Abnormal expression of ADAR1 isoforms in Chinese pediatric acute leukemias.


:The posttranscriptional RNA editing by the type 1 adenosine deaminase acting on RNAs (ADAR1), expressed as p110 and p150 isoforms, is important for both physiological and pathological processes. Their expression and significance in leukemias remain unknown. Here, we investigated the expression of ADAR1 in Chinese pediatric acute leukemias by real-time PCR and Western blot. The results showed that significant high expression of p110 was detected in leukemias, especially in B-ALL, whereas a slight increase of p150 could be observed. Furthermore, the decrease of p110 expression was observed in B-ALL patients achieving complete remission. Moreover, among prognostic risk groups in ALL, the highest expressions of p110 and p150 were detected in standard-risk group, whereas their lowest expressions were in high-risk group. This observation was further confirmed in comparisons between good and poor prognostic groups based on prognostic related clinical features. These results demonstrated that ADAR1 isoforms showed different expression patterns, suggesting that they might play different roles in pediatric leukemias. Our results will help us for the better understanding of RNA editing, exploring the potential target for the treatment, and making prognostic evaluation in childhood leukemias.


Ma CH,Chong JH,Guo Y,Zeng HM,Liu SY,Xu LL,Wei J,Lin YM,Zhu XF,Zheng GG




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    abstract::Mouse mammary carcinoma mutant cell line FUA169, characterized by high GM3 ganglioside content, was established from parent cell line FM3A/F28-7, which has high LacCer content but no GM3. Although both cell lines showed the same quantity and quality of integrin receptors, FUA169 showed much stronger adhesion to fibron...

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