Salicylanilide diethyl phosphates: synthesis, antimicrobial activity and cytotoxicity.


:A series of 27 salicylanilide diethyl phosphates was prepared as a part of our on-going search for new antimicrobial active drugs. All compounds exhibited in vitro activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium kansasii and Mycobacterium avium strains, with minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values of 0.5-62.5μmol/L. Selected salicylanilide diethyl phosphates also inhibit multidrug-resistant tuberculous strains at the concentration of 1μmol/L. Salicylanilide diethyl phosphates also exhibited mostly the activity against Gram-positive bacteria (MICs ≥1.95μmol/L), whereas their antifungal activity is significantly lower. The IC50 values for Hep G2 cells were within the range of 1.56-33.82μmol/L, but there is no direct correlation with MICs for mycobacteria.


Bioorg Med Chem


Vinšová J,Kozic J,Krátký M,Stolaříková J,Mandíková J,Trejtnar F,Buchta V




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    abstract::3-D-Quantitative structure--activity relationships of N-(3-acyloxy-2-benzylpropyl)-N'-dihydroxytetrahydro-benzazepine and tetrahydroisoquinoline and N-(3-acyloxy-2-benzylpropyl)-N'-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzyl) thiourea analogues as potent vanilloid receptor ligands were investigated using the CoMFA and the COMSIA metho...

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    abstract::Bioassay-guided fractionation of a cytotoxic EtOAc extract of the fungal strain, Chaetomium globosum, inhabiting the rhizosphere of the Christmas cactus, Opuntia leptocaulis, of the Sonoran desert afforded a new dihydroxanthenone, globosuxanthone A (1), a new tetrahydroxanthenone, globosuxanthone B (2), two new xantho...

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  • Synthesis and phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitory activity of novel phenyl ring modified sildenafil analogues.

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