Pharmacokinetic study of an oral cephalosporin, cefdinir, in hemodialysis patients.


:The pharmacokinetics of cefdinir were investigated in six hemodialysis patients. For the present study, two tests were carried out, one with 4 h of hemodialysis and the other without hemodialysis. Cefdinir was given orally to each patient in a dose of 100 mg, and blood was collected serially for 48 h after dosing in the test without dialysis and for 72 h in the test with dialysis. In the test without dialysis, the maximum plasma concentration (Cmax) was 2.36 +/- 0.53 micrograms/ml (mean +/- standard deviation) and the time to Cmax was 9.00 +/- 2.45 h. The terminal elimination half-life (t1/2) and area under the concentration-time curve (AUC) were 16.95 +/- 1.20 h and 69.05 +/- 14.84 micrograms.h/ml, respectively. In the test with dialysis, t1/2 during hemodialysis decreased approximately to one-sixth of that obtained in the test without dialysis, although t1/2 in the latter elimination phase did not differ from that in the nondialysis test. AUC was reduced to 43% of that in the test without dialysis. The fractional removal of cefdinir by hemodialysis was 61%. These findings indicate that clearance of cefdinir is prolonged in patients with renal failure, and cefdinir is well removed by introduction of hemodialysis, although t1/2 (during hemodialysis) and AUC were two and eight times higher than the data previously reported for healthy volunteers, respectively. The pharmacokinetic data suggest that 100 mg of oral cefdinir once a day would result in a sufficient concentration in plasma in hemodialysis patients, but this remains to be confirmed by multiple-dose studies.


Hishida A,Ohishi K,Nagashima S,Kanamaru M,Obara M,Kitada A




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