Atherosclerotic carotid artery disease in patients with retinal ischemic syndromes.


:The extracranial carotid systems of 105 patients with retinal ischemia were examined using B-mode ultrasonography with integrated pulsed Doppler. Sixty-four patients had amaurosis fugax (AF), 17 central retinal artery occlusions (CRAO), and 21 branch retinal artery occlusions (BRAO). The prevalence of carotid stenosis (greater than or equal to 60%) ipsilateral to the symptomatic eye was low (16%). Eighty-six percent of AF patients had either no plaque causing less than a 60% stenosis. A significant proportion of subjects with normal duplex scans had alternative explanations for their retinal ischemia (eg, migraine, cardiac embolus). Patients with Hollenhorst plaques were more likely to have stenotic or ulcerated plaque (p = 0.04). The degree of carotid stenosis correlated significantly with the number of vascular risk factors identified in individual patients (p = 0.02). The presence of risk factors was more common in CRAO and BRAO patients compared with the AF group. Combined ultrasound-Doppler investigations of the carotid bifurcation are valuable noninvasive tools for the screening of patients with retinal ischemia.






Chawluk JB,Kushner MJ,Bank WJ,Silver FL,Jamieson DG,Bosley TM,Conway DJ,Cohen D,Savino PJ




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  • Spinal cord lesions in patients with clinically isolated syndrome: a powerful tool in diagnosis and prognosis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Spinal cord (SC) lesions are frequently found in multiple sclerosis (MS), but are rare in healthy aging and cerebrovascular patients. Our aim was to analyze the contribution of SC involvement in clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) in diagnosing MS according the McDonald 2010 criteria and in predicting conversi...


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  • Hippocampal sulcal cavities on MRI: relationship to age and apolipoprotein E genotype.

    abstract::Hippocampal sulcal cavities are usually considered incidental findings on brain MRI. In a group of 92 elderly volunteers, the authors graded the number and size of hippocampal sulcal cavities with brain MRI to obtain a cavity score. Cavity scores increased with age, and were higher in subjects carrying the APOE epsilo...


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  • Partial epilepsy presenting as focal paroxysmal pain.

    abstract::A 3-year old, previously well child developed paroxysms of left thigh pain. Evaluation was unremarkable except for interictal and postictal EEG epileptiform activity in the right parietal and posterior temporal regions. The painful spells were controlled with anticonvulsant medication. Episodes of paroxysmal, unexplai...


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  • Somatosensory cortical activations are suppressed in patients with tactile extinction: a PET study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To investigate whether tactile extinction alters the cortical somatosensory activations induced by hand vibration. BACKGROUND:Tactile extinction occurs mainly after right-brain lesions and consists of the inability to perceive a contralesional cutaneous stimulation when a similar stimulus is applied to the m...


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