Asymmetric aldol reactions catalyzed by efficient and recyclable silica-supported proline-based peptides.


:A series of silica-supported proline-based peptides were synthesized and applied as catalysts for direct asymmetric intermolecular aldol reactions. Among these, a peptide with two L-proline units was found to be the most efficient one for the asymmetric aldol reactions between acetone and aromatic aldehydes. The reactions generated the corresponding products with satisfactory isolated yields (up to 97%) and enantiomeric excesses (up to 96%) in the presence of this catalyst (5 mol %). Furthermore, the silica-supported organocatalyst could be recovered and recycled by a simple filtration of the reaction solution and used for five consecutive trials without loss of its reactivity.






Yan J,Wang L




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2009-04-01 00:00:00












  • Synthesis of novel camphor-derived bifunctional thiourea organocatalysts.

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    abstract::Chiral natural flavor compounds exhibit characteristic enantiomeric excesses due to stereoselective, enzymatically catalyzed reactions during biogenesis. Although the enzymatic formation of the strawberry key flavor compound 4-hydroxy-2,5-dimethyl-3(2H)-furanone (HDMF; Furaneol(R)) is anticipated, the naturally occurr...


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    abstract::Chiral sulfoxides/N-oxides (R)-1 and (R,R)-2 are effective chiral promoters in the enantioselective allylation of α-keto ester N-benzoylhydrazone derivatives 3a-g to generate the corresponding N-benzoylhydrazine derivatives 4a-g, with enantiomeric excesses as high as 98%. Representative hydrazine derivatives 4a-b were...


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    abstract::Reaction of (S)- or (R)-3-aminoquinuclidine with 2-chloropyrimidine or 2-bromopyrimidine led to an unexpected formation of both cis- and trans-octahydropyrrolo [2,3]pyridine derivatives. A single-step synthesis of two of the four stereoisomers of these octahydropyrrolo[2,3]pyridine derivatives provides a convenient wa...


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  • Separation and aquatic toxicity of enantiomers of synthetic pyrethroid insecticides.

    abstract::Synthetic pyrethroid insecticides are chiral compounds with multiple asymmetric positions. In this study, isomers of four commonly used pyrethroids were separated at the enantiomeric level by enantioselective high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), and differences between enantiomers in aquatic toxicity were ch...


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  • Circular dichroism of tocopherols versus tocotrienols.

    abstract::Vitamin E is an essential nutrient of still increasing economic importance. Vitamin E derivatives include many nonracemic chiral compounds whose chirooptical characterization is scarcely described in the literature. We report the CD spectra of delta-tocopherol and its unsaturated analog delta-tocotrienol. TDDFT calcul...


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  • Conformational and Chiral Properties of Cyclic-tri(N-methyl-meta-benzamide) Bearing Amidino Groups.

    abstract::Cyclic triamides bearing amidino groups at the meta position of the phenyl rings were synthesized, and their conformational properties in the crystal and in solution were examined. Compound exists as a capsule-type dimer of the enantiomers with a bowl-shaped syn conformation in the crystal state. Compound exists mainl...


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  • The enantioselective enrichment, metabolism, and toxicity of fenoxaprop-ethyl and its metabolites in zebrafish.

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  • Effect of serum lipoproteins on stereoselective halofantrine metabolism by rat hepatocytes.

    abstract::Experimental hyperlipidemia has shown to decrease cytochrome P450 3A4 and 2C11 expression and to increase liver concentrations and the plasma protein binding of halofantrine (HF) enantiomers. The present study examined the effect of hyperlipidemic (HL) serum on the metabolism of HF enantiomers by primary rat hepatocyt...


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  • Chiral doping of nematic phases and its application to the determination of absolute configuration.

    abstract::Doping nematic liquid crystals with nonracemic chiral compounds induces a twisted nematic (cholesteric) phase. The ability of solutes to twist the nematic phase may be related to the overall shape of the chiral dopant and consequently to its absolute configuration. The cholesteric induction is therefore a powerful too...


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  • Photo-ionization spectroscopy and mass spectrometry of some molecular and supramolecular asymmetric systems in the isolated state.

    abstract::Asymmetric molecular and supramolecular systems are characterized by: i. the circular dicroism in the angular distribution of valence photoelectrons emitted from randomly oriented chiral molecules by their interaction with circularly polarized VUV light; ii. the different stability and reactivity of diastereomeric agg...


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  • CHIRBASE, a graphical molecular database on the separation of enantiomers by liquid-, supercritical fluid-, and gas chromatography.

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  • The asymmetric synthesis of (R,R)-formoterol via transfer hydrogenation with polyethylene glycol bound Rh catalyst in PEG2000 and water.

    abstract::(R,R)-formoterol was synthesized in seven steps with 4-hydroxyl-3-nitro-acetophenone as the starting material. The key intermediate, the chiral secondary alcohol 4, was prepared via Rh-catalyzed asymmetric transfer hydrogenation with (S,S)-PEGBsDPEN as the ligand and sodium formate as the hydrogen donor under mild con...


