Clinical efficacy of perioperative antimicrobial prophylaxis in neurosurgery--a prospective randomized study involving 159 patients.


:In a randomized study 87 patients received perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis with 2 x 2 g ceftriaxone (Rocephin) at the beginning of the operation and in the following morning. Seventy-two patients received no antibiotic prophylaxis. In patients receiving the prophylaxis, a lower incidence of infections was observed postoperatively in addition to a reduction in wound-healing disorders. Respiratory tract infections were more successfully prevented than urinary tract infections. The number of pathogenic bacteria detected in the group on receiving prophylaxis decreased. The positive effect of the perioperative administration of antibiotics was more evident in protracted operations, such as brain surgery, than in operations involving the spinal cord.






Winkler D,Rehn H,Freckmann N,Nowak G,Herrmann HD




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  • Comparative antibacterial activity of the penem ALP 201.

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  • Effect of L- and D-lysine on the growth of Ehrlich ascites tumour.

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  • Human herpesvirus 6 encephalitis simulating brain metastases in a patient with advanced small-cell lung cancer.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The brain is a frequent site of metastases in small-cell lung cancer. Symptoms of cerebral involvement are headache, disorientation, nausea/vomiting and seizures. CASE:A man with small-cell lung cancer developed a human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) meningoencephalitis with neurological symptoms that simulated brai...


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  • Pharmacokinetics of Benzylpenicillin (Penicillin G) during Prolonged Intermittent Renal Replacement Therapy.

    abstract::Prolonged intermittent renal replacement therapy (PIRRT) is an increasingly adopted method of renal replacement in critically ill patients. Like continuous renal replacement therapy, PIRRT can alter the pharmacokinetics (PK) of many drugs. In this setting, dosing data for antibiotics like benzylpenicillin are lacking....




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  • Interpretation criteria for sensitivity testing of ceftriaxone in agar diffusion test according to the DIN 58940 method.

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    abstract::A total of 5 healthy volunteers were enrolled in a crossover study on the dose dependency and the effect of probenecid on pharmacokinetics of DQ-2556. They were administered intravenously 0.5 and 1.0 g of DQ-2556, and 1.0 g of DQ-2556 with oral administration of probenecid. The linearity in pharmacokinetics of DQ-2556...


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  • Preventive effects of trimethoprim/sulphamethoxazole on experimental staphylococcic pyelonephritis in rats.

    abstract::108 white rats weighing 170-250 G were given trimethoprim, sulphamethoxazole and the combination trimethoprim 1/sulphamethoxazole orally and parenterally in order to test the preventive effect of these substances on experimental hematogenous pyelonephritis due to Staphylococcus aureus. Oral applications of 48 mg/kg/24...


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  • Studies with cefuroxime: a new beta-lactamase resistant cephalosporin.

    abstract::28 patients suffering from a variety of bacterial infections have been treated with cefuroxime. 18 were cured and 6 improved during treatment. Side effects were minimal and intramuscular injection was well tolerated. Serum and urine levels well in excess of the MICs of sensitive organisms were obtained using dosages o...


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  • Carboplatin Dosing Accuracy by Estimation of Glomerular Filtration versus Creatinuria in Cancer Patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is essential for calculating the dose and the monitoring of carboplatin. Although GFR measurement (mGFR) by external markers is ideal, in most cases these are not employed; the most used method is GFR estimation (eGFR) by formulae, hence the need to identify the formula w...


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