A possible role of Aspergillus niger mitochondrial cytochrome c in malachite green reduction under calcium chloride stress.


:In previous work, decolorization of malachite green (MG) was studied in Aspergillus niger in the presence and absence of calcium chloride stress. Decolorization took place within 24 h, and a signal transduction process that initiated MG decolorization was suggested to be involved. In the present study, further investigation of the relationship between calcium chloride stress and enhanced MG biodegradation was conducted at the sub-cellular level. MG-NADH reductase activity, a key enzyme in MG decolorization, was produced as decolorization commenced, and enzyme activity increased threefold upon exposure to calcium chloride. Inhibitors of cytochrome p450, Ca(2+) channel activity as well as activity of the signaling protein phosphoinositide 3-kinase were tested. All three activities were inhibited to different extents resulting in reduced MG decolorization. Spectral analysis of the mitochondrial fraction showed a heme signal at 405 nm and A405/A280 ratio that is characteristic of the porphoryin ring of cytochromes. There were no peaks detected for cytochromes a or b, but a shoulder appearing at 550 nm was observed, which suggested that cytochrome c is involved; the absorbance for cytochrome c doubled after calcium chloride stress supporting this idea. MG decolorization took place via a series of demethylation steps, and cytotoxicity analysis revealed a decrease in the toxicity associated with generation of leucomalachite green.


Cell Biochem Biophys


Gomaa OM,Selim NS,Linz JE




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    abstract::Our objective is to investigate the promoting effect of hypoxic preconditioning combined with microbubble (MB)-mediated ultrasound (US) on the SDF-1/CXCR4 expression and the migration ability of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Based on the uniform design, the parameters of MB-mediated US, such as the total treatment ti...

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  • Determination of DNA damage in experimental liver intoxication and role of N-acetyl cysteine.

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