Effective delivery of anti-miRNA DNA oligonucleotides by functionalized gold nanoparticles.


:MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are gaining recognition as essential regulators involved in many biological processes, and they are emerging as therapeutic targets for treating disease. Here, we introduce a method for effective delivery of anti-miRNA oligonucleotides (AMOs) using functionalized gold nanoparticles (AuNPs). To demonstrate the ability of AMOs to silence miRNA, we selected miR-29b, which is known to downregulate myeloid cell leukemia-1 (MCL-1), a factor responsible for promoting cell survival. We first generated AuNPs coated with cargo DNA, which was then coupled to complementary DNA linked to an antisense miR-29b sequence. When the AuNPs were delivered into HeLa cells, MCL-1 protein and mRNA levels were increased significantly. Furthermore, apoptosis induced by tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) was inhibited, proving that AMOs targeting miR-29b were effectively delivered by our innovative AuNP. In addition, we provided evidence that AuNP could deliver other AMOs against miR-21 into two independent cell lines, KGN and 293T, suggesting that the AuNP conjugates can be versatile for any AMO and cell type.


J Biotechnol


Journal of biotechnology


Kim JH,Yeom JH,Ko JJ,Han MS,Lee K,Na SY,Bae J




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2011-09-20 00:00:00














  • Novel thermophilic and thermostable lipolytic enzymes from a Thailand hot spring metagenomic library.

    abstract::Functional screening for lipolytic enzymes from a metagenomic library (origin: Jae Sawn hot spring, Thailand) resulted in isolation of a novel patatin-like phospholipase (PLP) and an esterase (Est1). PLP contained four conserved domains similar to other patatin-like proteins with lipid acyl hydrolase activity. Likewis...

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  • A new arylesterase from Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes can hydrolyze ionic phthalic polyesters.

    abstract::Extracellular enzymes are assumed to be responsible for the initial and rate limiting step in biodegradation of polymers. Mainly enzymes with aliphatic esters as their natural substrates (e.g. lipase, cutinases) have until now been evaluated for polyester hydrolysis studies. However, the potential of enzymes with arom...

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  • Transcriptome analysis of salt stress responsiveness in the seedlings of wild and cultivated Ricinus communis L.

    abstract::Soil salinity is one of the major environmental factors, influencing agricultural productivity of crops. As a non-edible and ideal oilseed crop, castor (Ricinus communis L.) has great industrial value in biofuel, but molecular mechanisms of salt stress regulation are still unknown. In this study, the differentially ex...

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  • In situ detoxification and continuous cultivation of dilute-acid hydrolyzate to ethanol by encapsulated S. cerevisiae.

    abstract::Dilute-acid lignocellulosic hydrolyzate was successfully fermented to ethanol by encapsulated Saccharomyces cerevisiae at dilution rates up to 0.5h(-1). The hydrolyzate was so toxic that freely suspended yeast cells could ferment it continuously just up to dilution rate 0.1h(-1), where the cells lost 75% of their viab...

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  • Identification of RNF2-responding loci in long-range chromatin interactions using the novel 4C-ChIP-Cloning technology.

    abstract::RNF2 is a core component of Polycomb repressive complex 1 (PRC1), which binds to various chromatic regions to regulate their transcriptional activity. It was recently reported that EZH2, a Polycomb group complex member, helps mediate long-range chromosomal interactions in mammalian cells. The present study investigate...

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  • Development of grapevine somatic embryogenesis using an air-lift bioreactor as an efficient tool in the generation of transgenic plants.

    abstract::The grapevine genetic transformation programs have relayed on the use of solid media-based somatic embryogenesis. To reach a high throughput of candidate gene evaluation in 'Thompson Seedless', a semi-automatic system allowing viable transformation of explants was designed. An intermediate procedure using liquid media...

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  • Synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates from different short-chain fatty acids by mixed cultures submitted to aerobic dynamic feeding.

    abstract::The production of polyhydroxyalkanoates from acetate and propionate by two mixed cultures well adapted to each of these substrates was evaluated. Sludge fed with acetate (A), produced a homopolymer of hydroxybutyrate (HB), whereas sludge fed with propionate (P) produced a copolymer of HB and HV (hydoxyvalerate). Switc...

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  • Complete genome sequence of endophyte Bacillus flexus KLBMP 4941 reveals its plant growth promotion mechanism and genetic basis for salt tolerance.

    abstract::Bacillus flexus KLBMP 4941 is a halotolerant endophyte isolated from the halophyte Limonium sinense. This strain can improve host seedling growth under salt stress conditions. We here report the complete genome information of endophyte KLBMP 4941. It has a circular chromosome and two plasmids for a total genome 4,104,...

