Adaptable poly(ethylene glycol) microspheres capable of mixed-mode degradation.


:A simple, degradable poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) microsphere system formed from a water-in-water emulsion process is presented. Microsphere network degradation and erosion were controlled by adjusting the number of hydrolytically labile sites, by varying the PEG molecular weight, and by adjusting the emulsion conditions. Microsphere size was also controllable by adjusting the polymer formulation. Furthermore, it is demonstrated that alternative degradation and erosion mechanisms, such as proteolytic degradation, can be incorporated into PEG microspheres, resulting in mixed-mode degradation. Owing to the adaptability of this approach, it may serve as an attractive option for emerging tissue engineering, drug delivery and gene delivery applications.


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Acta biomaterialia


Parlato M,Johnson A,Hudalla GA,Murphy WL




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  • Mechanically enhanced nested-network hydrogels as a coating material for biomedical devices.

    abstract::Well-organized composite formations such as hierarchical nested-network (NN) structure in bone tissue and reticular connective tissue present remarkable mechanical strength and play a crucial role in achieving physical and biological functions for living organisms. Inspired by these delicate microstructures in nature,...

    journal_title:Acta biomaterialia

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  • Evaluation of decellularization protocols for production of tubular small intestine submucosa scaffolds for use in oesophageal tissue engineering.

    abstract::Small intestine submucosa (SIS) has emerged as one of a number of naturally derived extracellular matrix (ECM) biomaterials currently in clinical use. In addition to clinical applications, ECM materials form the basis for a variety of approaches within tissue engineering research. In our preliminary work it was found ...

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  • Characterization of the mechanical properties of tough biopolymer fibres from the mussel byssus of Aulacomya ater.

    abstract::Byssus fibres are tough biopolymer fibres produced by mussels to attach themselves to rocks. In this communication, we present the mechanical properties of the byssus from the South American mussel Aulacomya ater which have not been previously reported in the literature. The mechanical properties of the whole threads ...

    journal_title:Acta biomaterialia

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  • Effective and durable genetic modification of human mesenchymal stem cells via controlled release of rAAV vectors from self-assembling peptide hydrogels with a maintained differentiation potency.

    abstract::Controlling the release of recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vectors from biocompatible materials is a novel, attractive approach to increase the residence time and effectiveness of a gene carrier at a defined target site. Self-assembling peptides have an ability to form stable hydrogels and encapsulate cells ...

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    authors: Rey-Rico A,Venkatesan JK,Frisch J,Schmitt G,Monge-Marcet A,Lopez-Chicon P,Mata A,Semino C,Madry H,Cucchiarini M

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  • Biotinylation of silicon-doped hydroxyapatite: a new approach to protein fixation for bone tissue regeneration.

    abstract::Silicon-doped hydroxyapatite has been functionalized with biotin molecules as a new methodology for the attachment of proteins, peptides or growth factors through the formation of avidin-biotin complex in this material. Bioceramic biotinylation has been performed by esterification reaction between the OH groups of hyd...

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    authors: Baeza A,Izquierdo-Barba I,Vallet-Regí M

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  • Multilayer mediated forward and patterned siRNA transfection using linear-PEI at extended N/P ratios.

    abstract::Gene delivery from a substrate depends, in part, on the vector-nucleic acid complex that is bound to the surface and the cell adhesive properties of the surface. Here, we present a method to deliver patterns of small interfering RNA (siRNA) that capitalize on a forward transfection method (transfection by introducing ...

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    authors: Mehrotra S,Lee I,Chan C

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  • Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-based dual-crosslinking biohybrid injectable hydrogels for vascularization.

    abstract::Injectable hydrogels provide a powerful and non-invasive approach for numerous applications in cell transplantation, growth factor delivery, tissue regeneration and so forth. The properties of injectable hydrogels should be well-tuned for specific applications, where their overall design should ensure biocompatibility...

