Effects of hydration on mechanical properties of a highly sclerotized tissue.


:The jaws of the bloodworm Glycera dibranchiata consist principally of protein and melanin scaffolds with small amounts of unmineralized copper (Cu) and mineralized atacamite (Cu(2)Cl(OH)(3)) fibers in distinct regions. Remarkably, when tested in air, the regions containing unmineralized Cu are the hardest, stiffest, and most abrasion resistant. To establish the functions of jaw constituents in physiologically relevant environments, this study examines the effects of hydration on their response to indentation, scratching, and wear. Although all jaw regions are degraded by the presence of water, the ones containing unmineralized Cu are affected least. Notably, scratch depths in the bulk and the atacamite-containing regions double when wet, whereas the corresponding increase in the regions with unmineralized Cu is approximately 20%. The results support the view that Cu ions are involved in the formation of intermolecular coordination complexes, creating a cross-linked molecular network that is both mechanically robust and resistant to water ingress. Hydration effects are greatest during wear testing, rates of material removal in water being about three times those in air. The mechanism underlying accelerated wear is suspected to involve coupled effects of near-surface damage and enhanced water ingress, resulting in increased plasticization and susceptibility to plastic plowing.


Biophys J


Biophysical journal


Moses DN,Pontin MG,Waite JH,Zok FW




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  • Phase-lifetime spectroscopy of photocycle processes: proton release and uptake kinetics of purple membrane.

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  • Investigation of the image contrast of tapping-mode atomic force microscopy using protein-modified cantilever tips.

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  • New ordered metastable phases between the gel and subgel phases in hydrated phospholipids.

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    abstract::The relation between the dynamic properties of the haptenic site of lipid haptens and the phase transition of the host lattice was investigated using head group spin-labeled phosphatidylethanolamines, that is, spin-label lipid haptens (Brûlet, P., and H. M. McConnell, 1976, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., 73:2977-2981; B...

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  • Neuronal SNAREs do not trigger fusion between synthetic membranes but do promote PEG-mediated membrane fusion.

    abstract::At low surface concentrations that permit formation of impermeable membranes, neuronal soluble N-ethyl maleimide sensitive factor attachment protein receptor (SNARE) proteins form a stable, parallel, trans complex when vesicles are brought into contact by a low concentration of poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG). Surprisingl...

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  • The fast tumble signal in bacterial chemotaxis.

    abstract::We have analyzed repellent signal processing in Escherichia coli by flash photorelease of leucine from photolabile precursors. We found that 1). response amplitudes of free-swimming cell populations increased with leucine jump concentration, with an apparent Hill coefficient of 1.3 and a half-maximal dose of 14.4 micr...

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  • Simultaneous tether extraction from endothelial cells and leukocytes: observation, mechanics, and significance.

    abstract::It has been hypothesized, from earlier studies on single-tether extraction from individual leukocytes and human umbilical vein endothelial cells, that during rolling of leukocytes on the endothelium, simultaneous extraction of membrane nanotubes (tethers) occurs, resulting in enhancement of the force decrease on the a...

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    abstract::Recent experimental studies (Pusch and Neher, 1988) and theoretical studies (Oliva et al., 1988) have found that the pipette tip is a significant barrier to diffusion in the whole cell patch clamp configuration. In this paper, we extend the theoretical analysis of fluxes between the pipette and cell to include transme...

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  • Myosin cross-bridge kinetics and the mechanism of catch.

    abstract::Catch force in molluscan smooth muscle requires little, if any, energy input and is controlled by the phosphorylation state of the thick filament-associated mini-titin, twitchin. The kinetic parameters of myosin cross-bridge turnover in permeabilized catch muscle, and how they are potentially modified by the catch mec...

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  • Dynamic light-scattering evidence for the flexibility of native muscle thin filaments.

    abstract::We have obtained clear evidence for the flexibility of native scallop adductor thin filaments by studying the temperature and ionic strength dependence of the average decay constants obtained from intensity fluctuation spectroscopic (IFS) measurements. The low-angle (10-25 degrees ), average decay constants obtained f...

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  • Biomolecular interactions measured by atomic force microscopy.

    abstract::Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is nowadays frequently applied to determine interaction forces between biological molecules. Starting with the detection of the first discrete unbinding forces between ligands and receptors by AFM only several years ago, measurements have become more and more quantitative. At the same tim...

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