Fellowship candidate selection at the BEST Medical Center: A novel process.


:Dr. Ida Lystic completed her MD degree at the prestigious Harvey Medical School (which has since been renamed the Harvey Provider School) and her residency in internal medicine and gastroenterology fellowship at the OTHER (Owen T. Henry and Eugene Rutherford) Medical Center. She was subsequently hired as an assistant professor at the BEST (Byron Edwards and Samuel Thompson) Medical Center in 2015. After eventually completing an extensive list of employment requirements, she was able to begin seeing patients. She had not anticipated a change in the electronic medical record systems-from the user-friendly intuitive SIMPLE (Succinct Input Making Patients' Lives Electronic) system to the complicated and challenging LEGEND (perhaps, as her colleagues had suggested, Lengthy and Excessively Graded Evaluation and Nomenclature for Diagnosis) system. Nor had she expected some of the challenges encountered in her daily clinic routine: The lack of schedulers for her patients (based on recommendations by the Optima Efficiency Consultant Group and incorporated by the BEST efficiency department) and the addition of egg timers on the doors along with a compliance spreadsheet and corrective action plan for the tardy physicians to complete to encourage punctuality (based on the assessment of the Wait Time Committee). She joined the LOST (Laboratory OverSight and Testing) Committee, because participation to support BEST Medical Center practices is strongly suggested for faculty seeking promotion; however, when the new committee chairman-who is a surgeon-was elected, the noon meetings were rescheduled for 6:00 am each month. At the request of her recently divorced department chairman, the philandering Dr. Seymore Fox, she became deputy head of the Gastroenterology Fellowship Selection Committee; she recently coordinated the selection of the physicians for next year's fellowship. The fellowship candidate selection process at the BEST Medical School is probably similar to that performed at the OTHER Medical Center; however, innovative interview techniques-such as assessment for manual dexterity (with the "space race") and typing skills-have been incorporated to enhance the selection of the best candidates. Dr. Ida Lystic, the gastroenterology department, and the medical school at "the BEST Medical Center" are creations of the author's imagination; yet, many of the anecdotes are based on actual events whose details have been modified to protect the guilty.


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  • Comedone formation: etiology, clinical presentation, and treatment.

    abstract::An important feature in the etiology of acne is the presence of pilosebaceous ductal hypercornification, which can be seen histologically as microcomedones (Fig 1) and clinically as blackheads, whiteheads, and other forms of comedones, such as macrocomedones. There is a significant correlation between the severity of ...

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  • Melanoma epidemic: Facts and controversies.

    abstract::The presence of a true melanoma epidemic has been a controversial topic for the past decade. A dramatic increase in the incidence of cutaneous malignant melanoma in developed countries is well documented, but mortality rates have not risen as rapidly. This has generated much discussion about whether there is a true in...

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  • Severe cutaneous adverse drug reactions: who should treat, where and how?: Facts and controversies.

    abstract::Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) and Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) are uncommon but extremely serious and often life-threatening mucocutaneous reactions characterized by extensive epithelial sloughing and systemic symptoms. There is no effective evidence-based treatment for severe cutaneous adverse reactions (SCAR) t...

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  • Lutein and zeaxanthin in eye and skin health.

    abstract::Less than 20 of the hundreds of carotenoids found in nature are found in the human body. These carotenoids are present in the body from the foods or dietary supplements that humans consume. The body does not synthesize them. Among the carotenoids present in the body, only lutein and its coexistent isomer, zeaxanthin, ...

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  • Nutrition and oral mucosal diseases.

    abstract::Oral manifestations of nutritional deficiencies can affect the mucous membranes, teeth, periodontal tissue, salivary glands, and perioral skin. This contribution reviews how the water-soluble vitamins (B(2), B(3), B(6), B(12), C, and folic acid), fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, and E), and minerals (calcium, fluoride, iro...

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  • Tropical rickettsioses.

    abstract::In recent years, a bewildering array of emerging rickettsial pathogens have been described throughout the world, including in the tropics. Here we present an updated overview of scrub typhus, murine typhus, and epidemic typhus. We also present an update on the emerging spotted fever group rickettsioses described in th...

