On-line gas analysis in animal cell cultivation: I. Control of dissolved oxygen and pH.


:To monitor gas reaction rates in animal cell culture at constant dissolved oxygen concentration (DO) and constant pH it was necessary to develop improved control methods. Decoupling of both controllrs was obtained by manipulation of molar fractions of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the gas phase. Two pairs of DO and pH controllers were designed and tested both in simulation and exprimental runs. The first controller pair was developed for headspace aeration only, whereas the second controller pair was designed for bubble aeration using a microsparger and flushing the headspace with helium. pH was controlled by a conventional discrete PID controller in its velocity form. For DO control two linear state space feedback controllers with parameter adaptation were established. In these controllers the oxygen uptake rate (OUR) was considered as a disturbance and was not included in the mathematical model. The feedback gain adaptation was based on the difference between the actual molar fraction of oxygen at time step n and the initial molar fraction. This difference is related to OUR and was used to increase or decrease the state feedback controller gain (k and k(1), respectively) in a slow manner. With these controllers it was possible to get an excellent online estimate of OUR. In the case of bubble aeration a simple gas phase mass balance was sufficient, whereas during the headspace aeration a liquid phase balance was required. It has been shown that determination of OUR using gas balance requires a significantly better controller performance compared to just keeping DO and pH within reasonable limits. (c) 1995 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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Oeggerli A,Eyer K,Heinzle E




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