Treatment of cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis.


:Cognitive impairment in multiple sclerosis is an increasingly recognized entity. This article reviews the cognitive impairment of multiple sclerosis, its prevalence, its relationship to different types of multiple sclerosis, and its contribution to long-term functional prognosis. The discussion also focuses on the key elements of cognitive dysfunction in multiple sclerosis which distinguish it from other forms of cognitive impairment. Therapeutic interventions potentially effective for the cognitive impairment of multiple sclerosis are reviewed including the effects of disease modifying therapies and the use of physical and cognitive interventions.


Behav Neurol


Behavioural neurology


Pierson SH,Griffith N




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  • Glucose Metabolic Brain Network Differences between Chinese Patients with Lewy Body Dementia and Healthy Control.

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  • Allographic agraphia for single letters.

    abstract::The case is reported of a patient (PS) who, following acute encephalitis with residual occipito-temporal damage, showed a selective deficit in writing cursive letters in isolation, but no difficulty to write cursive-case words and non-words. Notably, he was able to recognize the same allographs he could not write and ...

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  • The global workspace (GW) theory of consciousness and epilepsy.

    abstract::The global workspace (GW) theory proposes that conscious processing results from coherent neuronal activity between widely distributed brain regions, with fronto-parietal associative cortices as key elements. In this model, transition between conscious and non conscious states are predicted to be caused by abrupt non-...

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  • How to differentiate hemianesthesia from left tactile neglect: a preliminary case report.

    abstract::When assessing for the presence of hemianesthesia, the examiner touches the body of the patients, and requests that they report verbally the location of the delivered tactile stimulus. Contralesional omissions of single tactile stimuli, however, might be due to either primary somatosensory deficits or to spatial atten...

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  • Bipolar disorder and multiple sclerosis: a case series.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The prevalence of psychiatric disturbance for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) is higher than that observed in other chronic health conditions. We report three cases of MS and bipolar disorder and we discuss the possible etiological hypothesis and treatment options. OBSERVATIONS:All patients fulfilled ...

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  • Neuroprotective Effect of DAHP via Antiapoptosis in Cerebral Ischemia.

    abstract::Aberrant production of nitric oxide following inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) expression has been implicated in cell death and contributes to ischemic brain injury. Tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) is an essential cofactor of NOS activity. Herein, we evaluated antiapoptotic and anti-inflammatory effects of diamino-6-h...

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  • Behavioural Changes in Mice after Getting Accustomed to the Mirror.

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  • Neuropsychological and Emotional Functioning in Patients with Cushing's Syndrome.

    abstract::Patients with Cushing's syndrome (CS) frequently report impairments in cognitive and emotional functioning. Given neuroimaging research that implicates alterations in structure and function in the brain in this population, goals of this study were to investigate neuropsychological and emotional functioning, with parti...

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  • Unpicking the semantic impairment in Alzheimer's disease: qualitative changes with disease severity.

    abstract::Despite a vast literature examining semantic impairment in Alzheimer's disease (AD), consensus regarding the nature of the deficit remains elusive. We re-considered this issue in the context of a framework that assumes semantic cognition can break down in two ways: (1) core semantic representations can degrade or (2) ...

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  • Pathological laughter as a symptom of midbrain infarction.

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  • A crossed Kana agraphia.

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  • Emotional dysfunction in Parkinson's disease.

    abstract::In addition to motor symptomatology, idiopathic Parkinson's disease is characterized by emotional dysfunction. Depression affects some 30 to 40 percent of Parkinson patients and other psychiatric co-morbidities include anxiety and apathy. Neuropsychological and neuroimaging studies of emotional dysfunction in Parkinso...

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  • Emotional processing following cortical and subcortical brain damage: contribution of the fronto-striatal circuitry.

    abstract::The present study examined the differential contribution of cortical and subcortical brain structures in emotional processing by comparing patients with focal cortical lesions (n = 32) to those with primarily subcortical dysregulation of the basal ganglia (Parkinson's disease n = 14). A standardized measure of emotion...

