Solution structure of the soluble domain of the NfeD protein YuaF from Bacillus subtilis.


:The transmembrane protein YuaF from B. subtilis is a member of the NfeD-like clan with a potential role in maintaining membrane integrity during conditions of cellular stress. nfeD-genes are primarily found in highly conserved operon structures together with the gene of another membrane protein belonging to the SPFH superfamily, in this case YuaG. This strongly suggests a functional if not physical interaction between YuaF and YuaG. Secondary structure predictions of NfeD proteins that accompany SPFH proteins all indicate a high content of beta-sheets in the C-terminal domains indicating a conserved core structure despite very low homology at the level of primary structure. Here we report the high-resolution solution structure of YuaF's soluble C-terminal domain derived from NMR data (sYuaF, residues 97-174 of full-length YuaF). Full backbone and side chain assignments of sYuaF were obtained from triple-resonance spectra. The structure was determined from distance restraints derived from 3D NOESY spectra collected at 600 MHz and 800 MHz, together with phi, psi, and chi(1) torsion angle restraints based on the analysis of (1)H(N), (15)N, (1)H(alpha), (13)C(alpha), (13)CO, and (13)C(beta) chemical shifts, and HNHA, HNHB and HACAHB-COSY spectra. Structures were calculated using CYANA 2.0 and refined in AMBER 8. sYuaF is composed of an extended N-terminal alpha-helix and a beta-barrel formed by five beta-strands. This beta-sheet core structure is well known from the diverse class of OB-fold proteins and can also be found in the distantly related NfeD protein Ph0471 from the archaeon P. horikoshii. Despite significant differences of their amino acid sequences the structural homology of these proteins suggests a conserved function of SPFH-associated NfeD proteins.


J Biomol NMR


Walker CA,Hinderhofer M,Witte DJ,Boos W,Möller HM




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2008-09-01 00:00:00












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  • Optimization of 1H decoupling eliminates sideband artifacts in 3D TROSY-based triple resonance experiments.

    abstract::TROSY-based triple resonance experiments are essential for protein backbone assignment of large biomolecular systems by solution NMR spectroscopy. In a survey of the current Bruker pulse sequence library for TROSY-based experiments we found that several sequences were plagued by artifacts that affect spectral quality ...

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  • Joint refinement as a tool for thorough comparison between NMR and X-ray data and structures of HU protein.

    abstract::Joint refinement, i.e., the simultaneous refinement of a structure against both nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopic and X-ray crystallographic data, was performed on the HU protein from Bacillus stearothermophilus (HUBst). The procedure was aimed at investigating the compatibility of the two data sets and a...

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  • Heteronuclear relayed E.COSY applied to the determination of accurate 3J(HN,C') and 3J(H beta,C') coupling constants in desulfovibrio vulgaris flavodoxin.

    abstract::A simple constant-time 3D heteronuclear NMR pulse sequence has been developed to quantitatively determine the heteronuclear three-bond couplings 3J(HN,C') and 3J(H beta,C') in uniformly 13C-enriched proteins. The protocols for measuring accurate coupling constants are based on 1H,13C-heteronuclear relayed E.COSY [Schm...

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  • NMR-based metabolomics of mammalian cell and tissue cultures.

    abstract::NMR spectroscopy was used to evaluate growth media and the cellular metabolome in two systems of interest to biomedical research. The first of these was a Chinese hamster ovary cell line engineered to express a recombinant protein. Here, NMR spectroscopy and a quantum mechanical total line shape analysis were utilized...

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