Assignment of cytosine N3 resonances in nucleic acids via intrabase three-bond coupling to amino protons.


:Coherences were observed between 15N3 of cytosine and its trans amino proton (H42) using a modified gradient-based heteronuclear single quantum coherence (HSQC) pulse sequence optimized for three-bond proton-nitrogen couplings. The method is demonstrated with a 22-nucleotide RNA fragment of the P5abc region of a group I intron uniformly labeled with 15N. Use of intraresidue 15N3-amino proton couplings to assign cytosine 15N3 signals complements the recently proposed JNN HNN COSY [Dingley, A.J. and Grzesiek, S. (1998) J. Am. Chem. Soc., 120, 8293-8297] method of identifying hydrogen-bonded base pairs in RNA.


J Biomol NMR


Rüdisser S,Pelton JG,Tinoco I Jr




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1999-10-01 00:00:00












  • HIFI-C: a robust and fast method for determining NMR couplings from adaptive 3D to 2D projections.

    abstract::We describe a novel method for the robust, rapid, and reliable determination of J couplings in multi-dimensional NMR coupling data, including small couplings from larger proteins. The method, "High-resolution Iterative Frequency Identification of Couplings" (HIFI-C) is an extension of the adaptive and intelligent data...

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  • Three-dimensional heteronuclear NMR techniques for assignment and conformational analysis using exchangeable protons in uniformly 13C-enriched oligosaccharides.

    abstract::We present heteronuclear three-dimensional gradient-NMR techniques for the resonanceassignment of exchangeable (-OH and -NH) protons in uniformly 13C isotopically enrichedoligosaccharides and for the measurement of 1H-1H nuclear Overhauser enhancementsinvolving these protons. These techniques are derived from conventi...

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  • Nucleotide-type chemical shift assignment of the encapsulated 40 kbp dsDNA in intact bacteriophage T7 by MAS solid-state NMR.

    abstract::The icosahedral bacteriophage T7 is a 50 MDa double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) virus that infects Escherichia coli. Although there is substantial information on the physical and morphological properties of T7, structural information, based mostly on Raman spectroscopy and cryo-electron microscopy, is limited. Here, we apply...

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  • Importance of time-ordered non-uniform sampling of multi-dimensional NMR spectra of Aβ1-42 peptide under aggregating conditions.

    abstract::Although the order of the time steps in which the non-uniform sampling (NUS) schedule is implemented when acquiring multi-dimensional NMR spectra is of limited importance when sample conditions remain unchanged over the course of the experiment, it is shown to have major impact when samples are unstable. In the latter...

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  • Insight into human insulin aggregation revisited using NMR derived translational diffusion parameters.

    abstract::The NMR derived translational diffusion coefficients were performed on unlabeled and uniformly labeled 13C,15N human insulin in water, both in neat, with zinc ions only, and in pharmaceutical formulation, containing only m-cresol as phenolic ligand, glycerol and zinc ions. The results show the dominant role of the pH ...

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  • Nitrogen detected TROSY at high field yields high resolution and sensitivity for protein NMR.

    abstract::Detection of (15)N in multidimensional NMR experiments of proteins has sparsely been utilized because of the low gyromagnetic ratio (γ) of nitrogen and the presumed low sensitivity of such experiments. Here we show that selecting the TROSY components of proton-attached (15)N nuclei (TROSY (15)NH) yields high quality s...

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  • On the calculation of ³Jαβ-coupling constants for side chains in proteins.

    abstract::Structural knowledge about proteins is mainly derived from values of observables, measurable in NMR spectroscopic or X-ray diffraction experiments, i.e. absorbed or scattered intensities, through theoretically derived relationships between structural quantities such as atom positions or torsional angles on the one han...

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  • Isotope labeling of mammalian GPCRs in HEK293 cells and characterization of the C-terminus of bovine rhodopsin by high resolution liquid NMR spectroscopy.

    abstract::High amino acid coverage labeling of the mammalian G protein coupled receptors (GPCR) rhodopsin was established with 15N and 15N/13C isotopes. Rhodopsin was expressed at preparative scale in HEK293S cells and studied in full-length by NMR spectroscopy in detergent micelle solution. This resulted in the assignment and ...

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  • Optimization of amino acid type-specific 13C and 15N labeling for the backbone assignment of membrane proteins by solution- and solid-state NMR with the UPLABEL algorithm.

    abstract::We present a computational method for finding optimal labeling patterns for the backbone assignment of membrane proteins and other large proteins that cannot be assigned by conventional strategies. Following the approach of Kainosho and Tsuji (Biochemistry 21:6273-6279 (1982)), types of amino acids are labeled with (1...