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  • Neural plasticity in functional and anatomical MRI studies of children with Tourette syndrome.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neuropsychiatric disorder with childhood onset characterized by chronic motor and vocal tics. The typical clinical course of an attenuation of symptoms during adolescence in parallel with the emerging self-regulatory control during development suggests that plastic processes may p...

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  • Familial comorbidity of bipolar disorder and multiple sclerosis: genetic susceptibility, coexistence or causal relationship?

    abstract::Our purpose in undertaking the present study was to examine the hypotheses proposed for explaining the frequent comorbidity of bipolar disorder and multiple sclerosis. One hypothesis posits that, when there is comorbidity, MS plays a causal role in psychiatric manifestations. Another suggests that both disorders have ...

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  • The Effect of Task-Irrelevant Fearful-Face Distractor on Working Memory Processing in Mild Cognitive Impairment versus Healthy Controls: An Exploratory fMRI Study in Female Participants.

    abstract::In mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a risk state for Alzheimer's disease, patients have objective cognitive deficits with relatively preserved functioning. fMRI studies have identified anomalies during working memory (WM) processing in individuals with MCI. The effect of task-irrelevant emotional face distractor on WM...

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  • Correlation analysis of sleep quality and youth ischemic stroke.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To study risk factors related to ischemic stroke (IS) in youth and the influence of sleep quality on youth ischemic stroke incidence. METHODS:223 patients aged 18 to 45 years who were admitted to Puyang People's Hospital from June 2011 to February 2013 with a first-ever ischemic stroke were selected as the r...

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  • Optimizing Neuropsychological Assessments for Cognitive, Behavioral, and Functional Impairment Classification: A Machine Learning Study.

    abstract::Subjects with Alzheimer's disease (AD) show loss of cognitive functions and change in behavioral and functional state affecting the quality of their daily life and that of their families and caregivers. A neuropsychological assessment plays a crucial role in detecting such changes from normal conditions. However, desp...

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  • Is there a place for ipsilesional eye patching in neglect rehabilitation?

    abstract::Neglect behavior of experimental animals with unilateral posterior cortical lesions improves with the placement of a second lesion in the contralesional superior colliculus or in the intercollicular commissure. Given that the retinotectal fibers are mainly crossed, it has been speculated that ipsilesional eye patching...

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  • Obsessive compulsive disorder in a woman with left basal ganglia infarct: A case report.

    abstract::This report presents a syndrome resembling obsessive convulsive disorder (OCD) secondary to a stroke in the left basal ganglia. The patient's syndrome is virtually identical to those that have been described in bilateral damage of the basal ganglia. However, the stroke described in this case report is located unilater...

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  • Mirror-reversal of a face is perceived as expressing emotions more intensely.

    abstract::This study examined hemispatial bias in a free-viewing condition of the judgement of facial expressions of emotions. Right-handed male subjects were asked to judge the intensity, in terms of expressiveness, of facial emotion in normal and mirror-reversed orientations. Expressions in mirror-reversed orientation were pe...

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  • Tardive dystonia: clinical spectrum and novel manifestations.

    abstract::Tardive dystonia was identified in 25 patients: involvement of the face and neck was most common; truncal and limb dystonia were also observed. There were 3 cases of laryngospasm and 2 of spasmodic dysphonia. The latter has not been previously reported as a manifestation of tardive dystonia. In all cases, movements ty...

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  • Identifying the Symptom Severity in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder for Classification and Prediction: An Artificial Neural Network Approach.

    abstract::The present study is aimed at identifying the most prominent determinants of OCD along with their strength to classify the OCD patients from healthy controls. The data for this cross-sectional study were collected from 200 diagnosed OCD patients and 400 healthy controls. The respondents were selected through purposive...

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    authors: Shahzad MN,Suleman M,Ahmed MA,Riaz A,Fatima K

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