Preoperative frailty predicts postoperative outcomes in intestinal-cutaneous fistula repair.


BACKGROUND:The outcomes of operative repair of intestinal-cutaneous fistulas vary widely throughout the literature. We aimed to investigate whether the modified frailty index-5 is a reliable tool to account for physiologic reserve and whether it serves as a predictor of Clavien-Dindo grade IV complications in those with intestinal-cutaneous fistulas undergoing operative repair. METHODS:We queried the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program 2006 to 2017 database to include patients who underwent intestinal-cutaneous fistulas repair. The outcome of interest was 30-day Clavien-Dindo grade IV complications. The incidence of 30-day post-operative Clavien-Dindo grade IV complications were evaluated based on calculated modified frailty index-5 score. Multivariable logistic regression analyses were performed to assess the association of Clavien-Dindo grade IV complications and modified frailty index-5. RESULTS:A total of 3,995 patients were identified who underwent an intestinal-cutaneous fistulas repair. The median age (interquartile range) was 57 years (46, 67), and most patients were female (2,143 [53.7%]), White (3,206 [80.3%]), and 1,512 (38.2%) were obese. After adjusting for relevant covariates such as demographics, comorbidities, and operative details, modified frailty index-5 was independently associated with Clavien-Dindo grade IV complications (odds ratio = 2.81, 95% confidence interval 1.64-4.82; P < .001). CONCLUSION:Modified frailty index-5 is an independent predictor of Clavien-Dindo grade IV complications following intestinal-cutaneous fistulas repair. It can be used to account for physiologic reserve, thus reducing the variability of outcomes reported for intestinal-cutaneous fistulas repair.






Alser O,Naar L,Christensen MA,Saillant N,Parks J,Mendoza A,Fagenholz P,King D,Kaafarani HMA,Velmahos GC,Fawley J




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  • Improving predictive value of complementary tests in carotid artery disease.

    abstract::In a prospective study the accuracy of B-mode ultrasound imaging alone was compared with its use in conjunction with bidirectional Doppler ultrasound, carotid phonoangiography, and oculoplethysmography to independently assess contrast arteriograms of carotid arteries studied for presumed extracranial vascular disease....


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