Modulation of salt transport rate affects DNA synthesis in vivo in rat renal tubules.


:In adult male Wistar rats we investigated whether cell proliferation contributes to salt load-induced hypertrophy of distal tubules. In one treatment group salt transport in the thick ascending limb (TAL) was inhibited by furosemide (7.5 mg/100 g body wt/24 hr, via osmotic minipump) and stimulated in the successive distal segments by simultaneous high salt intake (F + Salt). Controls without furosemide treatment had a standard salt intake. All animals received the thymidine analog bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) during 24 and 72 hours, respectively. In cryostat sections of the perfusion-fixed kidneys DNA synthesis was assessed by immunohistochemistry for BrdU, and for endogenous proliferating cellular nuclear antigen (PCNA). Incidence of BrdU- and PCNA-labeled nuclei were quantified in proximal tubules, medullary TAL, and cortical distal segments downstream the TAL. In control animals low labeling indices were found in all investigated segments. After 24 and 72 hours of F + Salt, indices of labeled nuclei were markedly increased in distal segments downstream the TAL, whereas they were significantly reduced in TAL. In proximal tubules increased DNA synthesis rate was apparent only after 72 hours. The data demonstrate that (1.) DNA synthesis rate in nephron segments in vivo varies in parallel with changes of their salt transport activity; (2.) increased DNA synthesis, thus probably cellular proliferation, is a component of the structural response of nephron segments following increased salt transport activity.


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Loffing J,Le Hir M,Kaissling B




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  • Effect of calcium and phosphate on bicarbonate and fluid transport by proximal tubules in vitro.

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  • Estimation of fluid volumes in hemodialysis patients: comparing bioimpedance with isotopic and dilution methods.

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    abstract::The purpose of this investigation is to analyze changes in plasma 1,25-(OH)2D and 24,25-(OH)2D after successful renal transplantation in 20 children and young adults. Studies were performed on 8 subjects between the 1st and 10th month and on 12 others between the 20th and 30th to 36th month. Samples were assayed for p...

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  • Diabetic nephropathy in the uninephrectomized dog: microscopic lesions after one year.

    abstract::Carefully age-matched, purebred male beagle dogs that underwent uninephrectomy one month after they were made diabetic with alloxan were used to establish a model of rapidly developing diabetic nephropathy in a large animal. The diabetic animals, all requiring insulin, were divided into two groups: one group with cont...

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  • The paracellular permeability of opossum kidney cells, a proximal tubule cell line.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:The paracellular permeability of opossum kidney cells, a proximal tubule cell line. BACKGROUND:The regulation of the unusually leaky paracellular pathway of the proximal tubule is poorly understood partially because of the lack of an appropriate in vitro cell model. In this study, we determined whether the ...

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