Engineering Stability, Viscosity, and Immunogenicity of Antibodies by Computational Design.


:In recent years, computational methods have garnered much attention in protein engineering. A large number of computational methods have been developed to analyze the sequences and structures of proteins and have been used to predict the various properties. Antibodies are one of the emergent protein therapeutics, and thus, methods to control their physicochemical properties are highly desirable. However, despite the tremendous efforts of past decades, computational methods to predict the physicochemical properties of antibodies are still in their infancy. Experimental validations are certainly required for real-world applications, and the results should be interpreted with caution. Among the various properties of antibodies, we focus in this review on stability, viscosity, and immunogenicity, and we present the current status of computational methods to engineer such properties.


J Pharm Sci


Kuroda D,Tsumoto K




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  • Antitumor agents: structure--activity relationships in tenulin series.

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  • Developing Cream Formulations: Renewed Interest in an Old Problem.

    abstract::This work aimed at establishing a framework to screen and understand the product variability deeming from factors that affect the quality features of cream formulations. As per Quality by Design - based approach, cream quality target profile and critical quality attributes were identified, and a risk assessment analys...

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  • Iontophoretic transport across a synthetic membrane and human epidermal membrane: a study of the effects of permeant charge.

    abstract::The effects of permeant charge (z) on iontophoretic-enhanced transport were investigated with synthetic Nucleopore membranes and with human epidermal membranes using a four-electrode potentiostat with side-by-side diffusion cells. The modified Nernst-Planck model (Nernst-Planck theory with an additional transport term...

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  • Prediction of the association state of insulin using spectral parameters.

    abstract::Human insulin exists in different association states, from monomer to hexamer, depending on the conditions. In the presence of zinc the "normal" state is a hexamer. The structural properties of 20 variants of human insulin were studied by near-UV circular dichroism, fluorescence spectroscopy, and small-angle X-ray sca...

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    abstract::The chromatographic retention behavior of dextromethorphan hydrobromide on an octadecylsilane column was investigated as a function of the pairing ion and the mobile phase composition. Dramatic increases in the capacity factor were observed with pairing ions containing more than eight carbons and with decreasing organ...

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  • Determination of serum tulobuterol concentrations by mass fragmentography: comparison with an electron-capture gas chromatographic method.

    abstract::A simple and sensitive method is reported for the quantitative determination of the bronchodilator tulobuterol in human serum. Tulobuterol and an internal standard were extracted from alkalinized serum with ether and then back-extracted into dilute hydrochloric acid. After alkalinization and extraction of the aqueous ...

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  • The Use of Binary Polymeric Networks in Stabilizing Polyethylene Oxide Solid Dispersions.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to determine if a high Tg polymer (Eudragit(®) S100) could be used to stabilize amorphous domains of polyethylene oxide (PEO) and hence improve the stability of binary polymer systems containing celecoxib (CX). We propose a novel method of stabilizing the amorphous PEO solid dispersion ...

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  • Protein adsorption, desorption, and aggregation mediated by solid-liquid interfaces.

    abstract::Adsorption of proteins to solid-fluid interfaces is often empirically found to promote formation of soluble aggregates and larger, subvisible, and visible particles, but key stages in this process are often difficult to probe directly. Aggregation mediated by adsorption to water-silicon oxide (SiOx) interfaces, akin t...

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  • Preservative and Irritant Capacity of Biosurfactants From Different Sources: A Comparative Study.

    abstract::One of the most important challenges for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries is solubilization and preservation of their active ingredients. Therefore, most of these formulations contain irritant chemical additives to improve their shelf-life and the solubility of hydrophobic ingredients. An interesting alternative...

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