A novel approach for the construction of plant amiRNA expression vectors.


:Artificial microRNA (amiRNA) technology has been applied in Arabidopsis thaliana and other plants to efficiently silence target genes of interest. Here we described a novel approach to construct plant amiRNA expression vectors with seamless enzyme-free cloning (SEFC) and mating-assisted genetically integrated cloning (MAGIC). Two pairs of primers were designed when the loop of amiRNA precursor was longer than 60 bp while three oligonucleotides were used to amplify the linearized vector containing the amiRNA precursor whose loop was smaller than 60 bp. The PCR products were transformed into Escherichia coli to generate the donor plasmid containing the amiRNA expression cassette through homologous recombination in vivo. The amiRNA expression cassette was then transferred to the recipient plasmid via MAGIC and an amiRNA expression plasmid was created. More than 200 amiRNA expression vectors were generated with this approach, three of which have been transformed into A. thaliana and successfully silence the target genes. Given its low-cost and simplicity, this novel approach of plant amiRNA expression vectors construction will benefit the study of individual gene function and establishment of plant amiRNA libraries.


J Biotechnol


Journal of biotechnology


Yan H,Deng X,Cao Y,Huang J,Ma L,Zhao B




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2011-01-10 00:00:00














  • Coupled production in biorefineries--combined use of biomass as a source of energy, fuels and materials.

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  • Overexpression of GRAS Rhizomucor miehei lipase in Yarrowia lipolytica via optimizing promoter, gene dosage and fermentation parameters.

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  • Mass production of somatic embryos expressing Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin B subunit in Siberian ginseng.

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  • A new molecular approach based on qPCR for the quantification of fecal bacteria in contaminated marine sediments.

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  • Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) synthase genes and PHA-associated gene clusters in Pseudomonas spp. and Janthinobacterium spp. isolated from Antarctica.

    abstract::The polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) producing capability of four bacterial strains isolated from Antarctica was reported in a previous study. This study analyzed the PHA synthase genes and the PHA-associated gene clusters from the two antarctic Pseudomonas isolates (UMAB-08 and UMAB-40) and the two antarctic Janthinobacter...

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  • Enhanced production of 2'-fucosyllactose in engineered Escherichia coli BL21star(DE3) by modulation of lactose metabolism and fucosyltransferase.

    abstract::2'-Fucosyllactose (2-FL) is one of most abundant functional oligosaccharides in human milk, which is involved in many biological functions for human health. To date, most microbial systems for 2-FL production have been limited to use Escherichia coli JM strains since they cannot metabolize lactose. In this study, E. c...

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  • Effective delivery of anti-miRNA DNA oligonucleotides by functionalized gold nanoparticles.

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  • Effects of redox buffer properties on the folding of a disulfide-containing protein: dependence upon pH, thiol pKa, and thiol concentration.

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  • Enhanced production of β-glucosides by in-situ UDP-glucose regeneration.

    abstract::Glycosyltransferase (GT)-mediated methodology is recognized as one of the most practical approaches for large-scale production of glycosides. However, GT enzymes require a sugar nucleotide as donor substrate that must be generated in situ for preparative applications by recycling of the nucleotide moiety, e.g. by sucr...

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  • Strong seed-specific protein expression from the Vigna radiata storage protein 8SGα promoter in transgenic Arabidopsis seeds.

    abstract::Vigna radiata (mung bean) is an important crop plant and is a major protein source in developing countries. Mung bean 8S globulins constitute nearly 90% of total seed storage protein and consist of three subunits designated as 8SGα, 8SGα' and 8SGβ. The 5'-flanking sequences of 8SGα' has been reported to confer high ex...

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  • Antigen handling in the gastrointestinal lamina propria.

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  • Microbial biomass production from rice straw hydrolysate in airlift bioreactors.

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  • Lipase-catalyzed enantioselective synthesis of (R,R)-lactide from alkyl lactate to produce PDLA (poly D-lactic acid) and stereocomplex PLA (poly lactic acid).

    abstract::R-lactide, a pivotal monomer for the production of poly (D-lactic acid) (PDLA) or stereocomplex poly (lactic acid) (PLA) was synthesized from alkyl (R)-lactate through a lipase-catalyzed reaction without racemization. From among several types of lipase, only lipase B from Candida antarctica (Novozym 435; CAL-B) was ef...

