Nonisothermal kinetic studies III: rapid nonisothermal-isothermal method for stability prediction.


:A continuous nonisothermal-isothermal method for stability prediction was developed. The approach yields all necessary parameters for prediction, including reaction order. The experimental procedure involves changing the temperature of the samples being studied until degradation is rapid enough to proceed at a convenient isothermal rate for a sufficient number of half-lives with adequate analytical sensitivity so that the reaction order can be unambiguously determined. The analytical information obtained during the nonisothermal and isothermal portions of the experiment is utilized without curve matching in calculating the activation energy and determining the reaction order, reaction rate, and stability prediction at any desired temperature. Model experiments include the acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of acetylcholine bromide and the inversion of sucrose.


J Pharm Sci


Zoglio MA,Maulding HV,Streng WH,Vincek WC




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  • Buccal drug absorption. II: In vitro diffusion across the hamster cheek pouch.

    abstract::The in vitro diffusion of a series of substituted acetanilides across the hamster cheek pouch was studied. The keratinized epithelial layer of the cheek pouch appeared to provide the major barrier to diffusion of these compounds. Linear relationships were found for plots of log epithelial permeability (Pe) versus the ...

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  • Detection of a minor amorphous phase in crystalline etoricoxib by dynamic mechanical analysis: comparison with Raman spectroscopy and modulated differential scanning calorimetry.

    abstract::Detection and quantification of the amorphous phase of etoricoxib bulk drug substances, a selective cycloogenase-2 inhibitor used for the treatment of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and dental pain, was carried out using modulated differential scanning calorimetry (MDSC), dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), and ...

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  • Iontophoretic transdermal delivery of sumatriptan: effect of current density and ionic strength.

    abstract::Iontophoretic transdermal delivery of sumatriptan was investigated in vitro. Among the conditions tested, 0.25 mA/cm2 and low ionic strength (NaCl 25 mM) was the best experimental condition to increase its transport across the skin. The flux increased 385-fold respective to passive diffusion, thus resulting in a trans...

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  • Correlation of log P with molecular connectivity in hydroxyureas: influence of conformational system on log P.

    abstract::The correlation of log P (in octanol--water) with the nonempirical, topologically dependent, calculated molecular connectivity index (1chiv) delineates substituted hydroxyureas into two families of linearly related groups of compounds. The first group, composed of the 3-substituted ethyl, n-propyl, and n-butyl analogs...

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  • Kinetics and stability of a multicomponent organophosphate antidote formulation in glass and plastic.

    abstract::An aqueous solution of trimedoxime bromide, atropine, and benactyzine hydrochloride was formulated to have maximum stability as an antidote in organophosphorus poisoning. The stability of the mixture in glass and plastic cartridges was determined. Glass cartridges were more desirable than plastic; there was less vapor...

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    authors: Zvirblis P,Ellin RI

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  • Prediction of the association state of insulin using spectral parameters.

    abstract::Human insulin exists in different association states, from monomer to hexamer, depending on the conditions. In the presence of zinc the "normal" state is a hexamer. The structural properties of 20 variants of human insulin were studied by near-UV circular dichroism, fluorescence spectroscopy, and small-angle X-ray sca...

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  • Anionic Surfactant-Induced Changes in Skin Permeability.

    abstract::Anionic surfactants compromise skin's barrier function by damaging stratum corneum lipids and proteins. The objective of this study was to examine anionic surfactant-induced changes in the skin's polar and transcellular pathways and the resulting impact on surfactant penetration into the skin. Three anionic surfactant...

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  • Preparation and Characterization of Ascosome Vesicles Loaded with Khellin.

    abstract::Ascorbic acid has a unique role in the prevention and treatment of a large number of chronic diseases, including skin disorders but it can hardly penetrate the skin due to its solubility in water and its high instability. This study explored the formation of phosphatidylcholine-based vesicles upon addition of ascorbyl...

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  • 3D Printing of Solid Oral Dosage Forms: Numerous Challenges With Unique Opportunities.

    abstract::Since the FDA approval of Spritam, there has been a growing interest in the application of 3D printing in pharmaceutical science. 3D printing is a method of manufacturing involving the layer-by-layer deposition of materials to create a final product according to a digital model. There are various techniques used to ac...

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    authors: Okafor-Muo OL,Hassanin H,Kayyali R,ElShaer A

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  • Anomalous chemical shifts of methyl groups of 2,4-dimethylbenzo[g]quinoline.

    abstract::The chemical shifts of the methyl groups of 2,4-dimethylbenzo[g]quinoline are defined with respect to concentration, showing that the methyl resonances are reversed from their expected positions in concentrations normally used in NMR spectroscopy. The phenomenon is explained in terms of the probably "fixation" of bond...