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    authors: Pal A,Smith CI,Palade J,Nagaraju S,Alarcon-Benedetto BA,Kilbourne J,Rawls A,Wilson-Rawls J,Vernon BL,Nikkhah M

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  • Backside wear, particle migration and effectiveness of screw hole plugs in acetabular hip joint replacement with cross-linked polyethylene.

    abstract::In total hip arthroplasty, osteolysis of the acetabulum often occurs at the backside of cups in the area of screw holes, indicating a clinically relevant amount of polyethylene (PE) wear particles in this area. In order to avoid a possible migration of wear particles to the acetabulum-bone, screw hole plugs are provid...

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    authors: Braun S,Vardag S,Mueller U,Schroeder S,Sonntag R,Bormann T,Gotterbarm T,Kretzer JP

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  • A poly(l-glutamic acid)-combretastatin A4 conjugate for solid tumor therapy: Markedly improved therapeutic efficiency through its low tissue penetration in solid tumor.

    abstract::Combretastatin A4 (CA4) is a leading agent in vascular disrupting strategies for tumor therapy. Although many small-molecule prodrugs of CA4 have been developed to improve its solubility, the overall therapeutic efficiency is moderate. A key reason for this is the reversible effect that CA4 has on tubulin as well as i...

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    authors: Liu T,Zhang D,Song W,Tang Z,Zhu J,Ma Z,Wang X,Chen X,Tong T

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  • Development of osteopromotive poly (octamethylene citrate glycerophosphate) for enhanced bone regeneration.

    abstract::The design and development of bioactive materials that are inherently conducive for osteointegration and bone regeneration with tunable mechanical properties and degradation remains a challenge. Herein, we report the development of a new class of citrate-based materials with glycerophosphate salts, β-glycerophosphate ...

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    authors: He Y,Li Q,Ma C,Xie D,Li L,Zhao Y,Shan D,Chomos SK,Dong C,Tierney JW,Sun L,Lu D,Gui L,Yang J

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  • The sialylation profile of IgG determines the efficiency of antibody directed osteogenic differentiation of iMSCs by modulating local immune responses and osteoclastogenesis.

    abstract::Antibody-mediated osseous regeneration (AMOR) has been proved as a promising strategy for osteogenic differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells derived MSCs (iMSCs). The key characteristic of antibody that determines the AMOR potential is largely unknown. The glycosylation profile of immunoglobulin G (IgG) repr...

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  • Antimicrobial coatings prepared from Dhvar-5-click-grafted chitosan powders.

    abstract::Antimicrobial peptides (AMP) are powerful components of the innate immune system, as they display wide activity spectrum and low tendency to induce pathogen resistance. Hence, the development of AMP-based coatings is a very promising strategy to prevent biomaterials-associated infections. This work aims to investigate...

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    authors: Barbosa M,Costa F,Monteiro C,Duarte F,Martins MCL,Gomes P

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  • A robust spectroscopic method for the determination of protein conformational composition - Application to the annealing of silk.

    abstract::The physical and mechanical properties of structural proteins such as silk fibroin can be modified by controlled conformational change, which is regularly monitored by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy by peak fitting of the amide I band envelope. Although many variables affecting peak shape are well established...

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    authors: Belton DJ,Plowright R,Kaplan DL,Perry CC

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  • Biochemical and mechanical behavior of ostrich pericardium as a new biomaterial.

    abstract::We have performed a comparative analysis of glutaraldehyde-preserved ostrich pericardium, as a novel biomaterial, with bovine pericardium. The biochemical characteristics (histology, water content, amino acid composition, and collagen and elastin contents), mechanical properties, and in vivo calcification in a subcuta...

