Comparative studies on the 7-iodo and 7-fluoro derivatives of N-acetoxy-N-2-acetylaminofluorene: binding sites on DNA and conformational change of modified deoxytrinucleotides.


:GMP and native DNA were reacted with 7-iodo and 7-fluoro derivatives of N-acetoxy-N-2-acetylaminofluorene. It was shown that the 7-halogeno derivatives react on C-8 of guanine. Furthermore the respective amount of arylamidation (covalent linkage on the C-8 of guanine) and arylation (covalent linkage on 2-NH2 groups of C3 of guanine) addition products was determined in both native and denatured DNA-[14C]AAIF. Two G containing deoxytrinucleotides modified by either AAFF or AAIF were studied comparatively by means of circular dichroism, and as a function of several parameters known to affect the conformation of the deoxytrinucleotides. The induced optical activity in fluorofluorene ring seemed to be very sensible to the conformational changes of the deoxytrinucleotides. On the other hand, the AAIF residue exhibit a lower induced optical activity which remained unchanged when the deoxytrinucleotides conformation was affected. The results presented in this paper led us to conclude that the AAFF and AAIF modified deoxytrinucleotides adopt a conformation which nicely fits with the insertion-denaturation and outside-binding model, respectively.






Lefèvre JF,Fuchs RP,Daune MP




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1978-06-27 00:00:00












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