Time-resolved rapid-scan Fourier transform infrared difference spectroscopy on a noncyclic photosystem: rhodopsin photointermediates from Lumi to Meta II.


:The visual pigment rhodopsin has been extensively studied for the kinetics of its photointermediates by various spectroscopic methods. Unlike such archaeal retinal proteins as bacteriorhodopsin, visual rhodopsin does not thermally recover its dark state after photoexcitation, which precludes repeated excitation of a single sample and thereby complicates time-resolved experiments. Kinetic data on the late rhodopsin photointermediates have so far been available mainly from time-resolved ultraviolet (UV)-visible spectroscopy, but not from Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. The latter has the advantage of being informative of structural changes of both chromophore and protein, but does not allow the highly reproducible, automated sample exchange procedures available to UV-visible spectroscopy. Using rapid-scan FTIR difference spectroscopy, we obtained time-resolved data sets that were analyzed by a maximum entropy inverse Laplace-transform. Covering the time range from 8 ms to 15 s at temperatures of 0 and -7 degrees C, the transitions from the Lumi to the Meta I and from the Meta I to the Meta II photoproduct states could be resolved. In the transition from Meta I to Meta II, our data reveal a partial deprotonation of the retinal Schiff base preceding the conformational change of the receptor protein to Meta II. The technique and the results are discussed in regard to its advantages as well as its limitations.






Lüdeke S,Lórenz Fonfría VA,Siebert F,Vogel R




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2006-10-05 00:00:00












  • NMR studies of RNA dynamics and structural plasticity using NMR residual dipolar couplings.

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  • Osmolyte-induced changes in protein conformational equilibria.

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    abstract::Suppressors of Cytokine Signaling (SOCS) proteins are negative regulators of JAK proteins that are receptor-associated tyrosine kinases, which play key roles in the phosphorylation and subsequent activation of several transcription factors named STATs. Unlike the other SOCS proteins, SOCS1 and 3 show, in the N-termina...


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    abstract::Individual-site isotherms for the binding of bacteriophage lambda repressor to the left and right lambda operators have been determined [D. F. Senear, M. Brenowitz, M. A. Shea, and G. K. Ackers (1986) Biochemistry, Vol. 25, pp. 7344-7354.] using the DNAse protection technique [footprinting; D. J. Galas and A. Schmitz ...


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  • Solvent interactions with the Trp-cage peptide in 35% ethanol-water.

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  • Targeting duplex DNA with DNA-PNA chimeras? Physico-chemical characterization of a triplex DNA-PNA/DNA/DNA.

    abstract::Targeting double-stranded DNA with homopyrimidine PNAs results in strand displacement complexes PNA/DNA/PNA rather than PNA/DNA/DNA triplex structures. Not much is known about the binding properties of DNA-PNA chimeras. A 16-mer 5'-DNA-3'-p-(N)PNA(C) has been investigated for its ability to hybridize a complementary d...


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  • Homo- and heteropolymer self-assembly of recombinant trichocytic keratins.

    abstract::In the past two decades, keratin biomaterials have shown impressive results as scaffolds for tissue engineering, wound healing, and nerve regeneration. In addition to its intrinsic biocompatibility, keratin interacts with specific cell receptors eliciting beneficial biochemical cues. However, during extraction from na...


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