PLUSH TACSY: Homonuclear planar TACSY with two-band selective shaped pulses applied to C(α),C' transfer and C (β),C (aromatic) correlations.


:A new homonuclear Hartmann-Hahn-type mixing scheme is introduced that effects coherence transfer between resonances in two separated frequency bands. The mixing scheme relies on the irradiation of two-band selective shaped pulses that are expanded in an MLEV-16 supercycle. Similar to heteronuclear Hartmann-Hahn experiments, a planar effective coupling tensor is created. This novel mixing scheme is applied to C(α),C' transfer and to the transfer between C(β) and aromatic carbon spins.


J Biomol NMR


Carlomagno T,Maurer M,Sattler M,Schwendinger MG,Glaser SJ,Griesinger C




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1996-09-01 00:00:00












  • Automated probabilistic method for assigning backbone resonances of (13C,15N)-labeled proteins.

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  • Improved 3D gd-HCACO and gd-(H)CACO-TOCSY experiments for isotopically enriched proteins dissolved in H2O.

    abstract::Pulsed field gradients were incorporated into the HCACO experiment for acquiring spectra on isotopically enriched protein samples dissolved in H2O. Excellent water suppression and spectral quality were achieved using the modified pulse sequence (gd-HCACO), as demonstrated for a 13C-/15N-labeled sample of the SH2 domai...

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  • Intensity modulated HSQC and HMQC: two simple methods to measure 3J(HNH)alpha in proteins.

    abstract::Two methods for the measurement of homonuclear 3J(HNH)alpha coupling constants are described. Both HSQC- and HMQC-type experiments employ 'quantitative J-correlation', in which the coupling constant of interest is obtained from the intensity ratio of cross peaks of two spectra. The first spectrum is acquired with 3J(H...

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  • Two-dimensional NMR lineshape analysis of single, multiple, zero and double quantum correlation experiments.

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  • Simultaneous detection of amide and methyl correlations using a time shared NMR experiment: application to binding epitope mapping.

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  • Rapid measurement of long-range distances in proteins by multidimensional 13C-19F REDOR NMR under fast magic-angle spinning.

    abstract::The ability to simultaneously measure many long-range distances is critical to efficient and accurate determination of protein structures by solid-state NMR (SSNMR). So far, the most common distance constraints for proteins are 13C-15N distances, which are usually measured using the rotational-echo double-resonance (R...

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  • HIFI-C: a robust and fast method for determining NMR couplings from adaptive 3D to 2D projections.

    abstract::We describe a novel method for the robust, rapid, and reliable determination of J couplings in multi-dimensional NMR coupling data, including small couplings from larger proteins. The method, "High-resolution Iterative Frequency Identification of Couplings" (HIFI-C) is an extension of the adaptive and intelligent data...

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  • Trimethylsilyl tag for probing protein-ligand interactions by NMR.

    abstract::Protein-ligand titrations can readily be monitored with a trimethylsilyl (TMS) tag. Owing to the intensity, narrow line shape and unique chemical shift of a TMS group, dissociation constants can be determined from straightforward 1D 1H-NMR spectra not only in the fast but also in the slow exchange limit. The tag is ea...

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  • GFT projection NMR based resonance assignment of membrane proteins: application to subunit C of E. coli F(1)F (0) ATP synthase in LPPG micelles.

    abstract::G-matrix FT projection NMR spectroscopy was employed for resonance assignment of the 79-residue subunit c of the Escherichia coli F(1)F(0) ATP synthase embedded in micelles formed by lyso palmitoyl phosphatidyl glycerol (LPPG). Five GFT NMR experiments, that is, (3,2)D HNNCO, L-(4,3)D HNNC (alphabeta) C (alpha), L-(4,...

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  • Database proton NMR chemical shifts for RNA signal assignment and validation.

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  • Segmental isotopic labeling by asparaginyl endopeptidase-mediated protein ligation.

    abstract::Segmental isotopic labeling can facilitate NMR studies of large proteins, multi-domain proteins, and proteins with repetitive sequences by alleviating NMR signal overlaps. Segmental isotopic labeling also allows us to investigate an individual domain in the context of a full-length protein by NMR. Several established ...

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  • Interaction of the tail with the catalytic region of a class II E2 conjugating enzyme.

    abstract::Ubiquitination plays an important role in many biological processes, including DNA repair, cell cycle regulation, and protein degradation. In the latter pathway the ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes or E2 enzymes are important proteins forming a key E2-ubiquitin thiolester prior to substrate labelling. While the structure...

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  • Encoded loop-lanthanide-binding tags for long-range distance measurements in proteins by NMR and EPR spectroscopy.

    abstract::We recently engineered encodable lanthanide binding tags (LBTs) into proteins and demonstrated their applicability in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography and luminescence studies. Here, we engineered two-loop-LBTs into the model protein interleukin-1β (IL1β) and measured (1)H, (15)N-ps...

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  • Protein conformational exchange measured by 1H R1ρ relaxation dispersion of methyl groups.

    abstract::Activated dynamics plays a central role in protein function, where transitions between distinct conformations often underlie the switching between active and inactive states. The characteristic time scales of these transitions typically fall in the microsecond to millisecond range, which is amenable to investigations ...

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  • Assignment of cytosine N3 resonances in nucleic acids via intrabase three-bond coupling to amino protons.

    abstract::Coherences were observed between 15N3 of cytosine and its trans amino proton (H42) using a modified gradient-based heteronuclear single quantum coherence (HSQC) pulse sequence optimized for three-bond proton-nitrogen couplings. The method is demonstrated with a 22-nucleotide RNA fragment of the P5abc region of a group...

