Resection of early oral squamous cell carcinoma with positive or close margins: relevance of adjuvant treatment in relation to local recurrence: margins of 3 mm as safe as 5 mm.


OBJECTIVES:The treatment strategy of early stage oral squamous cell carcinoma's (OSCC) resected with close or involved margins is a returning point of discussion. In this study we reviewed the consequences of re-resection (RR), postoperative radiotherapy (PORT) or watchful waiting (WW). PATIENTS AND METHODS:Two-hundred patients with a primary resected Stage 1-2 OSCC of the tongue, floor of the mouth and cheek were included and retrospectively analysed. Local recurrence ratio was related to margin status, unfavourable histological parameters (spidery infiltrative, peri-neural and vascular-invasive growth) and postoperative treatment modality. 3-year overall survival (OS) and disease-specific survival (DSS) was calculated in relation to margin status. RESULTS:Twenty-two of 200 (11%) patients had pathological positive margins (PM), 126 (63%) close margins (CM), and 52 (26%) free margins (FM). OS and DSS were not significantly different between these groups. Nine of 200 (4.5%) patients developed local recurrent disease. Two (9.1%) had a PM, five (4.0%) a CM and two (3.8%) a FM. Of the nine recurrences, five patients had undergone PORT, one a RR, and three follow-up. Watchful waiting for CM ⩾3 mm with ⩽2 unfavourable histological parameters showed, besides margin status no significant differences with the FM group. CONCLUSION:With this treatment strategy, the local recurrence rate was 4.5%. No evidence was found for local adjuvant treatment in case of close margins ⩾3 mm with ⩽2 unfavourable histological parameters. Current data do not support the use of one treatment modality above any other.


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Oral oncology


Dik EA,Willems SM,Ipenburg NA,Adriaansens SO,Rosenberg AJ,van Es RJ




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  • Silencing of CXCR4 inhibits the proliferation, adhesion, chemotaxis and invasion of salivary gland mucoepidermoid carcinoma Mc3 cells in vitro.

    abstract::Mucoepidermoid carcinoma is the most common malignant tumor in salivary glands and high-grade mucoepidermoid carcinoma is often accompanied with poor prognosis. Many recent research works demonstrated that stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1) and its receptor CXC chemokine receptor-4 (CXCR4) interaction was critical ...

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  • A novel evaluation system of metastatic potential of oral squamous cell carcinoma according to the histopathological and histochemical grading.

    abstract::We established a new evaluation system for metastatic potential of oral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), utilizing a combined examination of histopathological grades of the carcinomas based on cell differentiation and invasive mode according to Yamamoto's criteria, and the cellular expressions of CD44, E-cadherin (E-cad...

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  • Diagnostic capability of salivary biomarkers in the assessment of head and neck cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

    abstract::The purpose of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to evaluate the diagnostic value of salivary biological markers in the diagnosis of head and neck carcinoma. Studies were gathered by searching Cochrane, EMBASE, LILACS, MEDLINE, and PubMed. The references were also crosschecked and a partial grey literature ...

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  • Oral brush biopsy analysis by MALDI-ToF Mass Spectrometry for early cancer diagnosis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Intact cell peptidome profiling (ICPP) with MALDI-ToF Mass Spectrometry holds promise as a non-invasive method to detect head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) objectively, which may significantly improve the early diagnosis of oral cancer. The present study was designed to discriminate between tumour...

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  • GAPD and tubulin are suitable internal controls for qPCR analysis of oral squamous cell carcinoma cell lines.

    abstract::The selection of housekeeping genes is critical for gene expression studies. To address this issue, four candidate housekeeping genes, including several commonly used ones, were investigated in oral squamous cell carcinoma cell lines. A simple quantitative RT-PCR approach was employed by comparing relative expression ...

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  • Osteoprotegerin (OPG) binds with tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL): suppression of TRAIL-induced apoptosis in ameloblastomas.

    abstract::Osteoprotegerin (OPG) is a useful receptor in inhibiting Receptor Activator of NFkappaB Ligand (RANKL) in inducing osteoclastogenesis. Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF)-Related Apoptosis-Inducing Ligand (TRAIL) is a potent apoptosis-inducing ligand in ameloblastomas. Since OPG has been reported to bind to TRAIL as well, the...

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  • Glutathione S-transferase M1 or T1 null genotype as a risk factor for developing multiple primary neoplasms in the upper aero-digestive tract, in Indian males using tobacco.

    abstract::In this study conducted amongst Indian male tobacco users with upper aero-digestive tract (UADT) squamous carcinoma, 30 patients with multiple primary neoplasms (MPN) were compared with 28 age and sex matched patients with a single primary neoplasm (SPN) for various environmental factors (form of tobacco use, alcohol,...

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  • Staging significance of bone invasion in small-sized (4cm or less) oral squamous cell carcinoma as defined by the American Joint Committee on Cancer.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The staging significance of bone invasion is controversial in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) cases with tumors measuring 4cm or less according to the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC). Our aim was to retrospectively examine a large group of patients with OSCC to determine the staging significanc...

