The association between alexithymia as assessed by the 20-item Toronto Alexithymia Scale and depression: A meta-analysis.


:Patients with depression exhibit high rates of alexithymia, representing a major public health concern. We sought to examine relationships between depression severity and alexithymia as assessed by the Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20) and the TAS-20 subscales of difficulty identifying feelings (DIF), difficulty describing feelings (DDF), and externally oriented thinking (EOT). Potentially relevant studies were obtained independently by two reviewers. Chi-square statistics based on the Q-test and I(2) index assessed statistical heterogeneity between studies. Subgroup analyses were mainly used to explore sources of heterogeneity. Begg׳s test and Duval and Tweedie' trim and fill were used to assess potential publication bias. Altogether, 3572 subjects from 20 study groups across 19 studies were included. Medium relationships were observed between depression and TAS-total score (TAS-TS), DIF, and DDF. There was also a weak relationship between EOT and depression. Subgroup analyses showed a stronger correlation between TAS-TS and depression assessed by self-reported tools than that assessed by the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression. The heterogeneity significantly decreased only in the subgroup analysis by depression tool. We conclude that alexithymia, as assessed by the TAS-20 and its subscales DIF and DDF, is closely related to depression. These relationships were affected by depression measurement tools.


Psychiatry Res


Psychiatry research


Li S,Zhang B,Guo Y,Zhang J




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  • Specificity of depression following an acute coronary syndrome to an adverse outcome extends over five years.

    abstract::Many studies have demonstrated that depression is associated with a worse cardiovascular outcome and increased risk of death in those experiencing an acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Recent studies have suggested, however, that any association is strongly influenced by the timing of the depression, with post-ACS depress...

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  • Sensitization and tolerance to apomorphine in men: yawning, growth hormone, nausea, and hyperthermia.

    abstract::This study investigated whether the indices of dopaminergic function, yawning and growth hormone release induced by apomorphine, as well as the drug-induced nausea and hyperthermia, show sensitization or tolerance to repeated injections. Five normal volunteers received 12 injections of apomorphine hydrochloride (0.75 ...

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  • Desipramine enhances the ability of risperidone to decrease alcohol intake in the Syrian golden hamster.

    abstract::The atypical antipsychotic clozapine reduces alcohol drinking in patients with schizophrenia. We have proposed that clozapine׳s ability to decrease alcohol drinking relates to its weak blockade of the dopamine D2 receptor and potent blockade of the norepinephrine α-2 receptor, as well as its ability to elevate plasma ...

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  • Trauma and traumatic stress in a sample of pregnant women.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine the construct validity of the 9 item Traumatic Events Questionnaire (TEQ) and to evaluate the extent to which experiences of trauma assessed using the TEQ are associated with symptoms of psychiatric disorders among 3342 pregnant women in Lima, Peru. METHODS:Symptoms of depression were assessed usi...

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  • Bias against disconfirmatory evidence in the 'at-risk mental state' and during psychosis.

    abstract::Prior studies have confirmed a bias against disconfirmatory evidence (BADE) in schizophrenia which has been associated with delusions. However, its role in the pathogenesis of psychosis is yet unclear. The objective was to investigate BADE for the first time in subjects with an at-risk-mental-state for psychosis (ARMS...

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  • Parental style and Cloninger's model in psychosis.

    abstract::Parental style and Cloninger's dimensions are associated with psychosis, but it is still unclear whether temperament, character and parenting variables are linked to specific psychotic symptoms. This study extends previous research exploring these issues. 78 patients with psychosis and 156 control subjects were recrui...

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