Superinfection exclusion by heteroimmune corynebacteriophages.


:Superinfection of Corynebacterium diphtheriae C7(beta) by heteroimmune phage gamma is productive, whereas superinfection by gamma-bin mutants is for the most part nonproductive. Exclusion of gamma-bin phage occurred after its DNA had penetrated and was partially expressed in the heteroimmune lysogen. All of the infected cells were killed, and lysis was observed. The beta inhibitor causing exclusion was produced during the prophage state and appeared to be distinct from immune repressor. The ability of gamma-bin phage to superinfect C7(beta) productively could be restored by recombination with beta phage, indicating that both beta and gamma phages contain either indentical or similar alleles of the bin gene. The bin gene was mapped by vegetative and prophage crosses and found to be located in the region of the phage genome concerned with regulation. Both beta and gamma wild-type phages induced the resident prophage in a significant fraction of superinfeted heteroimmune lysogens. This, coupled with the fact that induction of C7(beta) abolished exclusion, suggests that the bin gene product acts as antirepressor, i.e., it reduces the level of heteroimmune repressor either directly or indirectly. The gamma-bin mutants either failed to produce antirepressor or did so with reduced efficiency. Antirepressor activity was negatively controlled by homoimmune repressor. The isolation of beta mutants that appeared bin-like suggests that beta and gamma phages contain homologous systems of exclusion and antiexclusion. Exclusion of gamm-bin by beta phage in gram-positive C. diphtheriae exhibited striking parallels to the sieB exclusion described for phages P22 and lambda in gram-negative organisms. The extended similarities of these coryngephages to lambda bacteriophage is noted.


J Virol


Journal of virology


Groman NB,Rabin M




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    abstract::p21((WAF1/SDII/CIP1)) (p21) arrests cell growth by inhibiting cyclin-depend kinases. To explore the potential of using p21 for the gene therapy of cervical cancer, we infected human papillomavirus (HPV)-positive cervical cancer cells (HeLa, SiHa, and Z172) and HPV-negative cervical cancer cells (C33A) with recombinant...

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  • VP2 cleavage and the leucine ring at the base of the fivefold cylinder control pH-dependent externalization of both the VP1 N terminus and the genome of minute virus of mice.

    abstract::Cylindrical projections surrounding the fivefold-symmetry axes in minute virus of mice (MVM) harbor central pores that penetrate through the virion shell. In newly released DNA-containing particles, these pores contain residues 28 to 38 belonging to a single copy of VP2, disposed so that its extreme N-terminal domain ...

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  • Tax 1-independent induction of vascular endothelial growth factor in adult T-cell leukemia caused by human T-cell leukemia virus type 1.

    abstract::Adult T-cell leukemia (ATL) is caused by human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 (HTLV-1). Elevated expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in ATL patients is associated with leukemic cell invasion and infiltration in different organs. The regulatory protein Tax 1 encoded by HTLV-1 plays a pivotal role in T...

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  • Gene regulation in N mutants of bacteriophage lambda.

    abstract::Mutants (N(-)nin) of bacteriophage lambda in which the N gene product is not required for growth on wild-type Escherichia coli do not plate on recA bacterial mutants. Secondary mutants, selected for growth on recA, lie within the immunity region to the right of gene cI and appear identical to the cro mutants of Eisen ...

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  • Effects of altering the transcription termination signals of respiratory syncytial virus on viral gene expression and growth in vitro and in vivo.

    abstract::Nonsegmented negative-sense RNA viruses (mononegaviruses) control viral gene expression largely through a transcription gradient such that promoter-proximal genes are transcribed more abundantly than downstream genes. For some paramyxoviruses, naturally occurring differences in the levels of efficiency of transcriptio...

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  • Characterization of two novel polyomaviruses of birds by using multiply primed rolling-circle amplification of their genomes.

    abstract::Polyomaviruses are small nonenveloped particles with a circular double-stranded genome, approximately 5 kbp in size. The mammalian polyomaviruses mainly cause persistent subclinical infections in their natural nonimmunocompromised hosts. In contrast, the polyomaviruses of birds--avian polyomavirus (APV) and goose hemo...

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  • Cellular transformation by subgenomic feline sarcoma virus DNA.

    abstract::The genome of the Snyder-Theilen strain of feline sarcoma virus (ST-FeSV) is a 4.3-kilobase-pair (kbp) RNA molecule that contains a 1.5-kbp cellular insertion (fes gene) flanked by feline leukemia virus sequences at its 5' end (1.6 kbp) and 3' end (1.2 kbp) (Sherr et al., J. Virol. 34:200-212, 1980). DNA transfection ...

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  • Covalent Linkage of HIV-1 Trimers to Synthetic Liposomes Elicits Improved B Cell and Antibody Responses.

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