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  • The metagenome of a biogas-producing microbial community of a production-scale biogas plant fermenter analysed by the 454-pyrosequencing technology.

    abstract::Composition and gene content of a biogas-producing microbial community from a production-scale biogas plant fed with renewable primary products was analysed by means of a metagenomic approach applying the ultrafast 454-pyrosequencing technology. Sequencing of isolated total community DNA on a Genome Sequencer FLX Syst...

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    authors: Schlüter A,Bekel T,Diaz NN,Dondrup M,Eichenlaub R,Gartemann KH,Krahn I,Krause L,Krömeke H,Kruse O,Mussgnug JH,Neuweger H,Niehaus K,Pühler A,Runte KJ,Szczepanowski R,Tauch A,Tilker A,Viehöver P,Goesmann A

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  • Identification and analysis of the chivosazol biosynthetic gene cluster from the myxobacterial model strain Sorangium cellulosum So ce56.

    abstract::Myxobacteria belonging to the genus Sorangium are known to produce a variety of biologically active secondary metabolites. Chivosazol is a macrocyclic antibiotic active against yeast, filamentous fungi and especially against mammalian cells. The compound specifically destroys the actin skeleton of eucaryotic cells and...

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  • The GlxR regulon of the amino acid producer Corynebacterium glutamicum: Detection of the corynebacterial core regulon and integration into the transcriptional regulatory network model.

    abstract::Corynebacterium glutamicum is an industrially important producer of amino acids and an emerging model system for the Corynebacterineae. The glxR gene of C. glutamicum ATCC 13032 encodes a DNA binding transcription factor of the Crp-Fnr protein family. Available data indicated a prominent role of GlxR in the transcript...

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  • Engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for minimized carbon loss during utilization of D-xylose containing substrates.

    abstract::Biomass-derived d-xylose represents an economically interesting substrate for the sustainable microbial production of value-added compounds. The industrially important platform organism Corynebacterium glutamicum has already been engineered to grow on this pentose as sole carbon and energy source. However, all current...

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  • Mechanism of action, development and clinical experience of recombinant FVIIa.

    abstract::Recombinant FVIIa has been developed for treatment of bleedings in hemophilia patients with inhibitors, and has been found to induce hemostasis even during major surgery such as major orthopedic surgery. Recombinant FVIIa is being produced in BHK cell cultures and has been shown to be very similar to plasma-derived FV...

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  • Serum-free production of rVSV-ZEBOV in Vero cells: Microcarrier bioreactor versus scale-X™ hydro fixed-bed.

    abstract::Ebola virus disease outbreaks have repeatedly occurred on the African continent over the last decades, with more serious outbreaks in recent years. Being highly transmissible and associated to high fatality rates, it constitutes a serious threat to public health. Vaccination, however, may allow for efficient control o...

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  • Optimization of a high-cell-density polyethylenimine transfection method for rapid protein production in CHO-EBNA1 cells.

    abstract::For pre-clinical evaluation of biotherapeutic candidates, protein production by transient gene expression (TGE) in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells offers important advantages, including the capability of rapidly and cost-effectively generating recombinant proteins that are highly similar to those produced in stable ...

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  • Improved fermentative production of the compatible solute ectoine by Corynebacterium glutamicum from glucose and alternative carbon sources.

    abstract::The cyclic amino acid ectoine is a compatible solute serving as a protective substance against osmotic stress. Ectoine finds various applications due to its moisturizing effect. To avoid the disadvantages of the prevailing so-called "bacterial milking ectoine production process" caused by the high salt concentration, ...

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  • Complete genome sequence of Streptomyces fulvissimus.

    abstract::The complete genome sequence of Streptomyces fulvissimus (DSM 40593), consisting of a linear chromosome with a size of 7.9Mbp, is reported. Preliminary data indicates that the chromosome of S. fulvissimus contains 32 putative gene clusters involved in the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites, two of them showing very...

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    authors: Myronovskyi M,Tokovenko B,Manderscheid N,Petzke L,Luzhetskyy A

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  • DNA recovery and PCR quantification of catechol 2,3-dioxygenase genes from different soil types.

    abstract::With the objective of monitoring xenobiotic degrading bacteria in soil, a method for rapid extraction of DNA from soil, amenable to amplification by PCR, was developed. The method was based on lysis by freeze-thawing and subsequent addition of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide and protei...