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    authors: Hefke F,Bagaria A,Reckel S,Ullrich SJ,Dötsch V,Glaubitz C,Güntert P

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  • Quantifying millisecond time-scale exchange in proteins by CPMG relaxation dispersion NMR spectroscopy of side-chain carbonyl groups.

    abstract::A new pulse sequence is presented for the measurement of relaxation dispersion profiles quantifying millisecond time-scale exchange dynamics of side-chain carbonyl groups in uniformly (13)C labeled proteins. The methodology has been tested using the 87-residue colicin E7 immunity protein, Im7, which is known to fold v...

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  • Cryoprotection of lipid membranes for high-resolution solid-state NMR studies of membrane peptides and proteins at low temperature.

    abstract::Solid-state NMR spectra of membrane proteins often show significant line broadening at cryogenic temperatures. Here we investigate the effects of several cryoprotectants to preserve the spectral resolution of lipid membranes and membrane peptides at temperatures down to ~200 K. Trehalose, glycerol, dimethylsulfoxide (...

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  • Stable isotope labeling approaches for NMR characterization of glycoproteins using eukaryotic expression systems.

    abstract::Glycoproteins are characterized by the heterogeneous and dynamic nature of their glycan moieties, which hamper crystallographic analysis. NMR spectroscopy provides potential advantages in dealing with such complicated systems, given that the target molecules can be isotopically labeled. Methods of metabolic isotope la...

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  • Fast reconstruction of four-dimensional NMR spectra from plane projections.

    abstract::Four-dimensional NMR spectroscopy can be speeded up by a large factor by a projection-reconstruction technique related to that used in X-ray tomography. The limited amount of information recorded in a few suitably-tilted projection planes suffices to recreate the entire four-dimensional spectrum. The method is demonst...

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    authors: Kupce E,Freeman R

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  • Applications of variable-angle sample spinning experiments to the measurement of scaled residual dipolar couplings and 15N CSA in soluble proteins.

    abstract::NMR spectra of ubiquitin in the presence of bicelles at a concentration of 32% w/v have been recorded at 700 MHz under sample spinning conditions at the magic angle (54.7 degrees ) and at an angle of 45.5 degrees . At the magic angle, the 1H-15N HSQC spectrum of ubiquitin in bicelles is virtually indistinguishable fro...

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  • Solid state NMR sequential resonance assignments and conformational analysis of the 2x10.4 kDa dimeric form of the Bacillus subtilis protein Crh.

    abstract::Solid state NMR sample preparation and resonance assignments of the U-[13C,15N] 2x10.4 kDa dimeric form of the regulatory protein Crh in microcrystalline, PEG precipitated form are presented. Intra- and interresidue correlations using dipolar polarization transfer methods led to nearly complete sequential assignments ...

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  • Cross-correlation suppressed T1 and NOE experiments for protein side-chain 13CH2 groups.

    abstract::Relaxation measurements of side-chain 13CH2-groups of uniformly 13C labeled human ubiquitin were performed at 600 MHz and 800 MHz magnetic field strength at 30 degrees C. Dipole-dipole cross-correlated relaxation effects in T1 experiments were suppressed by the combination of radio-frequency pulses and pulsed field gr...

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  • Adiabatic heteronuclear decoupling in rotating solids.

    abstract::In magic angle spinning solid state NMR experiments the potential of heteronuclear (1)H decoupling employing a continuous train of adiabatic inversion pulses has been assessed via numerical simulations and experimental measurements. It is shown that, with a (1)H RF field strength of approximately 100 kHz that is typic...

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  • Interaction of the tail with the catalytic region of a class II E2 conjugating enzyme.

    abstract::Ubiquitination plays an important role in many biological processes, including DNA repair, cell cycle regulation, and protein degradation. In the latter pathway the ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes or E2 enzymes are important proteins forming a key E2-ubiquitin thiolester prior to substrate labelling. While the structure...

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    authors: Merkley N,Shaw GS

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  • Efficient sequential assignments in proteins with reduced dimensionality 3D HN(CA)NH.

    abstract::We present reduced dimensionality (RD) 3D HN(CA)NH for efficient sequential assignment in proteins. The experiment correlates the (15)N and (1)H chemical shift of a residue ('i') with those of its immediate N-terminal (i - 1) and C-terminal (i + 1) neighbors and provides four-dimensional chemical shift correlations ra...

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    authors: Chandra K,Jaipuria G,Shet D,Atreya HS

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  • Segmental isotopic labeling by asparaginyl endopeptidase-mediated protein ligation.

    abstract::Segmental isotopic labeling can facilitate NMR studies of large proteins, multi-domain proteins, and proteins with repetitive sequences by alleviating NMR signal overlaps. Segmental isotopic labeling also allows us to investigate an individual domain in the context of a full-length protein by NMR. Several established ...

