Stochasticity in membrane-localized "ligand-receptor-G protein" binding: consequences for leukocyte movement behavior.


:The signal that governs the chemotactic response of mammalian white blood cells and tissue cells arises from membrane-localized binding events involving chemotactic factor ligands and receptors and G proteins. Fluctuations in this signal have been traditionally attributed to significant "noise" in receptor-ligand binding owing to a limited number of receptors. This paper examines the validity and consequences of a new hypothesis which states that the noise could be associated with a limited number of G proteins as well as receptors. This work characterizes via stochastic analysis and simulation the effects of the relative sizes of G protein and receptor populations on the variance of fluctuations of receptor states and consequently on the directional persistence behavior of cells in uniform chemotactic factor concentrations under the assumptions of the model used to link a G protein-mediated receptor signal to cell turning. Our results suggest that there may exist an optimal number of G proteins through which chemotactic receptors can signal that maximizes cell orientation accuracy in a chemotactic factor gradient.


Ann Biomed Eng


Moghe PV,Tranquillo RT




Has Abstract


1995-05-01 00:00:00












  • A computerized mass spectrometer and flowmeter system for respiratory gas measurements.

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  • Investigating tendon fascicle structure-function relationships in a transgenic-age mouse model using multiple regression models.

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  • Prediction of Post-Concussive Behavioral Changes in a Rodent Model Based on Head Rotational Acceleration Characteristics.

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  • Segmentation and Pore Structure Estimation in SEM Images of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds Using Genetic Algorithm.

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  • Changes of flow characteristics by stenting in aneurysm models: influence of aneurysm geometry and stent porosity.

    abstract::An endovascular technique using a stent has been developed and successfully applied in the treatment of wide neck aneurysms. A stent can facilitate thrombosis in the aneurysm pouch while maintaining biocompatible passage of the parent artery. Insertion of the stent changes the flow characteristics inside the aneurysm ...

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  • Novel organotypic cultures of human skin explants with an implant-tissue biomaterial interface.

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  • In-Vitro Detection of Small Isolated Cartilage Defects: Intravascular Ultrasound Vs. Optical Coherence Tomography.

    abstract::This experimental work focused on the sensor selection for the development of a needle-like instrument to treat small isolated cartilage defects with hydrogels. The aim was to identify the most accurate and sensitive imaging method to determine the location and size of defects compared to a gold standard (µCT). Only i...

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  • A single equivalent moving dipole model: an efficient approach for localizing sites of origin of ventricular electrical activation.

    abstract::We propose a new method for guiding catheter ablation procedures to abolish sites of origin of arrhythmias. This method models both cardiac electrical activity and current pulses delivered from the tip of the ablation catheter with a single equivalent moving dipole (SEMD). The SEMD parameters are obtained from analysi...

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  • Computational study of proteolysis-driven single cell migration in a three-dimensional matrix.

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  • Intrinsic oscillations and discharge regularity of units in the dorsal cochlear nucleus (DCN) of the barbiturate anesthetized gerbil.

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  • Accuracy of Functional and Predictive Methods to Calculate the Hip Joint Center in Young Non-pathologic Asymptomatic Adults with Dual Fluoroscopy as a Reference Standard.

    abstract::Predictions from biomechanical models of gait may be sensitive to joint center locations. Most often, the hip joint center (HJC) is derived from locations of reflective markers adhered to the skin. Here, predictive techniques use regression equations of pelvic anatomy to estimate the HJC, whereas functional methods tr...

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  • Vascular remodeling in autogenous arterio-venous fistulas by MRI and CFD.

    abstract::Hemodynamic parameters play an important role in regulating vascular remodeling in arterio-venous fistula (AVF) maturation. Investigating the changes in hemodynamic parameters during AVF maturation is expected to improve our understanding of fistula failure, but very little data on actual temporal changes in human AVF...

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  • User customization of the feature generator of an asynchronous brain interface.

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  • CareToy: Stimulation and Assessment of Preterm Infant's Activity Using a Novel Sensorized System.

    abstract::Early intervention programs aim at improving cognitive and motor outcomes of preterm infants. Intensive custom-tailored training activities are usually accompanied by assessment procedures, which have shortcomings, such as subjectivity, complex setups, and need for structured environments. A novel sensorized system, c...

