Effects of Different Crystalloid Solutions on Hemodynamics, Peripheral Perfusion, and the Microcirculation in Experimental Abdominal Sepsis.


BACKGROUND:Crystalloid solutions are used to restore intravascular volume in septic patients, but each solution has limitations. The authors compared the effects of three crystalloid solutions on hemodynamics, organ function, microcirculation, and survival in a sepsis model. METHODS:Peritonitis was induced by injection of autologous feces in 21 anesthetized, mechanically ventilated adult sheep. After baseline measurements, animals were randomized to lactated Ringer's (LR), normal saline (NS), or PlasmaLyte as resuscitation fluid. The sublingual microcirculation was assessed using sidestream dark field videomicroscopy and muscle tissue oxygen saturation with near-infrared spectroscopy. RESULTS:NS administration was associated with hyperchloremic acidosis. NS-treated animals had lower cardiac index and left ventricular stroke work index than LR-treated animals from 8 h and lower mean arterial pressure than LR-treated animals from 12 h. NS-treated animals had a lower proportion of perfused vessels than LR-treated animals after 12 h (median, 82 [71 to 83] vs. 85 [82 to 89], P = 0.04) and greater heterogeneity of proportion of perfused vessels than PlasmaLyte or LR groups at 18 h. Muscle tissue oxygen saturation was lower at 16 h in the NS group than in the other groups. The survival time of NS-treated animals was shorter than that of the LR group (17 [14 to 20] vs. 26 [23 to 29] h, P < 0.01) but similar to that of the PlasmaLyte group (20 [12 to 28] h, P = 0.74). CONCLUSIONS:In this abdominal sepsis model, resuscitation with NS was associated with hyperchloremic acidosis, greater hemodynamic instability, a more altered microcirculation, and more severe organ dysfunction than with balanced fluids. Survival time was shorter than in the LR group.






Orbegozo D,Su F,Santacruz C,He X,Hosokawa K,Creteur J,De Backer D,Vincent JL




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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Catheter-related infection is a serious complication of continuous regional anesthesia. The authors tested the hypothesis that single-dose antibiotic prophylaxis is associated with a lower incidence of catheter-related infections. METHODS:Our analysis was based on cases in the 25-center German Network for R...


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