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  • The lip-splitting mandibulotomy: aesthetic and functional outcomes.

    abstract::To determine the aesthetic and functional outcomes of the most invasive approach to oral cavity/oropharyngeal lesions, the lip-splitting mandibulotomy approach (LSMA), versus the least invasive, the trans-oral approach (TOA). Retrospective paired-cohort study. Thirty-six patients with oral/oropharyngeal cancers treate...

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  • N-acetylcysteine (NAC) inhibits cell growth by mediating the EGFR/Akt/HMG box-containing protein 1 (HBP1) signaling pathway in invasive oral cancer.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Overexpression of the epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor (EGFR) gene in the squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck (SCCHN) is often associated with inauspicious prognosis and poor survival. N-acetylcysteine (NAC), a compound from some vegetables and allium species, appears anti-tumorigenesis, but ...

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  • Imbalance between proliferation and apoptosis may be responsible for treatment failure after postoperative radiotherapy in squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx.

    abstract::To assess the prognostic value of apoptosis, proliferation and clinical factors in squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx after radical surgery and postoperative radiotherapy (RT). Between 1985 and 1995, a total of 82 patients with 84 tumors were entered onto the study. Forty-two primary tumors (50%) involved the t...

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  • Management of regional nodes in thyroid cancer.

    abstract::Thyroid cancer metastasizes to regional lymph nodes early and often. The impact of these metastases on outcome depends on the histological subtype and the size, number and location of those metastases, as well as patient's age. Whilst clinically apparent lateral nodal metastases have a significant impact on both survi...

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  • Evaluation of TS-1 based treatment and expression of thymidylate synthase and dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase on oral squamous cell carcinoma.

    abstract::Seventeen oral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) patients underwent chemotherapy with TS-1 (8 males and 9 females, mean age; 75.1 years, range; 47-102 years). TS-1 permitted five cases of oral chemotherapy on an outpatient basis and 8 cases in elder patients over 80-years of age. Excepting five patients who underwent TS-1...

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  • Significance of eosinophil counting in tumor associated tissue eosinophilia (TATE).

    abstract::Eosinophils are present in large numbers in some squamous cell carcinomas of the oral cavity. Whilst it is proposed that they have an 'immuno-protective' effect, this remains unproven. The contradictory reports may be due to inconsistencies in eosinophil counting. Eighty-one cases of squamous cell carcinoma (SSC) of o...

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  • Natural course of distant metastases following radiotherapy or chemoradiotherapy in HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To describe the natural course of distant metastases (DMs) following radiotherapy (RT) or chemoradiotherapy (CRT) in HPV(+) oropharyngeal carcinoma (OPC). METHODS:OPC treated with RT/CRT from 1/1/2000 to 5/31/2010 were reviewed. The natural course of DM were compared between HPV(+) and HPV(-) cohorts. RESU...

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    authors: Huang SH,Perez-Ordonez B,Weinreb I,Hope A,Massey C,Waldron JN,Kim J,Bayley AJ,Cummings B,Cho BC,Ringash J,Dawson LA,Siu LL,Chen E,Irish J,Gullane P,Hui A,Liu FF,Shen X,Xu W,O'Sullivan B

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  • Tubulopapillary hidradenoma-like tumor of the mandible: Two case reports of an underrecognized entity.

    abstract::Tubulopapillary hidradenoma-like tumor of the mandible is extremely rare, with only 3 cases published in the English-language literature. The clinicopathological characteristics and histogenesis of this tumor are unclear. Few pathologists and perhaps fewer clinicians are familiar with this entity, and it is likely und...

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    authors: Zeng M,Guo X,Chen X,Yang S

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  • Mel-CAM (CD146) expression in parotid mucoepidermoid carcinoma.

    abstract::Mel-CAM (CD146) is a cell-cell adhesion protein found in normal and tumoral tissues. The aim of this study was to analyse Mel-CAM expression in mucoepidermoid carcinoma (MEC), and assess its importance in prognosis and its utility in differentiating high-grade MEC from squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Immunohistochemica...

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    authors: Pires FR,Shih IeM,da Cruz Perez DE,de Almeida OP,Kowalski LP

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  • Bcl-x(L) confers multi-drug resistance in several squamous cell carcinoma cell lines.

    abstract::Carboplatin (CBDCA) alone or in combination with irradiation and other chemotherapeutic agents has been used for the treatment of oral squamous carcinoma. However, there are some limitations for such therapy because of inherent or acquired resistance to CBDCA. To gain some insights into the association of CBDCA resist...

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    authors: Noutomi T,Chiba H,Itoh M,Toyota H,Mizuguchi J

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  • Criteria to rationalize population screening to control oral cancer.

    abstract::Screening populations for the early detection of asymptomatic malignancies and potential malignancies are intuitively attractive strategies to control or reduce the burden of oral cancer on society. Subsequent preventive and/or therapeutic measures must, however, be substantiated by prospective randomized controlled t...

