Narrow carbonyl resonances in proton-diluted proteins facilitate NMR assignments in the solid-state.


:HNCO/HNCACO type correlation experiments are an alternative for assignment of backbone resonances in extensively deuterated proteins in the solid-state, given the fact that line widths on the order of 14-17 Hz are achieved in the carbonyl dimension without the need of high power decoupling. The achieved resolution demonstrates that MAS solid-state NMR on extensively deuterated proteins is able to compete with solution-state NMR spectroscopy if proteins are investigated with correlation times tau(c) that exceed 25 ns.


J Biomol NMR


Linser R,Fink U,Reif B




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2010-05-01 00:00:00












  • Visualizing the principal component of ¹H, ¹⁵N-HSQC NMR spectral changes that reflect protein structural or functional properties: application to troponin C.

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  • Accessing ns-micros side chain dynamics in ubiquitin with methyl RDCs.

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  • Three-dimensional heteronuclear NMR techniques for assignment and conformational analysis using exchangeable protons in uniformly 13C-enriched oligosaccharides.

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  • NMRPipe: a multidimensional spectral processing system based on UNIX pipes.

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  • [13C]-constant-time [15N,1H]-TROSY-HNCA for sequential assignments of large proteins.

    abstract::The greatly improved sensitivity resulting from the use of TROSY during 15N evolution and amide proton acquisition enables the recording of HNCA spectra of large proteins with constant-time 13C alpha evolution. In [13C]-ct-[15N,1H]-TROSY-HNCA experiments with a 2H/13C/15N-labeled 110 kDa protein, 7,8-dihydroneopterin ...

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  • Application of neural networks to automated assignment of NMR spectra of proteins.

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    abstract::A procedure is presented for automated sequence-specific assignment of NMR resonances of uniformly [(13)C, (15)N]-labeled RNA. The method is based on a suite of four through-bond and two through-space high-dimensional automated projection spectroscopy (APSY) experiments. The approach is exemplified with a 0.3 mM sampl...

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  • An NMR method for studying the kinetics of metal exchange in biomolecular systems.

    abstract::The kinetics of lanthanide (III) exchange for calcium(II) in the C-terminal EF-hand of the protein calbindin D9k have been studied by one-dimensional (1D) stopped-flow NMR. By choosing a paramagnetic lanthanide (Ce3+), kinetics in the sub-second range can be easily measured. This is made possible by the fact that (i) ...

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  • Nucleotide-type chemical shift assignment of the encapsulated 40 kbp dsDNA in intact bacteriophage T7 by MAS solid-state NMR.

    abstract::The icosahedral bacteriophage T7 is a 50 MDa double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) virus that infects Escherichia coli. Although there is substantial information on the physical and morphological properties of T7, structural information, based mostly on Raman spectroscopy and cryo-electron microscopy, is limited. Here, we apply...

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  • The NMR structure of the domain II of a chloroplastic NifU-like protein OsNifU1A.

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  • Proton, carbon, and nitrogen chemical shifts accurately delineate differences and similarities in secondary structure between the homologous proteins IRAP and IL-1 beta.

    abstract::1H alpha, 13C alpha, and 15N alpha secondary shifts, defined as the difference between the observed value and the random coil value, have been calculated for interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein and interleukin-1 beta. Averaging of the secondary chemical shifts with those of adjacent residues was used to smooth o...

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  • Determination of a complete set of coupling constants in 13C-labeled oligonucleotides.

    abstract::Three experiments are introduced to determine a complete set of coupling constants in RNA oligomers. In the HCCH-E.COSY experiment, the vicinal proton-proton coupling constants can be measured with high accuracy. In the P-FIDS-CT-HSQC experiment, vicinal proton-phosphorus and carbon-phosphorus couplings are measured t...

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  • Cryoprotection of lipid membranes for high-resolution solid-state NMR studies of membrane peptides and proteins at low temperature.

    abstract::Solid-state NMR spectra of membrane proteins often show significant line broadening at cryogenic temperatures. Here we investigate the effects of several cryoprotectants to preserve the spectral resolution of lipid membranes and membrane peptides at temperatures down to ~200 K. Trehalose, glycerol, dimethylsulfoxide (...

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  • Comparison of protein solution structures refined by molecular dynamics simulation in vacuum, with a generalized Born model, and with explicit water.

    abstract::The inclusion of explicit solvent water in molecular dynamics refinement of NMR structures ought to provide the most physically meaningful accounting for the effects of solvent on structure, but is computationally expensive. In order to evaluate the validity of commonly used vacuum refinements and of recently develope...

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  • NMR resonance assignments for sparsely 15N labeled proteins.

    abstract::For larger proteins, and proteins not amenable to expression in bacterial hosts, it is difficult to deduce structures using NMR methods based on uniform (13)C, (15)N isotopic labeling and observation of just nuclear Overhauser effects (NOEs). In these cases, sparse labeling with selected (15)N enriched amino acids and...

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