Greater progression of athletic performance in older Masters athletes.


BACKGROUND:The number of new world records has decreased substantially in most athletic events in recent years. There has been enormous growth in participation at Masters events, and older athletes have been competing at the highest levels with much younger athletes. However, the progression of athletic performance over time has not been well investigated in Masters athletes. OBJECTIVE AND METHODS:To determine whether older Masters athletes improved athletic performance over time, running and swimming times from 1975 to 2013 were collected biennially. The running event of 100 m was chosen specifically, as it is one of the most popular track and field events that would have attracted a large number of competitors. The middle distance of 400 m as well as 100 m freestyle swimming were also examined to determine whether the results in 100 m sprint event can be confirmed in other events. RESULTS:The improvements in fastest 100 m running times over time were not significant. However, all the Masters age-group records improved significantly over time. The slopes of improvements over the years were progressively greater at older age groups with the greatest progression observed at oldest age groups of 75-79 years examined. The general trends were similar for 400 m middle-distance running and 100 m freestyle swimming. CONCLUSIONS:While younger athletes' performance has stagnated, Masters athletes improved their athletic performance significantly and progressively over the years. The magnitude of improvements was greater in older age groups gradually closing the gap in athletic performance between younger and older participants.


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Akkari A,Machin D,Tanaka H




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  • Plasma paroxonase activity in old age.

    abstract::Genetic factors are known to be of importance in determining the rate of biotransformation of foreign compounds in the liver. Adverse reactions to drugs are increased and pharmacokinetic parameters altered with age. In the present study, the effect of age on plasma paroxonase activity is studied. Paroxonase is a hepat...

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  • Prospective trial of a new diagnostic criterion for severe wasting malnutrition in the elderly.

    abstract::From an international comparison of arm anthropometric reference norms for the elderly a new diagnostic criterion for severe wasting malnutrition was derived: corrected arm muscle area at or below 16.0 cm2 for men or 16.9 cm2 for women. Of 201 consecutive hospital admissions aged 65 years and over, 10 subjects were ma...

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    abstract::The medical histories of 178 colorectal cancer patients were studied retrospectively from hospital records. The average age at the time of diagnosis was 71 years. Visible loss of blood or anaemia were the commonest features. The mean time from first symptom to first medical consultation was 82.8 days. Men under 65 yea...

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  • The decision to work after state pension age and how it affects quality of life: evidence from a 6-year English panel study.

    abstract:Background:despite an increasing proportion of older people working beyond State Pension Age (SPA), little is known about neither the motivations for this decision nor whether, and to what extent, working beyond SPA affects quality of life (QoL). Methods:QoL was measured using the CASP-19 scale. Respondents in paid wo...

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  • Does looped nasogastric tube feeding improve nutritional delivery for patients with dysphagia after acute stroke? A randomised controlled trial.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:nasogastric tube (NGT) feeding is commonly used after stroke, but its effectiveness is limited by frequent dislodgement. OBJECTIVE:the objective of the study was to evaluate looped NGT feeding in acute stroke patients with dysphagia. METHODS:this was a randomised controlled trial of 104 patients with acute...

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  • Application of a case-mix classification based on the functional autonomy of the residents for funding long-term care facilities.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:increasing public costs for the care of the elderly have created fundamental changes that are redefining the basic principles of health care funding. In the past, overall institutional funding was predominantly tied to spending. In view of the limitations of this approach to funding long-term care faciliti...

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