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  • Improvement of the thermostability and activity of halohydrin dehalogenase from Agrobacterium radiobacter AD1 by engineering C-terminal amino acids.

    abstract::In the current study, a three-tiered mutagenesis strategy was employed to simultaneously improve the thermostability and activity of halohydrin dehalogenase from Agrobacterium radiobacter AD1 (HheC) by engineering the last ten amino acids (Met245∼Glu254) of its C-terminal region. Initially, truncated mutagenesis resul...

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  • Complete genome sequence of Streptomyces globisporus C-1027, the producer of an enediyne antibiotic lidamycin.

    abstract::Streptomyces globisporus C-1027 produces a nine-membered enediyne antitumor antibiotic lidamycin. Here we report the complete genome sequence of S. globisporus C-1027, which consists of a 7,608,611 bp linear chromosome, a 167,754 bp linear plasmid SGLP1 and a 7,234 bp circular plasmid pSGL1. The biosynthetic gene clus...

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  • Templates in protein de novo design.

    abstract::The de novo design of polypeptide sequences with a three-dimensional structure necessary for many biological functions is limited by the complex folding process, or 'protein folding problem'. This problem can be bypassed through constructing protein-like molecules with a 'built-in' device for intramolecular folding, t...

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  • A new molecular approach based on qPCR for the quantification of fecal bacteria in contaminated marine sediments.

    abstract::Harbour sediments are periodically subjected to dredging operations and their management is mainly based on the assessment of the chemical contamination levels, but the potential risks posed by the presence of pathogenic microorganisms have been largely neglected. Here we first developed new molecular protocols based ...

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  • Complete genome of Planococcus rifietoensis M8(T), a halotolerant and potentially plant growth promoting bacterium.

    abstract::Planococcus rifietoensis M8(T) (=DSM 15069(T)=ATCC BAA-790(T)) is a halotolerant bacterium with potential plant growth promoting properties isolated from an algal mat collected from a sulfurous spring in Campania (Italy). This paper presents the first complete genome of P. rifietoensis M8(T). Genes coding for various ...

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  • Structural and functional properties of low molecular weight endo-1,4-beta-xylanases.

    abstract::There are currently four crystal structures of low molecular weight endo-1,4-beta-xylanases (E.C., i.e. family G/11 xylanases, available at the Brookhaven Data Bank: 2 xylanases from Trichoderma reesei (Törrönen et al., 1994; Törrönen and Rouvinen, 1995) and one from Bacillus circulans and another from Trichod...

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  • Random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis of genetically modified organisms.

    abstract::Randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) was used to analyzed 78 samples comprises of certified reference materials (soya and maize powder), raw seeds (soybean and maize), processed food and animal feed. Combination assay of two arbitrary primers in the RAPD analysis enable to distinguish genetically modified organis...

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  • A novel airlift photobioreactor with baffles for improved light utilization through the flashing light effect.

    abstract::A newly developed flat panel airlift photobioreactor with a defined circulation path was tested for microalgal culture. The bioreactor exposed the cells to intermittent light to improve the efficiency of light utilization through the flashing-light effect. During batch cultures in the new photobioreactor, the biomass ...

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  • Catabolite regulation analysis of Escherichia coli for acetate overflow mechanism and co-consumption of multiple sugars based on systems biology approach using computer simulation.

    abstract::It is quite important to understand the basic principle embedded in the main metabolism for the interpretation of the fermentation data. For this, it may be useful to understand the regulation mechanism based on systems biology approach. In the present study, we considered the perturbation analysis together with compu...

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    authors: Matsuoka Y,Shimizu K

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  • Optimization of lactic acid production using immobilized Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and carob pod waste from the Lebanese food industry.

    abstract::The valorization of a solid carob waste from the Lebanese industry was investigated by optimizing the production of lactic acid using immobilized Lactobacillus rhamnosus in alginate beads and response surface methodology. The results showed that pH and alginate concentration had a significant effect on the production ...

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    authors: Bahry H,Abdalla R,Pons A,Taha S,Vial C

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  • DNA extraction using modified bacterial magnetic particles in the presence of amino silane compound.

    abstract::Magnetic particles produced by magnetic bacteria have been used to carry out magnetic separation of DNA. Separation was achieved using magnetite coated with 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane, N-(trimethoxy-silylpropyl) isothiouronium chloride or 3-[2-(2-aminoethyl)-ethylamino]-propyltrimethoxysilane (AEEA). The DNA binding...

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  • Decolorization of the textile dyes by newly isolated bacterial strains.

    abstract::Six bacterial strains with the capability of degrading textile dyes were isolated from sludge samples and mud lakes. Aeromonas hydrophila was selected and identified because it exhibited the greatest color removal from various dyes. Although A. hydrophila displayed good growth in aerobic or agitation culture (AGI cult...

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