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  • Assignments and structure determination of the catalytic domain of human fibroblast collagenase using 3D double and triple resonance NMR spectroscopy.

    abstract::We report here the backbone 1HN, 15N, 13C alpha, 13CO, and 1H alpha NMR assignments for the catalytic domain of human fibroblast collagenase (HFC). Three independent assignment pathways (matching 1H, 13C alpha, and 13CO resonances) were used to establish sequential connections. The connections using 13C alpha resonanc...

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  • Removal of slow-pulsing artifacts in in-phase 15N relaxation dispersion experiments using broadband 1H decoupling.

    abstract::Understanding of the molecular mechanisms of protein function requires detailed insight into the conformational landscape accessible to the protein. Conformational changes can be crucial for biological processes, such as ligand binding, protein folding, and catalysis. NMR spectroscopy is exquisitely sensitive to such ...

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  • Resolution-optimized NMR measurement of (1)D(CH), (1)D(CC) and (2)D(CH) residual dipolar couplings in nucleic acid bases.

    abstract::New methods are described for accurate measurement of multiple residual dipolar couplings in nucleic acid bases. The methods use TROSY-type pulse sequences for optimizing resolution and sensitivity, and rely on the E.COSY principle to measure the relatively small two-bond (2)D(CH) couplings at high precision. Measurem...

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  • Stable isotope labeling approaches for NMR characterization of glycoproteins using eukaryotic expression systems.

    abstract::Glycoproteins are characterized by the heterogeneous and dynamic nature of their glycan moieties, which hamper crystallographic analysis. NMR spectroscopy provides potential advantages in dealing with such complicated systems, given that the target molecules can be isotopically labeled. Methods of metabolic isotope la...

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  • Improved three-dimensional 1H-13C-1H correlation spectroscopy of a 13C-labeled protein using constant-time evolution.

    abstract::An improved version of the three-dimensional HCCH-COSY NMR experiment is described that correlates the resonances of geminal and vicinal proton pairs with the chemical shift of the 13C nucleus attached to one of the protons. The experiment uses constant-time evolution of transverse 13C magnetization which optimizes tr...

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  • A chemical approach for site-specific identification of NMR signals from protein side-chain NH₃⁺ groups forming intermolecular ion pairs in protein-nucleic acid complexes.

    abstract::Protein-nucleic acid interactions involve intermolecular ion pairs of protein side-chain and DNA or RNA phosphate groups. Using three protein-DNA complexes, we demonstrate that site-specific oxygen-to-sulfur substitution in phosphate groups allows for identification of NMR signals from the protein side-chain NH3 (+) g...

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  • Refocusing revisited: an optimized, gradient-enhanced refocused HSQC and its applications in 2D and 3D NMR and in deuterium exchange experiments.

    abstract::2D 15N-1H correlation spectra are ideal for measuring backbone amide populations to determine amide exchange protection factors in studies of protein folding or other structural features. Most protein NMR spectroscopists use HSQC, which has been shown to be generally superior to HMQC in both resolution and sensitivity...

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  • Backbone dynamics of a biologically active human FGF-1 monomer, complexed to a hexasaccharide heparin-analogue, by 15N NMR relaxation methods.

    abstract::The binding site and backbone dynamics of a bioactive complex formed by the acidic fibroblast growth factor (FGF-1) and a specifically designed heparin hexasaccharide has been investigated by HSQC and relaxation NMR methods. The comparison of the relaxation data for the free and bound states has allowed showing that t...

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  • Application of virus-like particles (VLP) to NMR characterization of viral membrane protein interactions.

    abstract::The membrane proteins of viruses play critical roles in the virus life cycle and are attractive targets for therapeutic intervention. Virus-like particles (VLP) present the possibility to study the biochemical and biophysical properties of viral membrane proteins in their native environment. Specifically, the VLP cons...

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  • A comparison of methods for calculating NMR cross-relaxation rates (NOESY and ROESY intensities) in small peptides.

    abstract::Three methods for calculating nuclear magnetic resonance cross-relaxation rates from molecular dynamics simulations of small flexible molecules have been compared in terms of their ability to reproduce relaxation data obtained experimentally and to produce consistent descriptions of the system. The importance of the a...

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    authors: Feenstra KA,Peter C,Scheek RM,van Gunsteren WF,Mark AE

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  • Chemical shifts and three-dimensional protein structures.

    abstract::During the past three years it has become possible to compute ab initio the 13C, 15N and 19F NMR chemical shifts of many sites in native proteins. Chemical shifts are beginning to become a useful supplement to more established methods of solution structure determination, and may find utility in solid-state analysis as...

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    authors: Oldfield E

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  • Investigation of backbone dynamics and local geometry of bio-molecules using calculated NMR chemical shifts and anisotropies.

    abstract::Prerequisite for chemical shift (CS) and CS tensor calculations are highly refined structures defining the molecular surroundings of the nuclei under study. Here, we present geometry optimizations with 13C and 15N CS constraints for large bio-molecules like peptides and proteins. The method discussed here provides bot...

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    authors: Sternberg U,Witter R

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  • Amino acid type-selective backbone 1H-15N-correlations for Arg and Lys.

    abstract::Four novel amino acid type-selective triple resonance experiments to identify the backbone amino proton and nitrogen resonances of Arg and Lys and of their sequential neighbors in (13C,15N)-labeled proteins are presented: the R(i+1)-HSQC and R(i,i+1)-HSQC select signals originating from Arg side chains, the K(i+1)-HSQ...

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