Flow Microscopy Imaging Is Sensitive to Characteristics of Subvisible Particles in Peginesatide Formulations Associated With Severe Adverse Reactions.


:The presence of subvisible particles in formulations of therapeutic proteins is a risk factor for adverse immune responses. Although the immunogenic potential of particulate contaminants likely depends on particle structural characteristics (e.g., composition, size, and shape), exact structure-immunogenicity relationships are unknown. Images recorded by flow imaging microscopy reflect information about particle morphology, but flow microscopy is typically used to determine only particle size distributions, neglecting information on particle morphological features that may be immunologically relevant. We recently developed computational techniques that utilize the Kullback-Leibler divergence and multidimensional scaling to compare the morphological properties of particles in sets of flow microscopy images. In the current work, we combined these techniques with expectation maximization cluster analyses and used them to compare flow imaging microscopy data sets that had been collected by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration after severe adverse drug reactions (including 7 fatalities) were observed in patients who had been administered some lots of peginesatide formulations. Flow microscopy images of particle populations found in the peginesatide lots associated with severe adverse reactions in patients were readily distinguishable from images of particles in lots where severe adverse reactions did not occur.


J Pharm Sci


Daniels AL,Randolph TW




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    abstract::Mixture response-surface methodology can be used as a technique to predict solubility in mixed solvent systems. The present report shows that if the intent is to predict solubility in nonideal solutions, mixture response-surface methodology is a better technique than one which assumes a particular mechanism to hold tr...

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  • Phosphodiesterase inhibition by succinic and related acid biphenylalkyl monoesters.

    abstract::Biphenylalkyl monoesters of succinic and related acids represent a potent new class of cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase inhibitors. The biphenyl group is necessary for potent inhibition. The spatial relationship of the carboxyl and ester groups and alkyl chain length are important to inhibitory potency. ...

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  • Diffusion modeling of percutaneous absorption kinetics: 2. Finite vehicle volume and solvent deposited solids.

    abstract::The diffusion model for percutaneous absorption is developed for the specific case of delivery to the skin being limited by the application of a finite amount of solute. Two cases are considered; in the first, there is an application of a finite donor (vehicle) volume, and in the second, there are solvent-deposited so...

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