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    authors: Lavelle CL,Scully C

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  • A critical evaluation of computed tomography-derived depth of invasion in the preoperative assessment of oral cancer staging.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Depth of invasion (DOI) has been introduced into the latest TNM classification of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). Despite its primarily pathological definition (pDOI), a preoperative evaluation of a radiological DOI (rDOI) would be useful but a standard and practical definition is lacking. The primary a...

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  • Responses in patients receiving sequential paclitaxel post progression on PD1 inhibitors.

    abstract::This report describes highlights the dramatic responses seen in patients who were given paclitaxel post progression on immunotherapy. There are multiple mechanisms by which synergistic effects of immunotherapy and chemotherapy occur. Further prospective studies on chemotherapy and immunotherapy are eagerly awaited. ...

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    authors: Sukari A,Nagasaka M,Abdallah N

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  • Smoking has a negative impact upon health related quality of life after treatment for head and neck cancer.

    abstract::To examine the influence of smoking on observer based morbidity scores and patient assessed health related quality of life after treatment for head and neck cancer. The results of EORTC C30 and H&N35 questionnaires and DAHANCA morbidity scores were studied according to smoking status in 114 recurrence free head and ne...

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    authors: Jensen K,Jensen AB,Grau C

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  • Submental artery island flap versus free flap reconstruction of lateral facial soft tissue and parotidectomy defects: Comparison of outcomes and patient factors.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The submental artery island flap (SIF) has recently been described in temporal bone defects. At our institution we have broadened the application of the SIF and modified the harvest technique for complex lateral facial and skull base defects. Our primary aim is to evaluate the outcomes of patients undergoing...

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  • The prognostic significance of age in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Though the effect of age has been studied in some cancer types, its prognostic significance in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (OPSCC) remains controversial. Our purpose is to determine the impact of age at diagnosis on overall survival (OS) and disease-specific survival (DSS) in patients with OPSCC. I...

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    authors: Ryan Camilon P,Stokes WA,Nguyen SA,Lentsch EJ

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  • Pediatric intraosseous hemangioma of the anterior mandible.

    abstract::Intraosseous hemangioma is a benign vascular neoplasm and seldom affects the mandible. The diagnosis is challenging owing to its unspecific clinical and radiographic findings. Treatment options in children should be elective based on their age, symptoms, and facial deformity. Herein a rare case of intraosseous hemangi...

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    authors: Madiraju GS

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  • Lung metastasectomy in adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) of salivary gland.

    abstract::To define the role of surgical management of lung metastases in ACC. Twenty ACC patients referred to lung metastasectomy were retrospectively reviewed. Twenty-six operations were performed; at the first metastasectomy, a resection with clear margins (R0) was achieved in 11 patients (55%), 3 are alive and well. Four ou...

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    authors: Locati LD,Guzzo M,Bossi P,Massone PP,Conti B,Fumagalli E,Bareggi C,Cantù G,Licitra L

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  • Influence of tumor and microenvironment characteristics on diffusion-weighted imaging in oropharyngeal carcinoma: A pilot study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) is a frequently performed MRI sequence in cancer patients. While previous studies have shown the clinical value of the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) for response prediction and response monitoring, less is known about the biological background of ADC. In the tumor micr...

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    authors: Swartz JE,Driessen JP,van Kempen PMW,de Bree R,Janssen LM,Pameijer FA,Terhaard CHJ,Philippens MEP,Willems S

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  • Malignant transformation of oral lichen planus and oral lichenoid lesions: A meta-analysis of 20095 patient data.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:For over a century, a heated debate existed over the possibility of malignant transformation of oral lichen planus (OLP). We performed this meta-analysis to evaluate the malignant potential of OLP and oral lichenoid lesions (OLL) and investigate the possible risk factors for OLP malignant transformation into...

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    authors: Aghbari SMH,Abushouk AI,Attia A,Elmaraezy A,Menshawy A,Ahmed MS,Elsaadany BA,Ahmed EM

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  • The landscape of gene fusions and somatic mutations in salivary gland neoplasms - Implications for diagnosis and therapy.

    abstract::Recent studies of the genomic landscape of salivary gland tumors have provided important insights into the molecular pathogenesis of these tumors. The most consistent alterations identified include a translocation-generated gene fusion network involving transcription factors, transcriptional coactivators, tyrosine kin...

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    authors: Andersson MK,Stenman G

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  • Interaction between the immune system and tongue squamous cell carcinoma induced by 4-nitroquinoline N-oxide in mice.

    abstract::Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity (SCC) accounts for 3% of cancers in the western world and 40% of cancers in India. The overall 5-year survival rate is only 50%. Most of the lesions appear intra-orally on the tongue. Results from a previous study demonstrated a significant increase in T and B-lymphocytes und...

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