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  • Complete genome sequence of Bifidobacterium catenulatum JCM 1194(T) isolated from human feces.

    abstract::Bifidobacterium catenulatum JCM 1194(T) was isolated from human feces. This paper is the first report demonstrating the fully sequenced and completely annotated genome of a B. catenulatum strain. ...

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  • Complete genome sequence of the methanogenic neotype strain Methanobacterium formicicum MF(T.).

    abstract::The neotype strain Methanobacterium formicicum MF(T) (DSM1535), a hydrogenotrophic methanogenic Archaeon, was isolated from a domestic sewage sludge digestor in Urbana (IL, USA). Here, the complete genome sequence of the methanogen is reported. The genome is 2,478,074bp in size, featuring a GC content of 41.23%. M. fo...

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  • Studies on kinetic parameters and stability of aminoacylase in non-conventional media.

    abstract::Catalytic properties and conformational stability of aminoacylase (N-acylamino acid amidohydrolase, EC were studied in water-N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) and water-dioxane solvent mixtures. Beside the prompt inhibition the solvents caused further inactivation during incubations. In the presence of 5% DMF cont...

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  • Pellet morphology, culture rheology and lovastatin production in cultures of Aspergillus terreus.

    abstract::Pellet growth of Aspergillus terreus ATCC 20542 in submerged batch fermentations in stirred bioreactors was used to examine the effects of agitation (impeller tip speed u(t) of 1.01-2.71 ms(-1)) and aeration regimens (air or an oxygen-enriched mixture containing 80% oxygen and 20% nitrogen by volume) on the fungal pel...

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  • Rewiring the reductive tricarboxylic acid pathway and L-malate transport pathway of Aspergillus oryzae for overproduction of L-malate.

    abstract::Aspergillus oryzae finds wide application in the food, feed, and wine industries, and is an excellent cell factory platform for production of organic acids. In this work, we achieved the overproduction of L-malate by rewiring the reductive tricarboxylic acid (rTCA) pathway and L-malate transport pathway of A. oryzae N...

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  • Characterization of stress and protein turnover from protein overexpression in fed-batch E. coli cultures.

    abstract::A structured kinetic model that accounts for proteolytic degradation due to recombinant protein overexpression is introduced and its performance evaluated by comparison with previously reported fed-batch experimental data. This mathematical model contains an additional pool for a generic key precursor (in our case phe...

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  • Microbiome response to controlled shifts in ammonium and LCFA levels in co-digestion systems.

    abstract::Anaerobic co-digestion using protein-rich and lipid-rich co-substrates is limited by the accumulation of ammonia and long chain fatty acids (LCFAs), which are important inhibitors of the anaerobic microorganisms. This work aimed to study the microbial community dynamics during gradual and abrupt increase in ammonium a...

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  • Preparation and characterization of folate-poly(ethylene glycol)-grafted-trimethylchitosan for intracellular transport of protein through folate receptor-mediated endocytosis.

    abstract::To develop a receptor-mediated intracellular delivery system that can transport therapeutic proteins to specific tumor cells, folate-poly(ethylene glycol)-grafted-trimethylchitosan (folate-PEG-g-TMC) was synthesized. Nano-scaled spherical polyelectrolyte complexes between the folate-PEG-g-TMC and fluorescein isothiocy...

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  • High level expression of proteins using sequences from the ferritin heavy chain gene locus.

    abstract::An expression vector has been generated using a gene highly expressed under conditions found in a typical fed-batch bioreactor process. The ferritin heavy chain (HC) gene exhibits higher levels of expression in the late stages of a fed-batch bioreactor than in the early stages. This property was considered advantageou...

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  • Stoichiometric and kinetic characterisation of Nitrosomonas sp. in mixed culture by decoupling the growth and energy generation processes.

    abstract::A novel method that relies on the decoupling of the energy production and biosynthesis processes was used to characterise the maintenance, cell lysis and growth processes of Nitrosomonas sp. A Nitrosomonas culture was enriched in a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) with ammonium as the sole energy source. Fluorescent in ...

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  • Development of a high-throughput method to evaluate the impact of inhibitory compounds from lignocellulosic hydrolysates on the growth of Zymomonas mobilis.

    abstract::Overcoming the effects of hydrolysate toxicity towards ethanologens is a key technical barrier in the biochemical conversion process for biomass feedstocks to ethanol. Despite its importance, the complexity of the hydrolysate toxicity phenomena and the lack of systematic studies, analysis and tools surrounding this is...

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