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  • Drug eruptions associated with tumor therapy: Great imitators.

    abstract::Many studies have investigated cutaneous reactions to antitumor drugs and found them to be quite numerous. We describe drug eruptions that may be associated with different therapies by class: antimetabolite chemotherapeutics, genotoxic agents, spindle inhibitors, signal transduction inhibitors, and immunotherapies. Me...

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  • Connective tissue diseases: pseudoxanthoma elasticum, anetoderma, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome in pregnancy.

    abstract::The relationship between pregnancy and diseases of the elastic fibers, such as pseudoxanthoma elasticum, cutis laxa, and anetoderma, is discussed in this article. Dermatologists and other physicians must be aware that these problems may be present in pregnant women and must also know how to counsel those who suffer fr...

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  • Mechanisms of nerve injury in leprosy.

    abstract::All patients with leprosy have some degree of nerve involvement. Perineural inflammation is the histopathologic hallmark of leprosy, and this localization may reflect a vascular route of entry of Mycobacterium leprae into nerves. Once inside nerves, M. leprae are ingested by Schwann cells, with a wide array of consequ...

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  • Nail surgery.

    abstract::Nail surgery is a special branch of hand and dermatologic surgery. It is not widely performed, and many physicians do not feel at ease to perform it. The objective of this contribution is to give a short overview of the most important surgical procedures in clinical practice. References from the literature and the aut...

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  • Sarcoidosis and malignancy.

    abstract::Malignancy in patients with sarcoidosis occurs in 3 settings. The first setting relates to patients with hematologic malignancies. It includes the sarcoidosis-lymphoma syndrome, which refers to the development of lymphoma at least 1 to 2 years after the diagnosis of sarcoidosis. It also includes patients with sarcoido...

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  • The value of screening in melanoma.

    abstract::The incidence of cutaneous melanoma has increased substantially in most white populations during the past several decades. Despite improvements in the early recognition of melanoma and the use of novel diagnostic techniques that enhance our diagnostic capabilities, disease-related mortality remains a significant publi...

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  • An open-label, single-center pilot study to determine the antifungal activity of a new nonsteroidal cream (Promiseb Topical Cream) after 7 days of use in healthy volunteers.

    abstract::Topical corticosteroids are effective for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis. The duration of treatment with mid- to high-potency formulations is limited by the well-known side effects associated with their long-term use; further, topical corticosteroids treat only the inflammation associated with the disease. Thi...

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  • Cosmetic uses of botulinum toxins for lower aspects of the face and neck.

    abstract::The ability of botulinum toxin A (BTX-A) to improve the appearance of facial lines was first reported among patients who had been receiving injections for facial dystonias or surgical procedures. Since that time, there has been very extensive use of this treatment for relaxation of a wide variety of facial muscles and...

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  • LASER-tissue interactions.

    abstract::As new laser devices continue to emerge, it becomes increasingly important for the clinical dermatologist to understand the basic principles behind their operation. A fundamental understanding of how lasers interact with tissue will enable the physician to choose the most appropriate laser for a given clinical situati...

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  • Medicolegal issues.

    abstract::The legal landscape in dermatology is constantly evolving. Dermatologists should nurture strong physician-patient relationships with proper informed consent and stay abreast of legal issues as they pertain to today's practice of medicine. Medicolegal issues that have risen to the forefront include wrong-site surgery, ...

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  • Inflammatory ulcers.

    abstract::Skin ulcerations may develop as a manifestation of a variety of different diseases or may result from some nondisease phenomena. Inflammatory ulcers refer specifically to those ulcerations in which inflammation is the primary pathologic process resulting in lesion formation; that is, inflammation is the cause rather t...

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  • Surgery at the BEST Medical Center-Clyde's Adventures in BEST Land: Down the Rabbit Hole.

    abstract::Dr. Ida Lystic is an assistant professor in the Division of Gastroenterology at the Byron Edwards & Samuel Thompson (BEST) Medical Center. Before becoming one of the BEST doctors, she completed her fellowship training at the Owen T. Henry and Eugene Rutherford (OTHER) Medical Center and her MD degree at the prestigiou...

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  • Treatment of New World cutaneous and mucosal leishmaniases.

    abstract::The most extensive investigations of treatment of New World cutaneous leishmaniasis have been performed against L. panamensis disease in Colombia, and the relative value of regimens shown there may be instructive for disease from other areas. In Colombia, a 90-95% cure rate was achieved with three different drug regim...