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    authors: Maestro MM,Turnay J,Olmo N,Fernández P,Suárez D,García Páez JM,Urillo S,Lizarbe MA,Jorge-Herrero E

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  • Mesenchymal stem cell-laden, personalized 3D scaffolds with controlled structure and fiber alignment promote diabetic wound healing.

    abstract::The management of diabetic wounds remains a major therapeutic challenge in clinics. Herein, we report a personalized treatment using 3D scaffolds consisting of radially or vertically aligned nanofibers in combination with bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs). The 3D scaffolds have customizable sizes, depths, and...

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    authors: Chen S,Wang H,Su Y,John JV,McCarthy A,Wong SL,Xie J

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  • Stable modification of poly(lactic acid) surface with neurite outgrowth-promoting peptides via hydrophobic collagen-like sequence.

    abstract::Surface modification of poly(dl-lactic acid) (PLA) scaffolds has been performed using a biofunctional small peptide composed of collagen-like repetitive sequence and laminin-derived sequence (AG73-G(3)-(PPG)(5)) via hydrophobic interaction. The results of surface analysis suggest that AG73-G(3)-(PPG)(5) can be stably ...

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    authors: Kakinoki S,Yamaoka T

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  • Intrinsic immunogenicity of rapidly-degradable polymers evolves during degradation.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Recent studies reveal many biomaterial vaccine carriers are able to activate immunostimulatory pathways, even in the absence of other immune signals. How the changing properties of polymers during biodegradation impact this intrinsic immunogenicity is not well studied, yet this information could contribute t...

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    authors: Andorko JI,Hess KL,Pineault KG,Jewell CM

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  • Synthesis and swelling properties of novel pH-sensitive poly(aspartic acid) gels.

    abstract::Chemically cross-linked poly(aspartic acid) (PASP) gels were prepared by the hydrolysis of poly(succinimide) (PSI). The latter was prepared by thermal polycondensation of aspartic acid. The PSI chains were cross-linked by natural amines and amino acid derivatives such as putrescin, spermine, spermidine, lysine and cys...

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    authors: Gyenes T,Torma V,Gyarmati B,Zrínyi M

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  • Biocompatibility and biodegradability of Mg-Sr alloys: the formation of Sr-substituted hydroxyapatite.

    abstract::Magnesium is an attractive material for use in biodegradable implants due to its low density, non-toxicity and mechanical properties similar to those of human tissue such as bone. Its biocompatibility makes it amenable for use in a wide range of applications from bone to cardiovascular implants. Here we investigated t...

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    authors: Bornapour M,Muja N,Shum-Tim D,Cerruti M,Pekguleryuz M

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  • Biofunctionalization of PEDOT films with laminin-derived peptides.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophenes) (PEDOT) have been extensively explored as materials for biomedical implants such as biosensors, tissue engineering scaffolds and microelectronic devices. Considerable effort has been made to incorporate biologically active molecules into the conducting polymer films in order...

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    authors: Bhagwat N,Murray RE,Shah SI,Kiick KL,Martin DC

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  • Macrophage phenotypes in the collagen-induced foreign body reaction in rats.

    abstract::Implantation of biomaterials into the body elicits a material-dependent inflammatory response called the foreign body reaction (FBR). Macrophages play a pivotal role in the FBR by orchestrating the pro-inflammatory microenvironment around the biomaterials by secreting cytokines, chemokines and growth factors. When the...

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    authors: van Putten SM,Ploeger DT,Popa ER,Bank RA

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  • Reduction of inflammation in a chronic periodontitis model in rats by TNF-α gene silencing with a topically applied siRNA-loaded calcium phosphate paste.

    abstract::We developed a calcium phosphate-based paste containing siRNA against TNF-α and investigated its anti-inflammatory and bone-healing effects in vitro and in vivo in a rat periodontitis model. The bioactive spherical CaP/PEI/siRNA/SiO2 nanoparticles had a core diameter of 40-90 nm and a positive charge (+23 mV) that fac...

    journal_title:Acta biomaterialia

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    authors: Tenkumo T,Rojas-Sánchez L,Vanegas Sáenz JR,Ogawa T,Miyashita M,Yoda N,Prymak O,Sokolova V,Sasaki K,Epple M

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  • Biocompatibility and bioactivity of porous polymer-derived Ca-Mg silicate ceramics.

    abstract::Magnesium is a trace element in the human body, known to have important effects on cell differentiation and the mineralisation of calcified tissues. This study aimed to synthesise highly porous Ca-Mg silicate foamed scaffolds from preceramic polymers, with analysis of their biological response. Akermanite (Ak) and wol...

