mechanisms of gene expression control: pre-mRNA splicing as a life or death decision.

    abstract::Thousands of genes produce polyadenylated mRNAs that still contain one or more introns. These transcripts are known as retained intron RNAs (RI-RNAs). In the past 10 years, RI-RNAs have been linked to post-transcriptional alternative splicing in a variety of developmental contexts, but they can also be dead-end produc...

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  • Micromechanics of root development in soil.

    abstract::Our understanding of how roots develop in soil may be at the eve of significant transformations. The formidable expansion of imaging technologies enables live observations of the rhizosphere micro-pore architecture at unprecedented resolution. Granular matter physics provides ways to understand the microscopic fluctua...

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  • Morphogenesis on the move: cell-to-cell trafficking of plant regulatory proteins.

    abstract::It has been shown recently that some plant transcription factors that regulate cell fate during development can traffic through plasmodesmata-the intercellular channels that connect plant cells. This phenomenon helps explain the non-autonomous effects of many developmental mutations in plants and defines a novel mecha...

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  • Functional impact of the human mobilome.

    abstract::The human genome is replete with interspersed repetitive sequences derived from the propagation of mobile DNA elements. Three families of human retrotransposons remain active today: LINE1, Alu, and SVA elements. Since 1988, de novo insertions at previously recognized disease loci have been shown to generate highly pen...

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  • Genetic analysis of cyanobacterial development.

    abstract::Filamentous cyanobacteria, the only prokaryotes that form linear patterns of differentiated cells, can be genetically manipulated by the conjugative transfer of plasmids from Escherichia coli. It has become possible to determine the cellular localization of genetic transcription, including transcription of development...

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