Keratitis resulting from Thielavia subthermophila Mouchacca.


PURPOSE:The purpose of this study was to report the first case of fungal keratitis resulting from Thielavia sp. METHODS:We conducted a retrospective chart review. RESULTS:A 10-year old girl presented 2 weeks after ocular plant injury with pain and corneal stromal infiltration with central ulceration and ill-defined margins. Cultures of corneal scrapings and biopsy sequence analysis of the ribosomal internal transcribed spacer region isolated Thielavia subthermophila Mouchacca. Clinically, the organism appeared to respond to topical amphotericin B and oral voriconazole. Best-corrected visual acuity at last follow-up visit counted 0.5. CONCLUSIONS:A rare case of Thielavia sp. keratitis was successfully treated with topical amphotericin B and oral voriconazole. Newly developed molecular diagnostic tools contribute to the recognition of a widening spectrum of emerging fungal pathogens capable of causing serious ocular infections.






Theoulakis P,Goldblum D,Zimmerli S,Muehlethaler K,Frueh BE




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  • Cell Therapy of Corneal Diseases.

    abstract::Mesenchymal stem cells isolated from connective tissues are pluripotent and differentiate into phenotypes of connective tissue cell lineages (osteoblasts, chondrocytes, and adipocytes) in vitro and in vivo. They have been used to treat mouse models of connective tissue disease such as lumican-null (Lum) and mucopolysa...


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    abstract:PURPOSE:The aim of this study was to compare the effect of chloramphenicol eye drops or ointment, high-concentration hyaluronic acid, or no treatment on reepithelialization of corneal erosions in an experimental model. METHODS:Uniform 6-mm corneal erosions were created in 23 rabbit eyes. The rabbits were randomized to...


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    abstract:PURPOSE:To quantify all minor/major adverse events in a large cohort of consecutive corneal transplants, particularly in respect to penetrating keratoplasty (PKP). METHODS:All corneal transplants in the Auckland region over a 10-year period (2000-2009) were identified through the New Zealand National Eye Bank. Relevan...


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