Enantioselective catalytic reduction of ketoimines with trichlorosilane promoted by readily available chiral Lewis bases.


:The straightforward synthesis of a series of enantiomerically pure Lewis basic amides by simple condensation of commercially available enantiopure diamines with picolinic acid is reported. These compounds were shown to promote the enantioselective reduction of ketoimines with trichlorosilane. Working with the model substrate N-phenyl benzophenone imine, the new organocatalysts led to the formation of the corresponding amine, with excellent chemical efficiency (up to 99% chemical yield) and good stereoselectivity (up to 73% ee). Up to 83% of enantioselectivity was reached in the reduction of differently substituted imines.






Guizzetti S,Benaglia M,Cozzi F,Rossi S,Celentano G




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2009-01-01 00:00:00












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  • Noncovalent immobilization of ionic-tagged box-Cu(OAc)2 complex and its application in asymmetric Henry reaction.

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    abstract::A series of 1,4-disubstituted piperazine derivatives with hypnotic activity were examined on three polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases, namely, Chiracel OD, Chiracel OJ and Chiralpak AD. It was possible to resolve all the compounds on all the phases examined (1.13


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  • Chemoenzymatic approach to optically active 4-hydroxy-5-alkylcyclopent-2-en-1-one derivatives: an application of a combined circular dichroism spectroscopy and DFT calculations to assignment of absolute configuration.

    abstract::A series of representative optically active derivatives of 4-hydroxy-5-alkylcyclopent-2-en-1-one were prepared from the respective 2-furyl methyl carbinols via the Piancatelli rearrangement followed by the enzymatic kinetic resolution of racemates. Applicability of chiroptical methods (experimental and calculated elec...


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  • Copper(II) complexes of N2-alkyl-(S)-amino acid amides as chiral selectors for dynamically coated chiral stationary phases in RP-HPLC.

    abstract::Copper(II) complexes of N2-octyl-(S)-phenylalaninamide (Noc-Phe-NH2), N2-dodecyl-(S)-phenylalaninamide (Ndo-Phe-NH2), and N2-octyl-(S)-norleucinamide (Noc-NLeu-NH2), dynamically adsorbed on a reversed-phase C18 column, were able to perform the direct enantiomeric separation of unmodified amino acids, amino acid amides...


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  • Stereoselective metabolism of benalaxyl in liver microsomes from rat and rabbit.

    abstract::Benalaxyl (BX), methyl-N-phenylacetyl-N-2,6-xylyl alaninate, is a potent acylanilide fungicide and consist of a pair of enantiomers. The stereoselective metabolism of BX was investigated in rat and rabbit microsomes in vitro. The degradation kinetics and the enantiomer fraction (EF) were determined using normal high-p...


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