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  • Variations in pain perception during the menstrual cycle: implications for esthetic procedures.

    abstract::Variations in pain perception have long been studied in the medical literature, especially for women in regards to their menstrual cycle. Anecdotally, women can be more sensitive to painful stimuli from cosmetic procedures during their menses; however, no studies have thoroughly examined variations in pain perception ...

    journal_title:Clinics in dermatology

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    authors: Wang JV,Hattier G,Jhawar N,Mesinkovska N,Zachary CB,Saedi N

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  • The Ubangi misnomer.

    abstract::Lip plates are a form of body modification practiced today by several tribes in Africa and Amazonia. In 1930, the American people were introduced to lip plates in a most spectacular fashion, when the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus brought in 13 Congolese natives to star as the newest attraction in their sid...

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  • Cutaneous zygomycosis.

    abstract::Cutaneous zygomycosis is a fungal infection caused by zygomycetes that affects the skin. It occurs in uncontrolled diabetic patients and immunosuppressed individuals. It has 2 clinical forms: primary cutaneous zygomycosis and secondary cutaneous zygomycosis. The first is characterized by necrotic lesions and the fungu...

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  • Isomorphic phenomenon of Koebner: facts and controversies.

    abstract::Heinrich Koebner (1838-1904) presented in a meeting in 1872 and reported in 1877 the emergence of psoriatic lesions following trauma to healthy skin areas of patients with psoriasis. Since then, the Koebner phenomenon has been the subject of research, as it offers a unique opportunity in the investigation of the disea...

    journal_title:Clinics in dermatology

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    authors: Camargo CM,Brotas AM,Ramos-e-Silva M,Carneiro S

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  • Epidemiologic trends of leprosy for the 21st century.

    abstract::Major gaps still exist in the knowledge about leprosy, particularly with regard to how it spreads. Leprosy epidemiology remains complicated due to the specific characteristics of Mycobacterium leprae. To describe epidemiologic trends for the 21st century, the first part of this paper gives an overview of the epidemiol...

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  • Nail tumors.

    abstract::Most neoplasms of the nail apparatus have different clinical appearances, courses, and biological behaviors as compared with similar tumors located elsewhere on the skin. Some of these tumors are unique to the nail, such as onychomatricoma. As a general rule, benign lesions respect the general architecture of the nail...

    journal_title:Clinics in dermatology

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    authors: Richert B,Lecerf P,Caucanas M,André J

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  • Therapeutic herbs confirmed by evidence-based medicine.

    abstract::Mucocutaneous diseases and conditions, including aging, are known to be the result of multiple pathophysiologic anomalies induced by various environmental insults. Creating therapeutic products for these multifactorial diseases and conditions is challenging. Although safety testing is not required for cosmetics and co...

    journal_title:Clinics in dermatology

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    authors: Thornfeldt CR

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  • Systemic sclerosis: Current concepts of skin and systemic manifestations.

    abstract::Systemic sclerosis is an uncommon autoimmune connective tissue disease with multiorgan system involvement and significant associated morbidity and mortality. Cutaneous signs and clinical manifestations are of particular importance, as they may be recognized before systemic manifestations, allowing earlier risk stratif...

    journal_title:Clinics in dermatology

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  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy.

    abstract::The introduction of sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) has been an important development in the management of malignant melanoma. Lymph nodes have long been known to play a key role in melanoma metastasis. The importance of nodal staging accounted for the previous surgical practice of elective lymph node dissection (EL...

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    authors: Lee KK,Vetto JT,Mehrany K,Swanson NA

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  • Peter the Great and sexually transmitted diseases.

    abstract::Shortly after syphilis appeared in Europe at the time of Columbus' voyage to the New World, the big pox, as it was often known, became a serious issue in Russia for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Members of the Russian royal family were made aware of the disease from adolescence onward. Czar Peter the Great had...

    journal_title:Clinics in dermatology

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    authors: Zimin I,Grzybowski A

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  • Life-threatening mycobacteria infection.

    abstract::Most mycobacteria cause localized and often harmless infections of the skin. Leprosy, which dates back to approximately 60 bc in India, was supposed to be eliminated as a public health problem by the year 2000. With a new case detection rate between 600,000 and 700,000 yearly however, leprosy, with its sometimes devas...

    journal_title:Clinics in dermatology

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    authors: Faber WR

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