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    authors: Born JL,Harsin CE

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  • Antitumor agents. XXXIV: Mechanism of action of bruceoside A and brusatol on nucleic acid metabolism of P-388 lymphocytic leukemia cells.

    abstract::The quassinoids bruceantin, brucein D, brucein E, bruceoside A, and brusatol significantly inhibited P-388 lymphocytic leukemic cell RNA and protein synthesis in tissue culture. However, DNA synthesis inhibition seemed to correlate more directly with the anti-neoplastic activity of these compounds in the in vivo P-338...

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    authors: Hall IH,Lee KH,Eigebaly SA,Imakura Y,Sumida Y,Wu RY

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  • Optimal Dosing Regimen of Phenytoin for Korean Epilepsy Patients: From Premature Babies to the Elderly.

    abstract::Phenytoin has been decreasingly used because of the high interindividual variability in drug concentration and the narrow therapeutic window. Despite such drawbacks, phenytoin is still essential as a second-line therapy for status epilepticus when patients are resistant to benzodiazepines. This study aimed to develop ...

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  • The effects of substituted cyclodextrins on the colloidal and conformational stability of selected proteins.

    abstract::The effects of various types of substituted and nonsubstituted cyclodextrins (CDs) on the physical and colloidal stability of three different proteins were studied to further ascertain the mechanism by which cyclodextrins stabilize proteins. The three proteins examined in this study are the Clostridium difficile Toxoi...

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    authors: Samra HS,He F,Bhambhani A,Pipkin JD,Zimmerer R,Joshi SB,Middaugh CR

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  • Reduced hydrolytic lability of epoprostenol in the presence of cationic micelles.

    abstract::The rapid hydrolysis of epoprostenol to 6-keto-prostaglandin F1 alpha is hydronium ion-catalyzed even at pH 10 or higher. In the presence of 1.0% hexadecyltrimethylammonium chloride, the rate was reduced significantly (1580-fold at pH 2 and 283-fold at a physiological pH). This decrease in the hydrolysis rate is attri...

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  • Swelling and polymer erosion for poly(ethylene oxide) tablets of different molecular weights polydispersities.

    abstract::The aim of the study was to determine and compare the degree of swelling and the swelling kinetics of poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) hydrophilic matrix tablets without any additives for matrixes with different molecular weight polydispersities. A wide range of "mixed" polydisperse PEO tablets were obtained by mixing two P...

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    authors: Körner A,Larsson A,Andersson A,Piculell L

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  • Identification of degradation products in a phenylbutazone tablet formulation.

    abstract::Two previously reported but unidentified phenylburazone degradation products were isolated from a tablet that was stored at 60 degrees for 203 days. The compounds, alpha-(N-phenylcarbamoyl)-N-caproylhydrazobenzene and alpha-hydroxy-alpha-(N-phenylcarbamoyl)-N-caproylhydrazobenzene, were isolated by chromatography, ide...

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  • Application of binary polymer system in drug release rate modulation. 2. Influence of formulation variables and hydrodynamic conditions on release kinetics.

    abstract::The significance of factors such as drug solubility, polymer molecular weight, drug loading dose, compression force, and hydrodynamic conditions on drug release from a swellable hydrophilic delivery system was investigated. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and pectin were major polymeric constituents of the delive...

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  • Controlled delivery of basal insulin from phase-sensitive polymeric systems after subcutaneous administration: in vitro release, stability, biocompatibility, in vivo absorption, and bioactivity of insulin.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to investigate the phase-sensitive delivery systems (D,L-polylactide in triacetin) for controlled delivery of insulin at basal level. The effect of varying concentration of zinc, polymer, and insulin on the in vitro release of insulin was evaluated. Stability of released insulin was inves...

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    authors: Al-Tahami K,Oak M,Singh J

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  • Osmotic water transport through cellulose acetate membranes produced from a latex system.

    abstract::The advisability of a progressive curtailment of organic solvent film coating offers an incentive to develop latex systems. Here, the use of aqueous colloidal dispersions of cellulose acetate, plasticized with water-soluble additives, is proposed as an alternative way to obtain cellulose acetate membranes either by ca...

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    authors: Bindschaedler C,Gurny R,Doelker E

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  • Delivery of theophylline into excised human skin from alkanoic acid solutions: a "push-pull" mechanism.

    abstract::Human skin samples are permeable to theophylline delivered from 1.5% solutions in various alkanecarboxylic acids and their mixtures. The respective permeability coefficients of theophylline, calculated from steady-state flux, correlate negatively with the permeability coefficients of the donor carboxylic acids and pos...

    journal_title:Journal of pharmaceutical sciences

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    authors: Kadir R,Stempler D,Liron Z,Cohen S

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  • Scale Up of Pan Coating Process Using Quality by Design Principles.

    abstract::Scale up of pan coating process is of high importance to the pharmaceutical and food industry. The number of process variables and their interdependence in a pan coating process can make it a rather complex scale-up problem. This review discusses breaking down the coating process variables into three main categories: ...

