Rotational dynamics of spin-labeled F-actin during activation of myosin S1 ATPase using caged ATP.


:The most probable source of force generation in muscle fibers in the rotation of the myosin head when bound to actin. This laboratory has demonstrated that ATP induces microsecond rotational motions of spin-labeled myosin heads bound to actin (Berger, C. L. E. C. Svensson, and D. D. Thomas. 1989. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 86:8753-8757). Our goal is to determine whether the observed ATP-induced rotational motions of actin-bound heads are accompanied by changes in actin rotational motions. We have used saturation transfer electron paramagnetic resonance (ST-EPR) and laser-induced photolysis of caged ATP to monitor changes in the microsecond rotational dynamics of spin-labeled F-actin in the presence of myosin subfragment-1 (S1). A maleimide spin label was attached selectively to cys-374 on actin. In the absence of ATP (with or without caged ATP), the ST-EPR spectrum (corresponding to an effective rotational time of approximately 150 microseconds) was essentially the same as observed for the same spin label bound to cys-707 (SH1) on S1, indicating that S1 is rigidly bound to actin in rigor. At normal ionic strength (micro = 186 mM), a decrease in ST-EPR intensity (increase in microsecond F-actin mobility) was clearly indicated upon photolysis of 1 mM caged ATP with a 50-ms, 351-nm laser pulse. This increase in mobility is due to the complete dissociation of Si from the actin filament. At low ionic strength (micro, = 36 mM), when about half the Si heads remain bound during ATP hydrolysis, no change in the actin mobility was detected, despite much faster motions of labeled S1 bound to actin. Therefore, we conclude that the active interaction of Si, actin,and ATP induces rotation of myosin heads relative to actin, but does not affect the microsecond rotational motion of actin itself, as detected at cys-374 of actin.


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Biophysical journal


Ostap EM,Thomas DD




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