A versatile strategy to create an active tumor-targeted chemo-photothermal therapy nanoplatform: A case of an IR-780 derivative co-assembled with camptothecin prodrug.


:Self-assembled nanovehicles of chemotherapy drug with photothermal agent are regarded as intriguing chemo-photothermal therapy nanoplatform. However, most of the drugs and photothermal agents have poor water solubility and poor interactions to drive the formation of self-assembled nanovehicles, which is a bottleneck of co-assembled drug/photothermal agent for cancer therapy. Here, we proposed a versatile strategy to create self-assembled chemo-photothermal therapy nanoplatform based on the chemical modification of photothermal agent and drug. The IR-780 and camptothecin (CPT) were chosen as the studied models since they are important photothermal agent and anticancer drug, both of which have such poor water solubility with strong itself molecular interactions that they cannot co-assemble together. IR-780 was modified with an active targeting ligand lactobionic acid (LA) to result in amphiphilic IR780-LA while CPT was modified into redox-sensitive prodrug CPT-ss-CPT through a disulfide linkage to realize its assembly. Well-defined nanoparticles (NPs) could be created through the co-assembling of IR780-LA and CPT-ss-CPT. The IR780-LA/CPT-ss-CPT nanoparticles were demonstrated to be an excellent fluorescence imaging-guided, redox-responsive and enhanced synergistic chemo-photothermal therapy nanoplatform against tumors. Specifically, our chemical modification strategy offers a universal way to create self-assembled chemo-photothermal therapy nanoplatform, which solves the bottleneck of co-assembled drug/photothermal agent for cancer therapy. STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE: Self-assembled nanoparticles of chemotherapeutics with photothermic drugs are regarded as intriguing chemo-photothermal therapy nanoplatform. However, most drugs have too poor solubility and interactions to form into self-assembled nanoparticles. We proposed a versatile strategy to create co-assembled chemo-photothermal therapy nanoparticles based on the chemical modification of common drugs. The IR-780 was modified with an active targeting ligand LA to result in amphiphilic IR780-LA molecules, while CPT was modified into redox-sensitive prodrug CPT-ss-CPT through disulfide linkage. Well-defined IR780-LA/CPT-ss-CPT nanoparticles were created through the co-assembling of IR780-LA and CPT-ss-CPT. The nanoparticles were demonstrated to be an excellent fluorescence imaging-guided, redox-responsive, active targeting chemo-photothermal therapy nanoplatform against tumors. Our strategy offers a versatile way to construct smart chemo-photothermal therapy nanoplatform from common drugs.


Acta Biomater


Acta biomaterialia


He W,Jiang Y,Li Q,Zhang D,Li Z,Luan Y




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  • Influence of the bonding substrate in dental composite polymerization stress testing.

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  • Flexible and elastic porous poly(trimethylene carbonate) structures for use in vascular tissue engineering.

    abstract::Biocompatible and elastic porous tubular structures based on poly(1,3-trimethylene carbonate), PTMC, were developed as scaffolds for tissue engineering of small-diameter blood vessels. High-molecular-weight PTMC (M(n) = 4.37 x 10(5)) was cross-linked by gamma-irradiation in an inert nitrogen atmosphere. The resulting ...

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  • Anti-microbial active composite nanoparticles with magnetic core and photocatalytic shell: TiO2-NiFe2O4 biomaterial system.

    abstract::Reverse micelle and chemical hydrolysis techniques have been successfully combined to synthesize composite nanoparticles consisting of a photocatalytic shell of titania and a magnetic core of nickel ferrite. The nature of titania shell, i.e. anatase or brookite, depends on the TiO2 and NiFe2O4 molar ratio. The work pr...

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  • Multi-armed poly(aspartate-g-OEI) copolymers as versatile carriers of pDNA/siRNA.

    abstract::To search for potential non-viral nucleic acids carriers, a series of novel cationic polymers, multi-armed poly(aspartate-graft-oligoethylenimine) (MP-g-OEI) copolymers were designed and synthesized by grafting different types of oligoethylenimine (OEI) to a multi-armed poly(l-aspartic acid) backbone. The as-synthesiz...

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  • T cells modulate IL-4 expression by eosinophil recruitment within decellularized scaffolds to repair nerve defects.

    abstract::Decellularized nerve, or acellular nerve allografts (ANAs), are an increasingly used alternative to nerve autografts to repair nerve gaps to facilitate regeneration. The adaptive immune system, specifically T cells, plays a role in promoting regeneration upon these ANA scaffolds. However, how T cells promote regenerat...

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  • Peptide-immobilized starch/PEG sponge with rapid shape recovery and dual-function for both uncontrolled and noncompressible hemorrhage.

    abstract::It is challenging for traditional hemostatic sponges to meet the clinic demand for both uncontrolled and noncompressible hemorrhage. With the aim to develop a rapid shape recovery material with both active and passive hemostatic performance, a dual-functional hemostatic sponge (TRAP-Sp) with a macroporous structure an...

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  • Cell spreading correlates with calculated logP of amino acid-modified surfaces.

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