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    authors: Agrawal AM,Pandey P

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  • Enhanced transdermal delivery of sex hormones in swine with a novel topical aerosol.

    abstract::This study investigated the enhanced transdermal delivery of testosterone (Tes) and estradiol (E2) in swine in vivo with novel metered-dose topical aerosols containing the penetration enhancer padimate O (PadO) and predicted the dose deliverable in humans from the calculated drug flux across the skin. Weanling swine w...

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    authors: Morgan TM,Parr RA,Reed BL,Finnin BC

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  • Drug delivery via the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

    abstract::The delivery of drugs via the mucous membranes lining the oral cavity (i.e., sublingual and buccal), with consideration of both systemic delivery and local therapy, is reviewed in this paper. The structure and composition of the mucosae at different sites in the oral cavity, factors affecting mucosal permeability, pen...

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    authors: Harris D,Robinson JR

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  • Liposomes as carriers for topical and transdermal delivery.

    abstract::The delivery of active agents to the skin by liposome carriers is an interdisciplinary topic of great interest today. Data accumulated over the last decade strongly point to important advantages of these drug delivery systems. A symposium devoted to classic and new approaches in the use of liposomal systems was organi...

    journal_title:Journal of pharmaceutical sciences



    authors: Touitou E,Junginger HE,Weiner ND,Nagai T,Mezei M

    更新日期:1994-09-01 00:00:00

  • Dermal penetration enhancement profile of hexamethylenelauramide and its homologues: in vitro versus in vivo behavior of enhancers in the penetration of hydrocortisone.

    abstract::Several amides of cyclic amines were prepared and tested as penetration enhancers in the diffusion of various drugs through hairless mouse skin in vitro. Hexamethylenelauramide (hexahydro-1-lauroyl-1H-azepine) was selected as a broad spectrum penetration enhancer worthy of further study. Later, the duration of the eff...

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    authors: Mirejovsky D,Takruri H

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  • The effect of mutations on the structure of insulin fibrils studied by Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and electron microscopy.

    abstract::Fibril formation (aggregation) of human and bovine insulin and six human insulin mutants in hydrochloric acid were investigated by visual inspection, Thioflavin T fluorescence spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. The fibrillation tendencies of the wi...

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    authors: Garriques LN,Frokjaer S,Carpenter JF,Brange J

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  • An examination of the thermodynamics of fusion, vaporization, and sublimation of (R,S)- and (R)-flurbiprofen by correlation gas chromatography.

    abstract::The vaporization, fusion, and sublimation enthalpies of (R,S)- and (R)-flurbiprofen at T = 298.15 K are reported and compared with literature values when available. Correlation gas chromatography experiments were first performed to identify appropriate standards that could be used for materials containing a single flu...

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    authors: Umnahanant P,Hasty D,Chickos J

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  • Complexation of steroid hormones with cyclodextrin derivatives: substituent effects of the guest molecule on solubility and stability in aqueous solution.

    abstract::The inclusion complexation of homologous derivatives of steroid hormones with cyclodextrins and 2-hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin (2-HP-beta-CD) was investigated with regard to underlying structure-interaction relationship. The interaction was studied by phase solubility analysis and stabilization effects of complex f...

    journal_title:Journal of pharmaceutical sciences

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    authors: Albers E,Müller BW

    更新日期:1992-08-01 00:00:00

  • Comparison of granule strength and tablet tensile strength.

    abstract::The granule strength (crushing load) of lactose granulated with 1-9% povidone was measured initially and at intervals during a 1-year period. The granule strengths of dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate granulated with various concentrations of starch and povidone were measured. The axial and radial tensile strengths ...

    journal_title:Journal of pharmaceutical sciences

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    authors: Jarosz PJ,Parrott EL

    更新日期:1983-05-01 00:00:00

  • Effect of inorganic additives on solutions of nonionic surfactants III: CMC's and surface properties.

    abstract::Continuing work on the interaction of inorganic additives with nonionic surfactants in aqueous solution dealt with their effect on the CMC and surface tension. The surfactants were octoxynol and polyoxyethylated oleyl alcohol, containing an average of 9.5 and 10 ethylene oxide units, respectively. Their CMC values wer...

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    authors: Schott H,Han SK

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