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  • Prediction of the biomechanical effects of compression therapy on deep veins using finite element modelling.

    abstract::Clinicians generally assume that Medical Compression Stockings (MCS) work by reducing vein luminal diameter and, in this way, help to prevent blood pooling. Conflicting results have been reported however in the case of lower leg deep veins which call into question this hypothesis. The purpose of this contribution is t...

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  • Three-dimensional modeling and quantitative analysis of gap junction distributions in cardiac tissue.

    abstract::Gap junctions play a fundamental role in intercellular communication in cardiac tissue. Various types of heart disease including hypertrophy and ischemia are associated with alterations of the spatial arrangement of gap junctions. Previous studies applied two-dimensional optical and electron-microscopy to visualize ga...

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  • Magnetic (eddy-current) electroventilation in the dog.

    abstract::Magnetic (eddy-current) stimulation of the inspiratory motor nerves in the neck of the anesthetized dog was achieved. Using a 10-turn coil wound around the base of the neck and a train of pulses (25/s), inspiration was produced by tetanic contraction of the inspiratory muscles. The volume of air inspired increased wit...

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  • Human saphenous vein coronary artery bypass graft morphology, geometry and hemodynamics.

    abstract::Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) failure has been linked to graft hemodynamics, in particular wall shear stress. This study characterizes the morphology, geometry and wall shear stress patterns in human CABGs. The intimal thickness (IT) in 49 human saphenous vein CABGs was measured by digital light microscopy. The ...

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  • Utilizing Atlas-Based Modeling to Predict Knee Joint Cartilage Degeneration: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative.

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  • Development of gradient descent adaptive algorithms to remove common mode artifact for improvement of cardiovascular signal quality.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Common-mode noise degrades cardiovascular signal quality and diminishes measurement accuracy. Filtering to remove noise components in the frequency domain often distorts the signal. METHOD:Two adaptive noise canceling (ANC) algorithms were tested to adjust weighted reference signals for optimal subtraction ...

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  • A novel left heart simulator for the multi-modality characterization of native mitral valve geometry and fluid mechanics.

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  • Functionalized biomicroelectromechanical systems sensors for force response study at local adhesion sites of single living cells on substrates.

    abstract::We present a method of measuring force response of a single living cell, attached to a substrate, in situ, by a functionalized microelectromechanical systems sensor that applies local deformation on the cell. The sensor is a single crystal silicon microcantilever beam with prescribed shape and geometry, and is coated ...

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  • Human lumbar spine creep during cyclic and static flexion: creep rate, biomechanics, and facet joint capsule strain.

    abstract::There is a high incidence of low back pain (LBP) associated with occupations requiring sustained and/or repetitive lumbar flexion (SLF and RLF, respectively), which cause creep of the viscoelastic tissues. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of creep on lumbar biomechanics and facet joint capsule (FJ...

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  • Numerical simulation of cell motion in tube flow.

    abstract::A theoretical model is presented for describing the motion of a deformable cell encapsulating a Newtonian fluid and enclosed by an elastic membrane in tube flow. In the mathematical formulation, the interior and exterior hydrodynamics are coupled with the membrane mechanics by means of surface equilibrium equations, a...

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  • Biomechanical Characterisation of the Human Auricular Cartilages; Implications for Tissue Engineering.

    abstract::Currently, autologous cartilage provides the gold standard for auricular reconstruction. However, synthetic biomaterials offer a number of advantages for ear reconstruction including decreased donor site morbidity and earlier surgery. Critical to implant success is the material's mechanical properties as this affects ...

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  • Arterial wave propagation phenomena, ventricular work, and power dissipation.

    abstract::The effects of wave propagation phenomena, namely global reflection coefficient (gamma G[omega]) and pulse wave velocity (Cph), are studied in a model of the coupled left ventricle/arterial system. The left ventricle consists of a time-varying elastance, while the arterial system is modeled as a single, uniform, elast...

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    authors: Berger DS,Li JK,Noordergraaf A

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