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  • In vitro stereoselective degradation of carprofen glucuronide by human serum albumin. Characterization of sites and reactive amino acids.

    abstract::Acyl glucuronides formed from carboxylic acids can undergo hydrolysis, acyl migration, and covalent binding to proteins. In buffers at physiological pH, the degradation of acylglucuronide of a chiral NSAID, carprofen, consisted mainly of acyl migration. Acidic pH reduced hydrolysis and acyl migration, thus stabilizing...


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  • Supramolecular photochirogenesis with novel cyclic tetrasaccharide: enantiodifferentiating photoisomerization of (Z)-cyclooctene with cyclic nigerosylnigerose-based sensitizers.

    abstract::Isophthalic and terephthalic acid monoesters of cyclic nigerosyl-(1→6)-nigerose (CNN), a cyclic tetrasaccharide composed of four d-glucopyranosyl residues connected by alternating α-1,3- and α-1,6-linkages, were synthesized as novel chiral supramolecular sensitizers for enantiodifferentiating photoisomerization of (Z)...


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  • Stereochemical study of tolperisone, a muscle relaxant agent, by circular dichroism and ultraviolet spectroscopy.

    abstract::The stereochemistry of tolperisone, a chiral aryl-alkyl basic ketone was investigated by means of circular dichroism (CD) and ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopy. The unusually high optical activity of tolperisone hydrochloride in the n-->pi* region is interpreted by the presence of a chiral conformer in solution. For stere...


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  • Two-dimensional separation of [7]helicene enantiomers on Cu(111).

    abstract::The adsorption of heptahelicene, a helically shaped polyaromatic hydrocarbon (C(30)H(18)), on a Cu(111) surface was studied by means of thermal desorption mass spectrometry (TDMS) and low energy electron diffraction (LEED) at temperatures between 130-1,000 K under ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) conditions. The molecule in the...


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  • N,N-dimethylcarbamyl derivatives of oxazepam.

    abstract::Three N,N-dimethylcarbamyl derivatives of oxazepam (1-(N,N-dimethylcarbamyl)oxazepam, 3-O-(N,N-dimethylcarbamyl)oxazepam, and 1,3-O-bis(N,N-dimethylcarbamyl) oxazepam) and a 3-O-acyl-1-(N,N-dimethylcarbamyl)-oxazepam were synthesized from either oxazepam or demoxepam. Enantiomeric pairs of these derivatives and of cam...


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  • Noncovalent immobilization of ionic-tagged box-Cu(OAc)2 complex and its application in asymmetric Henry reaction.

    abstract::Immobilized Cu(OAc)(2)-bis(oxazolines) via hydrogen bonding by SBA-15 was applied to asymmetric Henry reaction, and good enantioselectivities were obtained (up to 83% ee) between 2-methoxybenzaldehyde and CH(3)NO(2) in isopropyl alcohol (iPrOH). The catalyst could be reused seven times without any obvious loss in enan...


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    abstract::Previously, a diazaphospholidine has been synthesized and evaluated as a chiral derivatizing reagent for the determination of the optical purity of chiral alcohols via 31P NMR spectroscopy (Alexakis et al., J. Org. Chem. 57:1224-1237, 1992). Our laboratory is interested in the advantageous and practical applications o...


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  • Asymmetric catalytic ene-cyclization approach to 2-fluoro-19-nor-1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3) A-ring analog with significant transactivation activity.

    abstract::1alpha,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D(3) (1alpha,25(OH)2D3) has been shown to modulate not only proliferation and differentiation, but also apoptosis in malignant cells, indicating that it could be useful for the treatment of cancer and psoriasis. However, little information has been available on the binding conformation of th...


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  • Measurements of concentration dependence and enantiomeric purity of terpene solutions as a test of a new commercial VCD spectrometer

    abstract::Vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) spectra of (+)-alpha-pinene solutions in carbon tetrachloride have been measured in the range of volume fractions 5-100% (v/v) in the mid-infrared region. The concentration dependence measured was statistically analyzed with the aim of obtaining a reliable correlation between the V...


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    authors: Urbanova M,Setnicka V V,Volka K

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  • Structure-retention relationship for enantioseparation of selected fluoroquinolones.

    abstract::Fluoroquinolones are popular class of antibiotics with distinct chemical functionality. Most of them are ampholytes with one chiral center. Stereogeneic center is located either in the side ring of Gatifloxacin (GFLX) or in the quinolone core of Ofloxacin (OFLX). These two amphoteric fluoroquinolones have terminal ami...


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  • Structural Basis and Mechanism of Chiral Benzedrine Molecules Interacting With Third Dopamine Receptor.

    abstract::In order to investigate the chiral benzedrine molecules corresponding to their different characteristics in biochemical systems, we studied their interaction with D3 R using the docking method, molecular dynamic simulation, and quantum chemistry. The obtained results indicate that the active residues for R-benzedrine ...


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    authors: Wang M,Xie W,Li A,Xu S

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  • Stereoselective intramolecular cyclization to 4-(hydroxymethyl)-3-(1H-indolyl)oxazolidin-2-ones.

    abstract::A simple high-yield three-steps route to optically active 4-hydroxymethyl-3-(1H-indolyl)oxazolidin-2-ones from (S)-glycidol is described. The key intermediates (R)-oxiran-2-ylmethyl 1H-indol-4/-5-ylcarbamates are obtained in high yields from (S)-glycidol. These are readily transformed to oxazolidin-2-ones, very intere...


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