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    authors: Fiocco L,Li S,Stevens MM,Bernardo E,Jones JR

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  • Investigating mechanisms of tendon damage by measuring multi-scale recovery following tensile loading.

    abstract::Tendon pathology is associated with damage. While tendon damage is likely initiated by mechanical loading, little is known about the specific etiology. Damage is defined as an irreversible change in the microstructure that alters the macroscopic mechanical parameters. In tendon, the link between mechanical loading and...

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    authors: Lee AH,Szczesny SE,Santare MH,Elliott DM

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  • Steroid-eluting contact lenses for corneal and intraocular inflammation.

    abstract::Ocular inflammation is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, and steroids in topical ophthalmic solutions (e.g. dexamethasone eye drops) are the mainstay of therapy for ocular inflammation. For many non-infectious ocular inflammatory diseases, such as uveitis, eye drops are administered as often as once ev...

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    authors: Bengani LC,Kobashi H,Ross AE,Zhai H,Salvador-Culla B,Tulsan R,Kolovou PE,Mittal SK,Chauhan SK,Kohane DS,Ciolino JB

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  • Indentation stiffness of aging human costal cartilage.

    abstract::Costal cartilage, connecting the ribs and sternum, serves a mechanical function in the body. It undergoes structural changes with aging but it is unclear if its material properties are affected by these changes. To investigate this question, experimental indentation load-relaxation tests were performed on human costal...

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    authors: Lau A,Oyen ML,Kent RW,Murakami D,Torigaki T

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  • Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy driving the future of loaded mesoporous silica imaging.

    abstract::This study reports the use of variants of coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microscopy as a novel method for improved physicochemical characterization of drug-loaded silica particles. Ordered mesoporous silica is a biomaterial that can be loaded to carry a number of biochemicals, including poorly water-solu...

    journal_title:Acta biomaterialia

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    authors: Fussell AL,Mah PT,Offerhaus H,Niemi SM,Salonen J,Santos HA,Strachan C

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  • The structure of titanate nanobelts used as seeds for the nucleation of hydroxyapatite at the surface of titanium implants.

    abstract::The sequence of steps of a chemical treatment having as its goal the induce of nucleation and the growth of hydroxyl carbonated apatite (HCA) at the surface of titanium implants was studied by scanning and transmission electron microscopy in cross-section. In the first step, an acid etching forms a rough titanium hydr...

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    authors: Conforto E,Caillard D,Müller L,Müller FA

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  • An integrated biomanufacturing platform for the large-scale expansion and neuronal differentiation of human pluripotent stem cell-derived neural progenitor cells.

    abstract::Human pluripotent stem cell derived neural progenitor cells (hNPCs) have the unique properties of long-term in vitro expansion as well as differentiation into the various neurons and supporting cell types of the central nervous system (CNS). Because of these characteristics, hNPCs have tremendous potential in the mode...

    journal_title:Acta biomaterialia

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    authors: Srinivasan G,Morgan D,Varun D,Brookhouser N,Brafman DA

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  • A layer-by-layer approach to natural polymer-derived bioactive coatings on magnesium alloys.

    abstract::The development of polyelectrolyte multilayered coatings on magnesium alloy substrates that can be used for controlled delivery of growth factors and required biomolecules from the surface of these degradable implants could have a significant impact in the field of bone tissue regeneration. The current work reports on...

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    authors: Kunjukunju S,Roy A,Ramanathan M,Lee B,Candiello JE,Kumta PN

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