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    authors: Mikula KM,Krumwiede L,Plückthun A,Iwaï H

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  • 1H(C) and 1H(N) total NOE correlations in a single 3D NMR experiment. 15N and 13C time-sharing in t1 and t2 dimensions for simultaneous data acquisition.

    abstract::Simultaneous data acquisition in time-sharing (TS) multi-dimensional NMR experiments has been shown an effective means to reduce experimental time, and thus to accelerate structure determination of proteins. This has been accomplished by spin evolution time-sharing of the X and Y heteronuclei, such as (15)N and (13)C,...

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    authors: Xia Y,Yee A,Arrowsmith CH,Gao X

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  • High resolution observed in 800 MHz DNP spectra of extremely rigid type III secretion needles.

    abstract::The cryogenic temperatures at which dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) solid-state NMR experiments need to be carried out cause line-broadening, an effect that is especially detrimental for crowded protein spectra. By increasing the magnetic field strength from 600 to 800 MHz, the resolution of DNP spectra of type III...

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  • Determination of protein global folds using backbone residual dipolar coupling and long-range NOE restraints.

    abstract::We report the determination of the global fold of human ubiquitin using protein backbone NMR residual dipolar coupling and long-range nuclear Overhauser effect (NOE) data as conformational restraints. Specifically, by use of a maximum of three backbone residual dipolar couplings per residue (Ni-H N i, Ni-C'(i-1), H N ...

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    authors: Giesen AW,Homans SW,Brown JM

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  • Analytical optimization of active bandwidth and quality factor for TOCSY experiments in NMR spectroscopy.

    abstract::Active bandwidth and global quality factor are the two main metrics used to quantitatively compare the performance of TOCSY mixing sequences. Active bandwidth refers to the spectral region over which at least 50 % of the magnetization is transferred via a coupling. Global quality factor scores mixing sequences accordi...

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  • Rapid measurement of long-range distances in proteins by multidimensional 13C-19F REDOR NMR under fast magic-angle spinning.

    abstract::The ability to simultaneously measure many long-range distances is critical to efficient and accurate determination of protein structures by solid-state NMR (SSNMR). So far, the most common distance constraints for proteins are 13C-15N distances, which are usually measured using the rotational-echo double-resonance (R...

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  • Selective 1H- 13C NMR spectroscopy of methyl groups in residually protonated samples of large proteins.

    abstract::Methyl (13)CHD(2) isotopomers of all methyl-containing amino-acids can be observed in residually protonated samples of large proteins obtained from [U-(13)C,(1)H]-glucose/D(2)O-based bacterial media, with sensitivity sufficient for a number of NMR applications. Selective detection of some subsets of methyl groups (Ala...

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    authors: Guo C,Tugarinov V

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  • Heteronuclear multidimensional NMR and homology modelling studies of the C-terminal nucleotide-binding domain of the human mitochondrial ABC transporter ABCB6.

    abstract::Human ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B, member 6 (ABCB6) is a mitochondrial ABC transporter, and presumably contributes to iron homeostasis. Aimed at understanding the structural basis for the conformational changes accompanying the substrate-transportation cycle, we have studied the C-terminal nucleotide-binding do...

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    authors: Kurashima-Ito K,Ikeya T,Senbongi H,Tochio H,Mikawa T,Shibata T,Ito Y

    更新日期:2006-05-01 00:00:00

  • Magic-angle spinning solid-state NMR of a 144 kDa membrane protein complex: E. coli cytochrome bo3 oxidase.

    abstract::Recent progress in magic-angle spinning (MAS) solid-state NMR (SSNMR) has enabled multidimensional studies of large, macroscopically unoriented membrane proteins with associated lipids, without the requirement of solubility that limits other structural techniques. Here we present initial sample preparation and SSNMR s...

    journal_title:Journal of biomolecular NMR

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    authors: Frericks HL,Zhou DH,Yap LL,Gennis RB,Rienstra CM

    更新日期:2006-09-01 00:00:00

  • Resolving complex mixtures: trilinear diffusion data.

    abstract::Complex mixtures are at the heart of biology, and biomacromolecules almost always exhibit their function in a mixture, e.g., the mode of action for a spider venom is typically dependent on a cocktail of compounds, not just the protein. Information about diseases is encoded in body fluids such as urine and plasma in th...

    journal_title:Journal of biomolecular NMR

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    authors: Björnerås J,Botana A,Morris GA,Nilsson M

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  • An asymmetric deuterium labeling strategy to identify interprotomer and intraprotomer NOEs in oligomeric proteins.

    abstract::A major difficulty in determining the structure of an oligomeric protein by NMR is the problem of distinguishing inter- from intraprotomer NOEs. In order to address this issue in studies of the 27 kD compact trimeric domain of the MHC class II-associated invariant chain, we compared the 13C NOESY-HSQC spectrum of a un...

    journal_title:Journal of biomolecular NMR

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    authors: Jasanoff A

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